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Will of John GANDER

Made 1888 and Proved 1892

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Summary of Will:

John GANDER of Cuckfield, Yeoman.

Probate to sons Jesse GANDER and Clement GANDER, Farmer, they also made Trustees.

Furniture, plate, linen, china, etc bequeathed equally to children Jesse GANDER, Clement GANDER, Mary Ann WICKHAM (widow), Ann BATES, Eliza WEBBER, Esther NORRIS.

8 freehold cottages 'in the lane leading from High Street, Southover, to Pancras Bridge, Lewes' to trustees but rents therefrom to Mary Ann WICKHAM whilst she remained a widow.

Legacy of £350 to Jesse GANDER.

Freehold dwelling house at 11 Waterloo Place, Lewes, to trustees but rents therefrom to Ann BATES.

Legacy of £150 (owed by sister-in-law Jane GANDER) to Ann BATES.

'Recently built freehold double cottage' at Braynes Mead, Cuckfield to Esther NORRIS.

Legacies totalling £250 (£200 of which owed by Amos LONGHURST and Isaac FORD) to Esther NORRIS.

Copyhold farm Scraps, Bolney to Eliza WEBBER.

Freehold cottage at Broad Street, Cuckfield, to Clement GANDER.

Residue to trustees. Gross amount £775-9s-1d, net £705-16s-10d.

Effects £772-9s-1d.

Made: 5 Jan 1888
Proved: 1892.

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