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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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GANDERs and GANDARs in 'The Times' Logo. of London


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23 Feb 1842 p.4 col.b: 'Bankrupts:
Joshua Darwin GANDAR, Brydgee-street, Covent-garden, victualler, to surrender March 3 at 2 o'clock, April 5 at the Bankrupts' Court; solicitor, Messrs. Healhoote and Holman, Coleman-street, official assignee, Mr. Pennell.'

06 Sep 1845 p.8 col.c: 'Southwark:
Yesterday Mr Thomas GANDER, the son of the landlord of the Catherine Wheel Inn, in the Borough, accompanied by Mr. Cape, one of the agents of Mr. Miall, the candidate for the representation of Southwark, attended for the purpose of complaining of a recent attempt to disturb the proceedings of a meeting of Mr. Miall's friends, and to make application for a warrant against one of the parties for assault.

The applicant stated, that on the preceding evening a meeting of Mr. Miall's friends was held at the Catherine Wheel Inn, at which was present a considerable number of the electors. On the same evening Sir W. Molesworth's friends met at the Queen's Head, another inn on the opposite side of the way, the proceedings of which having terminated at an early hour, several men who attended there crossed over to the Catherine Wheel, and, it being observed that some of them were armed with bludgeons, their entrance into the room where the proceedings were going on was disputed.

The parties, however, made a rush, some of them expressing their determination to be present, and in passing through the bar in order to get into the room where the meeting was assembled, one of the intruders brandished a Hugh stick, and striking it with violence on the table vociferated that he was determined to be present.

The applicant, perceiving, from the excited state of the parties, that their object was to create a disturbance if their entrance was not prevented, stood up and mentioned that as it was evident they had come there for an unlawful purpose, they on that account, must be refused admission.

One of the men, with whose person applicant was acquainted, but whose name he did not know, became exceedingly violent, using strong language and being armed with a bludgeon flourished it about, expressing at the same time, that he was employed by Sir W. Molesworth, that he received 2s a day for his services, and adding that if he could not be present at the meeting by fair means he would by foul and saying these words, he made a most vigorous attempt to rush through the bar into the room.

Some of the committee, however, hearing the disturbance, came forward, and with difficulty the intruders were at length ejected from the place, and in the effort made to accomplish the task, two of them dropped their bludgeons, which were exhibited for the magistrate's inspection, and certainly were very formidable weapons.

Mr TRAILL inquired whether the man who said he was paid at the rate of 2s a day for such services was drunk or sober at the time?

The APPLICANT said the man was certainly under the influence of liquor, and that he was in that condition that he was likely to have caused a disturbance in the place if he was admitted.

Mr TRAILL - Probably the same man will not attempt anything of the kind again, and as it does not appear injury has been sustained by anybody there will be no occasion for taking further notice of the circumstance, unless you say that you are apprehensive of violence.

APPLICANT - The man I allude to has shown that he is extremely violent, but as he declared that he was paid for rendering such services by a rival candidate, I certainly am of opinion that he is likely to call again and attempt to disrupt proceedings, and to have recourse to violence if he should not be thwarted in his intention.

Mr TRAILL said, that he could not perceive that the applicant had much reason to apprehend any violence from the man, particularly as he was not sober at the time he acted in the manner described. As, however, the applicant expressed a desire that the inquiry should take place respecting the matter, he should, instead of granting a warrant for the man's apprehension, issue his summons for his attendance on Monday, to answer the charge.

The APPLICANT thanked the magistrate, then withdrew.'

15 Oct 1856 p.6 col.b: 'Bankruptcies:
Henry GANDER, Catherine Wheel-yard, High-street, Borough, licensed victualler. Oct 23 at half past 1 o'clock Dec 1 at 1, at the Bankrupts' Court; solicitor Mr (?Smale) Jun. Trafalgar-square, Charing Cross; official assignee, Mr Nicholson, Basinghall-street.'

2 Dec 1856 p.8 col.f: 'Court of Bankruptcy, Basinghall-street
1 Dec: in Re H. GANDER.

The bankrupt was a licensed victualler of High-street, Borough. This was the examination meeting.

The Commissioner observed that the bankrupt had committed the cardinal sin of his trade - helped himself from the till without due regard to accounts or the amount.

It was urged for the bankrupt that the amount so drawn was small. Mr Lawrence for the assignee - it was so small that the bankrupt, who was all at once transformed from a draper to a publican, has nothing for his creditors.

His Honour ordered an adjournment sine die, with protection for one month.'

24 Apr 1857 p.9 col.e: 'Court of Bankruptcy, Basinghall-street
23 April in re H. GANDER

The bankrupt was a licensed victualler at the Borough. He has several times failed to succeed in passing his last examination, owing to the unsatisfactory character of his accounts. Mr Cridley for the bankrupt and Mr Lawrence for the assignee, now agreed that he should pass. Passed accordingly.'

09 Jun 1857 p.12 col.a: 'GANDER, - '
- I was unable to trace this reference, I suspect an error here - if anyone else tries and succeeds, please let me know!

07 Jul 1857 p.12 col.c:
'Sauce for the Goose, Sauce for the Gander'

- as with above entry, I was unable to trace this one too.

24 Dec 1862 p.5 col.a:
'Notice of Adjudication's and First Meeting of Creditors. To surrender at the Bankrupt's Court, London:

Alfred GANDER, Bridge-street and Park-street, Southwark, town carman, Jan (?) at 2.'

25 Jan 1865 p.7 col.f: 'Notice of Adjudication's and First Meeting of Creditors. To surrender at the Bankrupt's Court, London:

William GANDER, late of Lower Beeding, Sussex, farmer. Feb 7 at 1.'

26 Apr 1865 p.8 col.a: 'Notice of Adjudication's and First Meeting of Creditors. To surrender at the Bankrupt's Court, London:

William GANDER, Longfellow-rd, Mile End-rd, builder, May 8 at 11.'

31 Jan 1866 p.6 col.a: 'Notice of Adjudication's and First Meeting of Creditors. To surrender at the Bankrupts Court, London:

GANDER A(lfred) late of Camberwell, commissions agent - Feb 21 at 1.'

05 Dec 1868 p.11 col.c: Court of Common Pleas 4 Dec 1868 - Second Court (Before Mr Justice Smith and a Common Jury), GANDER v CANNON:

Mr Locke QC and Mr Daly appeared for the plaintiff; and Mr Hardinge Gifford QC, Mr Laxton, and Mr Wright appeared for the defendant. This case, which was partly heard yesterday, was an action for trespass and assault, arising out of the following circumstances: - the plaintiff was the Landlord of the Adam and Eve public house, Bowling-street, Westminster. The defendant was an auctioneer and publichouse broker, in which capacity he negotiated the letting of the Adam and Eve to the plaintiff in May last, it being what is called a shut-up house. The plaintiff hired a quantity of furniture from the defendant and, on the plea of a right to re-possess himself of this furniture, the defendant, in September last, went to the Adam and Eve with men and vans, and a disturbance occurred. The plaintiff's case was that the defendant having, with the assistance of his servants, broken open an inner door of the house, himself assaulted the plaintiff. The defendant's case was that he had a right to act as he did under the agreement to let the furniture.

The jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff, with GBP20 damages.'

08 Dec 1880 p.4 col.e:

The people mentioned here are Reuben GANDER (1851-1925) and his wife Sarah. The child is Reuben John W. GANDER (1872-1873)

'GANDER v GANDER' (Probate, Divorce & Admiralty Div):

Mr Bayford appeared for the Petitioner. In this case [also] the wife was the petitioner. She was married to the respondent at St.Nicholas' church, Brighton in August 1871. They lived and cohabited together at Brighton and had one child. Some time after their marriage the respondent obtained a situation as an assistant surveyor, but lost it through drunkenness. In 1873 he deserted the pettier, leaving her wholly destitute and he afterwards formed a connexion with another woman who lived with him as his wife. Decree nisi with costs, on the grounds of his adultery and desertion.'

14 Aug 1881 p.12 col.b: 'POLICE - GANDER Wm for obstruction' - Sadly I'm unable to trace this reference. This date was a Sunday too I believe? Not a usual day for The Times to appear?

26 Jul 1890 p.1 col.b:
'Notice is hereby given that JOSEPH WILSON GANDAR-DOWER of No.17 Park Square East Regents Park in the County of Middlesex Esquire lately called JOSEPH WILSON GANDAR (the only surviving son of Thomas Fever GANDAR of No.157 Camden Road in the County of Middlesex and Catherine his late wife) by a deed poll in writing under his hand and seal duly executed by him bearing date the twelfth of June 1890 and duly inrolled in Chancery on the 13th day of the same month of June declared his intention to TAKE and USE from the day of the date thereof the SURNAME of DOWER in addition to that of GANDAR. To the intent that he and his Wife and his heirs lawfully begotten might thereafter be called known and distinguished by the surname of GANDAR-DOWER. And the said JOSEPH WILSON GANDAR-DOWER thereby expressly authorized and required all persons whomsoever to designate describe and address him and them accordingly.
Dated this 25th day of July 1890. E.B. & H. SQUIRE 14 Great James Street, Bedford Row. Solicitors for the said JOSEPH WILSON GANDAR-DOWER'

25 Jul 1891 p.13 col.e: 'The Bankruptcy Acts 1883 & 1890. In the Country - Adjudication's:

Peter Newman GANDER, Bexhill-on-Sea, carrier.'

27 Apr 1895 p.14 col.c: 'The Bankruptcy Acts 1883 & 1890. In the Country - Adjudication's:

GANDER, Herbert, Brighton, draper.'

14 Jul 1897 p.8 col.c: 'The Bankruptcy Acts 1883 & 1890. In the Country - Adjudication's:

Gidney, Walter and GANDER, Thomas (trading as GIDNEY and GANDER) Brighton, jobmasters'