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Archdeaconry Court of Winchester

Will of Phebe GANDER - Made and Proved 1742

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In the Name of God amen. I Phebe GANDER of the town and Countie of Southampton Spinster being sick of bodie but of Sound Disposing mind and Memorie and understanding thanks be therefore given to allmitie god Considering the uncertaintie of this Life Doe for Setting my Wordlie Estate macke publish and declare this my last Will and testament in maner folowing that is to say First I will that all my (?inst) depts be paied and funeral Expenses Discharged and I Give and bequeth to my brother Hugh WICKS of the toun and Countie of Southampton Glover ten pounds, and to his Son Hugh WICKS one hundred and ten pounds to be paide him by my Exsecktrix hear after mencioned when he shall arrive at the age of twentie three years and if it shall hapen that my sad (sic) nephu should Departe this life before he shall arrive at that age I Give and bequeth the Same to his Sister Mary WICKS my ness (sic) to be paid hir when she Shall arive at the age of twentie three years and I Doe hearby give and bequeth to my nephu John WICKS Son of my brother Hugh WICKS twentie Shilings and I Give & bequeth to my ness (sic) Mary WICKS Daghter of my brother Hugh WICKS fortie pounds to be paid her when She arives at the age of twentie three years. I Give to my Sister Catherine CUMPTON twentie Shilings and to hir too Daghters Alles COMPTON and Elisabeth COMPTON ten pounds Each of them. I Give to Thomas CUMPTON one pound. I Give to (?John) CUMPTON one pound. I Give Ann PLIER one pound. I Give to Robert BLAKE five pounds. I Give to Elisabeth BLAKE twentie pounds. I Give to Jeames BLAKE ten pounds. I Give to the Reverend Mr. FRANCES one pound one shiling and my Will further is that my nephu John WICKS should have my land at Durlie in the Countie of Southampton after the Deseas of my Sister Marie WICKS as it fall to him by heir Ship and the Rest Resadue and Remainder of my Estate both Real and personal all goods and Chatels what So Ever and where So ever not herein before Disposed of I Doe hear by give devies and be queth to my said Sister mary WICKS the Wife of the said Hugh WICKS his Eyers Exsecktors asiens and administrators for Ever and I Doe hear by name macke and ordaine my Said Sister mary WICKS Executrix of this my last Will and testament hear by Revocking and macking void all former wills by me at anie time made in witnes where of the Saide phebe GANDER have to this my last will and testament Set my hand and Seal this fifteenth Day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand and Seven hundred and fortie too. Phebe GANDER.

Signed Seal pronounced and published by the testator in the presens of us and
in hir presens atested by us the (?above) interlineing was before it was sined.


On the 14th day of May 1742 the above mentioned Mary WICKS was sworn
Executrix before me. (?)R.PRIDCOATIE.

Made 15 Apr 1742
Proved 14 May 1742.

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