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Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) Will

George GANDER - Made and Proved 1714
(PROB 11/539/235)

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TNA Reference: PROB11/539/67

In the Name of God Amen I George GANDER being in my right senses & understanding which I thank God for have thought fitt considering the uncertainty of Life now to settle my small Affaires & to dispose of the Effects God had blessed me with at present that no dispute or contest may arise thereupon after my decease & therefore in the first place I bequeath to my dear brother Thomas GANDER the sum of One Hundred & fifty pounds to be payd to him immediately upon my decease. I bequeath likewise to William (?) OFBORN Eldest son of William OFBORN in the parish of St.Martins Westminster the summe of Fifty pounds sterling to be paid upon demand. I also bequeath to Elizabeth the wife of Hugh SQUIRE the sum of fifty pounds sterling to be paid also upon demand. And I do give & bequeath to Capt. Samuel BORNARDEAU in the Right Hono.ble General Hill's Regiment all Arrears that are due to me from the said Regiment tho' sayd arrears to be payd to the said Captain BORNARDEAU as fully as if I had been in person to receive them. And also I bequeath to the said Captain BORNARDEAU all my Woollon & lynnon Cloaths to dispose of as it pleaseth him. And if it please God that I shall dye at Dunkirque or other where with the Regiment I do order that the Executors of this my last Will do give to every Captain & Lieutenant of the said Regt. then upon the spot a Gold Ring of twelve shillings sterling value & that they also give to the six Gentlemen bearers to the Chaplain Surgeon & Adjutant Mourning Scarfes & to all mourning gloves as usuall. And my Will further is to give to the Overseers & Directors of the Charity Schools of Knightsbridge in St.Martins parish Westminster the sum of ten pounds sterling to be paid out for the poor boys of the said school as the said Overseers shall think most proper. And I do require & pray my brother William (?)OFBON to see that the said money to be applied according to this my Will, & to see this my last Will & Testament and every part thereof fully executed. I do appoint Captain Samuel BORNARDEAU before named & Captain John EDWARDS whom the said Captain BORNARDEAU & said Captain EDWARDS I do impower to be my Executors as witness my hands & seal at Dunkirque this 20th of March 1714. O.S. George GANDER Witness: James MOORE,
Matt. LILLY.

And my further Will is that whatever shall remain over & above the aforesaid legacies & charges of my funerall shall remain in full possession of Captain Samuel BERNARDEAU as witness my hand this 20th day of March 1714
(signed & witnessed as above).

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