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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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Wills and Admons

London and Middlesex Area

Entries marked with * I have copies of or have notes from the entries.

Consistory Court of London: 1347-1858

(held at the London Metropolitan Archives)

*1784 Rachel GANDER, Widow, of Stanwell, Middlesex. Will. January

*1809 James GANDER, Victualler of Noble Street, London. Will. August

*1820 Thomas GANDER (as Indexed but document says GANDAR), Surgeon
  and Apothecary of Whitechapel Road, Middlesex. Admons. February

Archdeaconry of Middlesex (Middlesex Division): 1608-1810

(held at the London Metropolitan Archives)

*1692 William GANDER Cordwainer and Citizen of St.Martins-in-the-Fields,
  Middlesex. Will made 23 Feb 1691, and proved 12 Apr 1692 - Reference AM/PW/1692/41

*1741 William GANDER Tailor of Stanwell, Middlesex. Will made 30 Nov 1741,
  and proved 11 Dec 1741

Commissary Court of London (London Division): 1374-1858

(held at the Guildhall Library)

 1409 Thomas GANDER (or GANDRE or GAUDRE?), Citizen and Purser
 (ie Pouchmaker) of St.Mary M. (sic). Will or Admons?. Register 2 folio 155V

 1523 John GANDER, Laleham, Middlesex. Will or Admons? Register 10 folio 11

 1524 Angnes (sic) GANDER, Littleton, Middlesex Will or Admons?
 Register 10 folio 52V

 1649 William GANDER, St.Botolph, Bishopsgate Admons Register 20 folio 27V

 1727 Johannes GANDER, Admons. Junii

*1742 Timothy GANDAR, Admons. November. Ref. 9168 vol. 38

 1753 John GANDER, Surrey. Admons.

*1753 Leonard GANDAR London Admons June.Ref. 9168 vol. 40

Archdeaconry Court of London: 1363-1780

(held at the Guildhall Library)

No GANDER or GANDAR found.

Commissary Court of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster:
(Wills and Admons) 1504-1858

(held at the City of Westminster Archives, Victoria Library)

 1692 Henricus GANDER. Admons. Dec Folio 52 Inv.104

 1712 Thomas GANDER Will Oct Folio 35

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