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British Military Records

Soldiers Discharged to Pension / Reserve: 1756-1899 - GANDER and GANDAR

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The National Archives at Kew has a complete database index to all W097 Discharges between 1760-1854. For the 1883-1899 and 1900-1913 periods listed below, the coverage of GANDER and GANDAR is probably complete. However for the periods before and after these dates my coverage is not complete.

These erratic notes are (mostly) my own, taken down at the time for the genealogical information as I saw it. The discharge files contain much more information.

NOK = Next of Kin


Henry GANDER: Sergeant 10th Royal Hussars [10th Dragoons (Prince of Wales Own)]. Born Cranleigh, Sry. Enlisted Guildford 20 Jan 1800 aged 18 for unlimited service. Served 17 years 115 days. Private 7 years 146 days, Corporal 4 years 10 days, Sergeant 5 years 324 days. Pensioned out, unable to ride, injury to testicle from saddle, suffering from rheumatism since 1813 and 'affection of the eyes'. Good Conduct. Served campaign 1808-1813 in Spain. Distinguished himself on patrol in the Pyrenees by cutting his way with 2 other men through between 30-40 French infantry who had got in his rear in a narrow pass, his clothes & appurtments being struck by several balls, he is strongly recommended. Description: aged 35, 5 feet 10.5 inches, brown hair, hazel eyes, dark complexion, trade: labourer. Discharged Brighton Barracks 21 Mar 1817.

WO97/655/139 (or 140?)
Richard GANDER: 1803 (or 1830?) Private 52nd Foot (Light Infantry). Enlisted 18 Dec 1843, aged 17 years 8 months. Born All Saints, Lewes, Ssx. Trade: Labourer. Served abroad (no details known). Court Martialled 10 May 1847 for desertion and 'making away with appurtments & necessities consequently leading to 3 lunar months imprisonment with loss of pay & stoppages'. Various other misconduct's noted in Regimental Defaulters' Book (absent from tattoo, drunk & fighting, neglect of duty etc). Discharged Royal Hospital Chelsea 10 Oct 1851 aged 25 as medically unfit for further service owing to external scrofula affecting the glands of the neck.


Frederick GANDER: 1134 Private 3rd Battalion Grenadier Gds. Attested at Brighton, Ssx, 5 Mar 1861 aged 18 years. Born: East Grinstead, Ssx. Trade: a Labourer. Discharged at London 20 Oct 1868 aged 25 years 6 months. At Discharge: fresh complexion, 5 feet 9 inches, dark hazel eyes, brown hair. Intended place of residence: Brighton, Ssx. Discharged as 'medically unfit' (?Phthyses Pulmonales - 'appears to be constitutional that's aggravated by intoxicating liquor'). '8 times in regimental defaulters book'.

George GANDER Private 346 Royal Regt of Canadian Rifles. Labourer, born All Saints, Lewes, Ssx. Attested for the 52nd Regt at Lewes on 21 Apr 1841 aged 18years. Discharged at own request free with pension after 25 years 11 days service at St.Johns Newfoundland 1 May 1866 aged 43years. Character & Conduct very good. In possession of 5 Good Conduct badges. Been recommended for a medal for Long Service & Good Conduct. Never in the Defaulters Book. On discharge had light complexion, hazel eyes, dark brown hair. Intended place of residence on discharge: St.Catherines Canada West.

James GANDER: 1417 Private 52nd Regt. of Light Infantry. Trade: Labourer. Born Herstmonceaux near Hailsham, Ssx. Attested 27 Jul 1840 aged 22 years 7 months. Discharged Chatham 8 Jan 1861 aged 43 at own request. Height 5' 8.5", fresh complexion, grey eyes, brown hair. Service 21 years 12 days; Abroad 6 years 10 months. [North America 1 year 2 months, East Indies 5 years 8 months]. Conduct: Very good. In possession of 4 good conduct badges and Indian Mutiny medal. To live in London.

John GANDER: 2522 Private 37th Foot [Hampshire Regt]. Attested 11 Aug 1846 aged 17 years 6 months. Trade: Labourer. Born: Limehouse, London, Middlesex. Discharged at Chatham, Kent 7 Jun 1859 aged 30 years 4 months. Height 5' 7", light brown hair, brown eyes, sallow complexion. Abroad for 12 years. Served ?Ceulon (Ceylon?) 10 years 8 months; & Bengal 1 year 4 months. Very Good Conduct. 'Chronic Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Bronchitis'.

WO97/1565/ 136
Joseph GANDER: Private 555 58th Regt of Foot. Labourer, born Chelsea, Lnd, Mdx. Attested at Westminster, Middlesex 27 Jul 1859 aged 20 years. Discharged Dublin on 20 Nov 1862 as medically unfit for further service after 3 years 117 days. Had accidentally fractured his right arm in Jan 1862. Character & conduct very good, never in defaulters book. On discharge was 23 years 4 months of age, fresh complexion, grey eyes, brown hair, 5' 7.5" height.

Thomas GANDER: 2203 Sergeant 4th Regiment of Hussars. Enlisted Brighton 15 Dec 1855 aged 18, Labourer. Born East Grinstead,Ssx. 'Good soldier, would have been in possession of 2 good conduct badges had he not been promoted to sergeant. Never been in Regimental Defaulters Book.' Discharged (?20 Apr) 1864 as medically unfit (?Phttsuses Pulmonalis) aged 26.33 years. Served 8 years 127 days. 5 feet 9 inches tall, fair complexion, grey eyes, auburn hair; no marks. Intended place of residence: 47 (?Sun) Street, Brighton.


Edward GANDER: Driver 985 Royal Artillery. Enlisted Tunbridge Wells 25 Jun 1860. Born Speldhurst, Near Tunbridge Wells, Ken. Aged 17 years 10 months on enlistment. Fresh complexion, hazel eyes, dark brown hair, 5' 3.25". Farm Labourer. Discharged 3 Aug 1876 at own request after 16 years 73 days. Spent 9 years 5months in India. Intended Place of Residence: Tunbridge Wells. 'Conduct has been Good - has 3 Good Conduct Badges' [But "3 entries recorded against him in Regimental Defaulters Book which includes 1 conviction by Courts Martial in 1867].

John GANDER: No.550. Attested for Medical Staff Corps at Rochester, Ken, on 19 Jul 1855 at aged 25 years 2 months By trade a Carman, born in parish of St. Mary's Near town of Brighton, Ssx. Served 21 years 26 days including 7 years 1 month abroad (in Corfu 5 years 1 month & Malta 1.5 years). Service: Medical Staff Corps 19 Jul 1855-30 Nov 1859. Army Hospital Corps 1 Dec 1859 (Serjeant)-15 Aug 1876 (when discharged).

On Discharge: aged 46 years 3 months (ie born c.1830), height: 5' 2.5". Fair complexion, grey eyes, light brown hair, no marks or scars. Intended place of residence: "Address - P.Office, Shooters Hill".

William GANDER: 663 19th Foot. Enlisted 10 Jul 1858 at Leeds aged 22 years 0 months. Born Lambeth, London, Mdx. 'Bounty GBP3'. 5 feet 4.75 inches, fresh complexion, brown eyes, dark brown hair. Former Trade: Quarry Man. Discharged 19 Dec 1882, Widower. Kin: son William GANDER (serving in 2/19 Regiment ).


Arthur John GANDER 4166 Private, Royal Sussex Regt, joined at Chichester 12 Dec 1892 aged 19 years 11 months, a Labourer. Born Keymer, near Haywards Heath, Ssx. NOK: Father Walter GANDER, Monks Gate, Nuthurst, Horsham. On enlistment: 5' 7.25", 139lbs, 33"-35.5" chest, fresh complexion, grey eyes, dark brown hair. CofE. Discharged 13 Mar 1893 after 98 days. Habits: temperate, Conduct: very good.

Benjamin GANDER: 2036 Private: 1st Battalion Oxon Light Infantry. Enlisted 5 Sep 1885 aged 18. Born St.John's Lewes, Ssx. Occupation: Moulder. Single, NOK: father, Thomas GANDER, Address: 1 North Court, North Street, Lewes. 4th class education, 5 feet 7.5 inches, 118lbs, 33 inches chest, fair complexion, hazel eyes, brown hair, Church of England, plus scars etc. Reserve 4 Sep 1892 out 4 Sep 1897, served 12 years. Married Louisa CARE St.John's Parish, Lewes 29 Jul 1893.

Frederick George GANDER: 5449 1st Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Enlisted 10 Jun 1897. Previously served in 41 Middlesex Regiment Militia. Born Shoreditch, Mdx. Aged 18, 5 feet 4&3/8 inches, 116lbs, fair complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, Church of England. Occupation: Newsagent. Single Man. NOK: Father: Frederick GANDER. Address: 174a St.John's Road, Hoxton. Discharged out at own request: 10 Jan 1898. mother: Mrs E. GANDER bought his discharge on payment of GBP18.

WO97/2855/5 (also /6)
George GANDER: Gunner 3670 (or 1752?) Royal Household Artillery. Enlisted 29 Oct 1872 aged 21 years 0 months. Occupation: Groom. Single. Born: Eastbourne (Near Sutton, Sry(sic) [error surely?]). Church of England. 5 feet 6.5 inches, fresh complexion, blue eyes, light brown hair. NOK first given as 'Brother, David SIMPSON (sic)' - then name deleted, later NOK given as Wife: Susan GRAY*, married 22 June 1881 - 'On Establishment 24 Jun 1884 & Struck Off Establishment 26 Mar 1885. (*entry after 'Susan GRAY' was 'with husband', entry then deleted, then '(not known', then 'deceased') Served Egypt 3 years 160 days, India 7 years 306 days. Character exemplary. On Discharge, aged 42 years 2 months, Service of 21 years 76 days. Intended Place of Residence: Wells Asylum, Wells, Somerset. Injuries in or by the Service: 'fracture of left hand whilst playing cricket'. Discharged 12 Jan 1894, Woolwich, on completion of 2nd period of limited engagement.

Henry GANDER: 50385 Royal Artillery. Enlisted on 8 Sep 1885 aged 19 years 1 month. Born: Brighton, Ssx. Occupation: Labourer. Single. NOK: Father, Charles GANDER. Address: 30 Albion Street, Brighton. Church of England. fresh complexion, brown eyes, dark brown hair, 130lbs, 5 feet 8.25 inches. Discharged 1893 to live at 55 Hanover Terrace, Brighton. [Army file also gives Record of Service in 3rd Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment]

Henry GANDER: 27326 Driver/Gunner Royal Artillery 1st Bde CJ Dv? (later 1/4th Brigade). Born at St.Johns under the Castle, Lewes, Ssx. Enlisted 6 Apr 1882 Lewes aged 19 years 4 months. Occupation: Labourer, Father: Thomas GANDER; 5 feet 5.5 inches, 123lbs, 34 inches chest, fair complexion, grey eyes, brown hair, Church of England, scars; character: good, temperament good. Served Served 3 years 124 days in India, Clomel 1882, Curragh 1882, Woolwich 1885, Bombay 14 Feb 86 (GONH)' 1887-8 to reserve 1 Jun 1889. Discharged 5 Apr 1894 on completion of Colour Service after 12 years.

Joseph Robert T. GANDER: 2516 Private. Joined Devonshire Regiment at Aldershot on 1 Apr 1889 aged 19. Previously in Middlesex Regiment (Militia 4519 Private). Posted 1st Battalion Devons until 1 Oct 1890 when transferred to 20th Battalion Devons. Born parish of Chelsea. Trade: Carman. Single. 5 feet 6&1 eighth inches, 13.5 stones, complexion: sallow, eyes: light blue, hair: brown, Church of England. Discharged as medically unfit 6 Jun 1893. Father: Joseph GANDER (address was given as 23 Paradise Walk, Chelsea but address later deleted). Two sisters given as Annie & Jessie GANDER (18 Longhedge Street, Battersea) and a younger brother Frederick GANDER. Served India 1 Oct 1890 - 6 Jun 1893. Served 7 years with Colours & 5 years Reserve.

Leonard GANDER: 1808 3rd Regiment Enlisted 18 Jun 1870 (MadeXMark). Aged 18 0 months. Born: Hurstpierpoint, Ssx. Occupation: Labourer Status: single. 5 feet 6 inches, dark complexion, blue eyes, black hair, Church of England. Discharged 19 Feb 1890 aged 37 years 8 months (then had 'fresh complexion'!). Intended Place of Residence on Discharge: 18 Manor Cottage, Hurstpierpoint, Ssx. NOK: mother: Jane GANDER, Bovery Near Hirst, Hants

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