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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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Wills and Admons - Surrey

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Entries marked with * I have copies of or have notes from the entries.

Commissary Court of the Bishop of Winchester
in the Archdeaconry of Surrey: 1662-1857

(held at the London Metropolitan Archives)

 1665-1671 (year unclear from Manuscript Calendar) John GANDER
  (or GANDON?). Admon. 8 Aug 8/68? (see microfilm: X/32/48).

 1686 Richard GANDER (or GORDER?). Admons. May 156
  (see microfilm: X/32/48)

Archdeaconry Court of Surrey: 1480-1857

(held at the London Metropolitan Archives)

1531 John [GANDER/GANDAR or GANYCHE?] of Reigate. Ref: DW/PA/7/3 f.187

1536 John SANDER (but listed under 'G'?), 'P.Eghm' (ie. parish of Egham?).
  13 Dec. Off.A.S. 186 Heats' (sic). (See Microfilm: X/32/4 or X/32/5)

 1558 Elizabeth GANDER of Sutton. Will. d. 22 Nov. (See Microfilm: X/32/25) - also DW/PA/5/1558/112

 1559 John GANDAR of Thersley (sic, Thursley). Will. 18 Dec.
  (See Microfilm: X/32/5) - also DW/PA/7/6 f.152 and DW/PA/5/1559/168

 1560 Alice GANDER of Thursleye (sic, Thursley). 16 Dec. Ref: 210 TULLY - also DW/PA/7/6 f.210

 1579 John GOODWYN alias GANDER of ?Hive, P(arish of) Egham,
  W.Goldingham Will? Lewin Off. (see X/32/29[or 30?])

 1591 Nicholas GANDER the elder, Yeoman of Reigate. Will. 14 Jan - Ref: DW/PA/5/1591/5

*1610 Richard GANDER, Yeoman of Roygate (sic, Reigate). 9 Aug. Ref: DW/PA/7/8 f.114 and

*1628 Roger GANDER, Yeoman. 11 Jul. Ref: DW/PA/7/11 f.472 and DW/PA/5/1628/42

1633 Richard [GANDER/GANDAR or GANYCHE?] of Croydon, Husbandman. LPL 96/1011; 98/1 f.51v. Will

*1686 John GANDER of Horley. Will. 10 Nov. Ref: DW/PA/5/1687

*1705 Henry GANDER of St.Olave, Southwark. Will. Ref: DW/PA/5/1705

*1721/2 Samuel GANDER, Basket Maker of Christchurch, Southwark. Will

Peculiar Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Deanery of Croydon:
1614-1821 (Wills and Admons ?)

(held at Lambeth Palace Library)

- not seen by DG (Ms Index avail. also Ts copy at TNA & SoG)

 1 known: 1633 Richard GANDER of Croydon Will 21 Jan Ref File W, Act A51

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