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Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) Will

John GANDAR - Made 1814 and Proved 1817

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Summary of Will:

PRO Ref.PROB 11/1593

John GANDAR of New Cross Deptford in County of Surrey, gentleman.

Appoints wife Sarah GANDAR, son Joseph GANDAR and Samuel ROAN of Marshall Street, London Road, Surrey, executors and trustees. Sarah to be guardian of the children during their minorities.

Sum of £20 to be paid to wife Sarah within 2 weeks of the testator's death.

Requests to be paid within 12 months of death; brother William GANDAR £10; sister Mary POWNCEBY £5; sister Elizabeth CURTIS £5. Samuel ROAN to have £5 for a ring as token of remembrance.

Annuity of £200 per annum to be paid to wife Sarah for remainder of her life.

After death of wife Sarah the residue of the estate to be divided equally between children:
Sarah, wife of Thomas FEVER
Ann, wife of Thomas FREELOVE
William GANDAR
Elizabeth, wife of Thomas HEWITT
Timothy GANDAR
Charlotte GANDAR
If any of the children predecease Sarah his or her share to be divided equally between his or her own children.

When the present underlease of the testator's premises at Walworth called the Red Lion Public House due to fall in, the executors to sell the goodwill of the public house at public auction, it being a condition of the sale that the purchaser take an underlease of the premises and also of the testator's several messuages or tenements and premises in Red Lion Row, Walworth. All proceeds to form part of the residue of the estate.

Will signed 25 Apr 1814.
Witnesses: William DEMEE, New Cross;
Charles Edmund ROAN, 18 Marshall Str.

First Codicil: John GANDAR late of New Cross, Deptford, but now of little White Lyon Street, Seven Dials, in Co.of Middlsex:
1. Recites that son John GANDAR had died since Will was made.
2. Sums already advanced to or expended for the benefit of son John (£400), son William (£214), and son Edward (£100) to be considered as part of the provision made for them in the Will.
3. Codicil signed 23 May 1815.
Witnesses: Richd.BICKERTON, Seven Dials;
William CATES, servant to Mr. Joseph GANDAR.

Second Codicil:
1. Since adding first codicil the testator has advanced £100 to son Joseph GANDAR and £100 to daughter Elizabeth HEWITT. These sums to be regarded as part of their portion or fortune given them by the Will.
2. Signed 11 Jan 1816. Witnesses: William CATES, servant to Mr.Joseph GANDAR;
Elizabeth SILCOCK, 26 North Row, North Audley Street, Grosvenor Square.

Will (with 2 Codicils) proved London 11 Jun 1817 by Sarah GANDAR, Joseph GANDAR and Samuel ROAN.

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