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Archdeaconry Court of Surrey

Will of Samuel GANDER - Made 1718 and Proved 1721/2

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Summary of Will:

I, Samuel GANDER of Bennett Street in the parish of Christchurch in the upper ground in Southwark in County of Surrey, Basket Maker .. I bequeath unto my loving wife Mary GANDER all my cotage and tenement situate lying and being in Uphaliford in the parish of Sunbery in the County of Middlesex, now in the occupation of Daniel BUTTON, Labourer, with all and singular [?bucksids] grounds and other appurtances thereunto belonging for and during her natural life with all and singular etc....

(When Mary dies the property in Sunbury should be sold and the money - ) shall be equally divided amongst all my children Samuel GANDER, John GANDER, William GANDER, Mary GANDER and Elizabeth GANDER.

(If any of them die before Samuel's wife Mary, or before sale of property - money to be divided amongst the survivors. If any of the children 'annoy, molest or disturb' Mary GANDER then he gives her a free hand to do as she pleases and give only one shilling to whichever child gives her trouble).

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Samuel GANDER five shillings (to be paid him within [ .......] Samuel's death. To sons John and William GANDER two shillings and sixpence apiece to be paid also in six months or sooner..

(same amount and condition to daughters Mary and Elizabeth GANDER).

As to the rest and residue of my temporal Estate either real or personal ..... with my rings, household goods, wearing apparel and (?linen) .. to my said loving wife Mary GANDER - also made Executrix and Mr.George(?) ARMSTRONG on Broadwall in parish of Christchurch in the upper ground in Southwark, Surrey, Coalmerchant, Executor.

Witnesses: Richard WILLIAMS, William BARNES and Joseph FLOOD .

Made (12th?) May 1718.
Proved 9 Jan 1721/2.

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