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Will of Joseph GANDAR

Made 1864 and Proved 1868

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Summary of Will:

Joseph GANDAR, of Fitzroy Road, St.Pancras in the County of Middlesex.

Appoints son Thomas Fever GANDAR and William WILSON, husband of daughter Eliza Mary WILSON, executors.

All watches, plate, furniture, musical instruments, pictures, etc, to be divided equally between Thomas Fever GANDAR and Eliza Mary WILSON.

Freehold house, 20 Colebrook Row, Islington, to Thomas Fever GANDAR.

Copyhold estate in Henry Street, Kennington Lane and in Orange Row, Kennington Road (Manor of Kennington) to Thomas Fever GANDAR.

£1,000 perpetual debenture stock of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Co. to Thomas Fever GANDAR.

Freehold houses no's. 1, and 15-22 Lansdowne Terrace, Gloucester Road, North Regents Park, and no's. 5 and 7, Lodovick Terrace, Gloucester Road. Sets up complicated trust the effect of which appears to be that eventually the sale proceeds should pass to the issue of Eliza Mary WILSON "born or to be born during her life or within twenty one years after her death".

Remainder of real and personal estate - Half to Thomas Fever GANDAR, and the other half for the issue of Eliza Mary WILSON under a trust similar to that in paragraph above.

Will signed l5 March 1864.
Thos R. WATSON, solicitor, 27 Worship St, Finsbury;
Jno E. DAVIES, his clerk.

Codicil: Makes specific bequests:

To dear friend Mrs Isaac FROST the widow of my dear friend Isaac FROST the sum of Nineteen guineas.

To Henry Gandar FROST the son of the said Isaac FROST the sum of £10, to be paid to his mother and invested on his behalf in the Post Office Savings Bank until he reaches the age of 21.

To each of the following Fifteen guineas for the purchase of a mourning ring: Mr & Mrs RIDSDALE.

To faithful servant MARY (?)FOOT if still in his service at the time of his death - Nineteen guineas.

Three guineas each to friends: Mrs James BLACKMAN, Jane GANDAR the daughter of John GANDAR, Mrs GURNEY, Thomas HEWITT, Edwin HEWITT, Sarah HEWITT and Charles HEWITT, Mrs William FROST, wife of the son of Joseph FROST, Miss Mary HANDLEY of Gravesend.

Codicil signed 9 May 1866. Witnesses as before.

Will (with Codicil) proved London 18 June 1868 by Thomas Fever GANDAR and William WILSON, executors.

(Effects "under £14,000").

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