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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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British Military Records

Soldiers Discharged to Pension / Reserve: 1913-1920 - the 'Unburnt Documents' - GANDER and GANDAR

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The National Archives at Kew has a complete database index to all W097 Discharges between 1760-1854. For the 1883-1899 and 1900-1913 periods listed below, the coverage of GANDER and GANDAR is probably complete. However for the periods before and after these dates my coverage is not complete.

These erratic notes are (mostly) my own, taken down at the time for the genealogical information as I saw it. The discharge files contain much more information.

NOK = Next of Kin

Alfred GANDER: 205943 18 Company Royal Army Medical Corps Private. Born Brighton, Church of England. Enlisted 1 Sep 1919 at Brighton - aged 18 years 10 months, date of birth: 18 Oct 1900. Single. Former trade: Farm Labourer. Next of Kin: father, Harry GANDER, 36 Hereford Str, Brighton. (also at same address: younger brother Thomas GANDER). Last employment prior to joining the Army: Mr. Rendell, 18 Cromwell Road, Hove. Belonged to 'Perdental Society'- a National Health Approved Society. Height: 5 feet 10.5 inches; 14 stone; chest 35.5 inches brown hair; brown eyes; CofE. Posted to 35 Company Royal Army Medical Corps Millbank. Only served in England as Royal Army Medical Corps Orderly Discharged-no longer physically fit 21 Feb 1920. Age last birthday: 19 (at 13 Feb 1920). Pension awarded (hernia) injury caused on duty. Place of origin of disability: Bermondsey Military Hospital. Address on Discharge: 36 Hereford Str, Brighton.

Alfred Charles GANDER: Short Service Enlistment 10 Nov 1902 aged 18 years 2 months, Trade: Shop Assistant. Born: Canton, Cardiff, Gla. Willing to enlist in Somerset Light Infantry (No.6673) for 3 years service and 12 years in reserve. Posted to 7th Hussars 21 Nov 1903 (No.6679). Served Home for 3 years and on transfer to Reserve (10 Nov 1905), trade: 'Cook, good plain cook'. Intended Place of Residence: 175 Eldon Road, Canton, Cardiff, then aged 21 years 2 months. Height 5 feet 7.5 inches, chest 36 inches. Discharged 9 Nov 1915 from 12th Reserve Cavalry Regiment (?Was prior Private in 11th Hussars No.5155). At Discharge was aged 31 years 2 months; Military Character 'very good', height: 5'6 inches; grey eyes, fresh complexion, brown hair. Intended Place of Residence: 32 ?Marle Hill Road, Cheltenham. 'Sober, reliable, honest man. Has papers showing that he is a good cook'. One Good Conduct Badge. Served 13 years. Married Alice SHORT, spinster, Register Office, Cardiff, 25 Nov 1911.
Edith Alice
born 21 Oct 1911 Cardiff
Alfred Edward Charles born 21 Dec 1912 Cardiff
Horace Richard born 10 Jan 1914 Cheltenham
Edward James born 10 Jan 1914 Cheltenham.
Alfred Charles GANDER twice asked the Army permission in 1911 to reside in Canada (and finish off Army Reserve with Canadian forces). In one letter he said he'd 'been offered a good position as a Chef'. Noted he was due to embark on ss MONGOLIAN 20 Apr 1912. (Looks like he went and came back?).

Alfred William GANDER: Lance Bombardier. 139329 6th Fire Command RGA. Enlisted 8 Dec 1915 at Dover. Prior to enlistment: had own business - hairdresser. Born Mile End, London. 5 feet 10 inches; age on enlistment given as 21 years 118 days. On 9 May 1916 was 21 years 270 days. NOK: Wife, Muriel GANDER, 53 Snargate Street, Dover. One child: Cecil Alfred born 15(?) June 1915. Served France 6 months, Gunner and Lance Bombardier. Discharged 21 Feb 1919 due to Shell Shock. Medical report: 'Blown up by the enemy June 1917. It is presumed that in 6 months this man will be quite himself again' (!). Prior to Discharge - home address 24 Snargate Street, Dover. Age last birthday: 25. Pension expires 24 Feb 1920.

Charles GANDER: 1795 Private 70th Provisional Battalion Territorial Force. Born: Hurstpierpoint, Ssx. On 15 Feb 1914 was 17 years 1 month. Trade: Grocer's Porter. Lived: Russells Farm, Hurstpierpoint. Enlisted for 4 Royal Sussex Territorial ('Charlie GANDER'). NOK: father - James GANDER, Russell Farm, Hurstpierpoint. Discharged Southend-on-Sea 19 June 1916 (aged 19 years, 5 feet 4 inches, fair complexion, grey eyes, fair hair) due to 'becoming available for the enlistment under the Military Service Act 1916'. [Noted was in Defaulters Book 3 times].

Charles GANDER: 32477 Private 1st Hampshire Regiment 1st joined 22 Jan 1916 at Hastings. On 12 Dec 1915 was aged 21 years 11 days; 5 feet 6.75 inches; chest: 33.5". NOK: father: William James GANDER, 67 St. Marys Terrace, Hastings. Previous Employer '(?)A.M. CHRISTIAN' 10 Castle Street, Hastings. Previous trade: Hairdresser. Served: Salonika and Egypt 2 years 9 months. Address on Transfer to Reserve 25 Oct 1919: 180 Queens Road, Hastings. (On 24 Sep 1919: 'Statement as to Disability'- had 16 teeth extracted - 'Pension Rejected').

Charles Edward GANDER: 517040 Sergeant Royal Army Medical Corps, Territorial Force. Born Hampstead, Mdx. Enlisted 27 Oct 1914. 1st duty Oct 1914 at 2 London General Hospital. Served 'England' as Theatre NCO. Previous Employers: Trustees, British Museum, Bloomsbury, Trade: Civil Servant. 5 feet 8.5 inches, 9 stone 8lbs. At 31 Mar 1919 was '32 last birthday'. Awarded 30% Pension: 'debility - long and continuous duty in operating theatre' - from Dec 1914 to Jan 1919. Address (on joining or discharge?): 5 Ambrose Ave, Golders Green.
[NOT on 'Medals Roll'].

Edward GANDER: No.372804 Rifleman Enlisted 8th City of London Regiment. Address: 223 Upper Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells, Ken. Served Home 10 Dec 1915-23 Oct 1916. Expeditionary Force France 24 Oct 1916. At 27 Mar 1916 aged 19 years 80 days. Former Trade: Postman. Single. Religion: Non-Conformist. NOK: Walter Bartholomew GANDER. Discharged 13 Nov 1917. Got British War Medal and Victory Medal. Awarded 'War Badge and Certificate' 21 Nov 1917.

Ernest GANDER: 17031 Private 3rd Dorset Regiment Enlisted 21 Mar 1916. Single. Former trade: Carpenter. Address: 39 St.Margarets Road, Poole. NOK: Meta GANDER. Served British Expeditionary Force 7 Jul 1916 to 8 Feb 1917. Discharged 8 Feb 1917 Exeter. At Discharge aged 40 years 6 months, height 5 feet 5.5 inches, dark complexion, grey eyes, brown hair, intended place of residence: Rempstone, 8 Margarets Road, Poole, Dorset. Reason for discharge: G.(un) S.(hot) Wound - head (2 Sep 1916) - no longer being physically fit. Good character: 'sober, steady and hard working, he has done his duty well and was wounded on active service' ('In action 3 Sep 1916 in France. Struck over left eye - unconscious for some days').

Ernest Albert GANDER: 8698 Royal Army Medical Corps. Born Kidbrook, Woolwich, Ken. Joined Medical Staff Corps at Woolwich 21 Feb 1890 aged 15 years 2 months; 5 feet 3.5 inches; 106 lbs; dark complexion, brown eyes, hair dark brown; Church of England. Original NOK was father: John GANDER, 16 Elswick Terrace, Shooters Hill, Kent SE, then (later) sister: Elizabeth GANDER 16 Elswick Terrace, Shooters Hill, Kent SE. NOK altered again after marriage on 3 Jun 1905 to Maria WALL (spinster) at Christchurch, Shooters Hill, Kent SE. Address then given as 14 Pembury Grove, Tonbridge. First Discharged Chatham 20 Feb 1911 aged 36 years 2 months, 8698 Corporal Royal Army Medical Corps No.10 Company. Intended place of residence: Purfleet,Ess. Re-enlisted Royal Army Medical Corps 14 May 1915 aged 40 years 5 months. Trade: Wardmaster, Married, NOK: wife, Maria GANDER, 14 Pembury Grove, Tonbridge, Ken, Had 'served Royal Army Medical Corps 21 years before'. Children: Mabel Gainey Hannah GANDER born 24 Sep 1907, Purfleet, and Gwendoline GANDER born 28 Feb 1913, Purfleet. Made Sergeant 27 Jun 1916. Discharged ?26 Dec 1919.

Also enclosed in his Army file was a copy of his death certificate in 1949.

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