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Army Medals Roll Index - Britain - 1914-1919


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Admittedly, there is next to nothing of any genealogical content in this Index - taken from the National Archives at Kew - but it might be useful in tracking down a Serial No. and Regiment or Unit in which ones ancestor served. See also the 'Soldiers Discharged to Pension' - WO364 (the 'Unburnt Documents') and WO363 (the 'Burnt Documents').

1914-15 Star, Victory Medal & British War MedalMedals shown left to right:

The 1914-15 Star was awarded to all those who served against Germany and her Allies between 5 Aug 1914 and 31 Dec 1915 except those who were eligible for the 1914 Star. The decoration is a four-pointed bronze star, with the top point ending in a crown. There are a pair of crossed swords with the inscription '1914 - 15' in the centre. The ribbon is red, white and blue.

The Victory Medal was awarded to all individuals who served on the establishment of a unit in a theatre of war. The decoration is bronze and shows a winged figure of Victory holding a palm branch, and on the reverse side the inscription 'The Great War for Civilization' inside a wreath. The ribbon is red in the centre, with green and violet on either side shaded to form the colours of two rainbows.

The British War Medal was awarded to Army personnel who either 'entered a theatre of war on duty, or who left places of residence and rendered approved services overseas other than the waters dividing the different parts of the U.K.' between 5 Aug 1914 and 11 Nov 1918. The decoration shows the head of King George V, and on the reverse side shows St George on horseback, trampling underfoot the eagle shield of the Central Powers with a skull and crossbones. The ribbon has an orange watered centre with stripes of white and black at each side and borders of royal blue.

GANDERs and GANDARs in the (British) Medals Roll, 1914-1919: H-Z

NB: The Medals attributed to individuals above need checking again - only this part is probably incomplete. When transcribing the list at the National Archives, who was awarded what medals was not uppermost in my mind. The other details should be correct though.

Vic - Victory Medal
Brit - British War Medal
T.F.W.M - Territorial Forces War Medal?
M.M. - Military Medal
M.S.M. - Meritorious Service Medal
G.S.M. - General Service Medal

GANDER (unless otherwise stated) Regiment(s) Rank(s) Serial No.(s) Medals
- (but see NB below)
Harold E. Middlesex Regt Private (a) 5340
(b) 292262
Brit 'Harold Ephraim?'
Ref: WO372/7/125515
Harry (a) Royal Fusiliers
(b) Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry
(a) Private
(b) Corporal
(a) 13749
(b) 0645 (0643?)
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
'Served Balkans from 12 Jul 1915'
Ref: WO372/7/125504
Harry (a) Rifle Brigade
(b) Durham Light Infantry
Private (a) 32252
(b) 85883
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125506
Harry 7th London Regt Second Lieutenant - Vic; Brit in WO374/26323
Ref: WO372/7/125507
Harry East Surrey Regt Private 22881 Vic; Brit In WO364
Ref: WO372/7/125505
Harry Royal Warwickshire Regt Private 20846 Vic; Brit WO372/7/125503
Henry Army Service Corps Sergeant TI/4663 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125510
Henry Royal Engineers Pioneer (a) WR/205890
(b) 340213
Vic; Brit WO372/7/125509
Henry Royal Field Artillery Driver (a) 945
(b) 900162
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star; IGS medal with Clasp Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919
In WO363 as 'Henry William'
Ref: WO372/7/125508
Henry A. Royal Engineers (a) L/Corporal (b)  - (a) 138415
(b) WR/501743
Vic; Brit In WO363 as 'Henry Allen'
Ref: WO372/7/125513
Henry G. Royal Field Artillery Gunner 122948 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125517
Henry H. GANDAR Royal Engineers Sapper 66820 Vic; Brit 'Henry Hinton'  
Ref: WO372/7/125293
Herbert C. Royal Garrison Artillery Gunner 168457 Vic; Brit 'Herbert Charles' 
Ref: WO372/7/125514
Herbert F. Royal West Kent Regt Private G/16720 Vic; Brit 'Herbert Francis'  
Ref: WO372/7/125516
Herbert H. (a) 3rd County of London Yeomanry
(b) Machine Gun Corps
Private (a) 205549
(b) 160894
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125518
Herbert J. (a) Middlesex Regiment
(b) 4th London Regt
(c) Royal Fusiliers
Private (a) 87577
(b) & (c) GS/64429
Vic; Brit 'Herbert James'
Ref: WO372/7/125519
Herbert W. Army Service Corps Private M2/201523 Vic; Brit 'Herbert William'  
Ref: WO372/7/125521
Horace (a) Rifle Brigade
(b) North Staffordshire Regt
Private (a) 518
(b) 203680
Brit Ref: WO372/7/125512
Horace Royal Field Artillery Bombardier (a) 120
(b) 905031
(c) 38148
Vic; Brit In WO363

Ref: WO372/7/125511 & WO372/24/124184

Horace M. (a) Dorsetshire Regt
(b) Somerset Light Infantry
Private (a) 202041
(b) 55246
Vic; Brit 'Horace Morley'  
Ref: WO372/7/125520
James (a) 20th Middlesex Regt
(b) Corps of Lancers
Private (a) 41693
(b) L/11677
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125524
James (a) Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
(b) Royal Garrison Artillery
Private (a) 9952
(b) 197523
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125523
James (a) Norfolk Regt
(b) Suffolk Regt
Private (a) 32594
(b) 41771
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125522
James H. Army Veterinary Corps Private SE/3620 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125531
[James Henry GANDER]
James J. (a) 25th London Regt
(b) Royal Warwickshire Regt
Private (a) 740550
(b) 234505
Vic; Brit 'James John'
Ref: WO372/7/125533
Jesse Royal Garrison Artillery Gunner 23501 Brit Died 1915 
Ref: WO372/7/125525
John 11th Hussars Private 1755 Vic; Brit;
1914 Star
'Missing pres. Dead 1 Nov 1914'.
'John Thomas'.
Died 1914  
Ref: WO372/7/125534
John (a) 1st London Regt
(b) 2nd London Regt
(c) Royal Fusiliers
(a) Private
(b)  -
(c) -
(a) 5758
(b) 202626
(c) GS/134821
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125529
John (a) Royal Sussex Regiment
(b) RAMC
(c) Royal Sussex Regiment
(d) Royal Berkshire Regt
(a) Private
(b) Private
(c) Corporal
(d) Private
(a) L/8943
(b) 15430
(c) 78943
(d) 7249849
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125528
John Royal Field Artillery Driver 14274 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
see WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125526
John West Yorkshire Regt Private 50671 Vic; Brit K-in-A.
Died 1917 - see also WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125527
John H. (a) Royal Engineers
(b) Royal Sussex Regt
Sapper (a) 235589
(b) 10704
Vic; Brit 'John Henry'.
Died 1917 - see also WO363 
Ref: WO372/7/125532
Joseph Royal West Kent Regt Private GS/7386 Vic; Brit Died 1919 - see also WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125530
Jules V. 5th Dragoon Guards Private 5032 Vic; Brit;
1914 Star
Accid. Kd.
'Jules Victor'.
Died 1914
Ref: WO372/7/125535
Leonard (a) The Queens Regt
(b) Labour Corps
Private (a) 45947
(b) 73430
Vic, Brit see WO363  
Ref: WO372/7/125536
Leonard F. GANDAR-DOWER Honourable Artillery Company (a) Private
(b) Second Lieutenant
(a) 7284
(b) -
(Not known by DG) 'Leonard Francis GANDAR-DOWER' Died 1917
Ref: WO372/6/111795
Leslie Stephen Seaforth Highlanders (a - c) Acting Sergeant
(d) Second Lieutenant
(a) S/10051
(b) 84786/5014
(c) 267384
(d)  -
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
D of W,
5 Jun 1918. See also WO339/97482
Ref: WO372/7/125537
Mark S. Army Service Corps Corporal DM2/172128 Vic; Brit 'Mark Stirling'
Ref: WO372/7/125538
Norman E. Royal Engineers Corporal (a) 2609
(b) 532068
(c) 217905
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
'Norman Ernest'
Ref: WO372/7/125539
P(eter) Royal Engineers Pioneer 228188   Enlist. 24 Jan 1917, Disch. 9 Mar 1917, Sickness
Ref: WO372/7/125540
Percy (a) The Queens Regt
(b) Labour Corps
Private (a) 27893
(b) 58360
Vic; Brit see WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125541
Percy Army Service Corps Private M/297998 Vic; Brit In WO364
Ref: WO372/7/125543
Percy Machine Gun Corps Private 30259 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125542
Percy A. Royal Sussex Regt Private 5/1928 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
'Percy Albert'.
Killed 31 May 1915
Ref: WO372/7/125546
Percy C. Royal Field Artillery Driver 110992 Vic; Brit 'Percy Clarence' - see WO363 
Ref: WO372/7/125547
Percy H. Labour Corps Private 209174 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125549
Percy J. Royal Sussex Regt Private (a) 4/3670
(b) 201189
Vic; Brit 'Percy John'
Ref: WO372/7/125550
Peter (a) Royal Sussex Regt
(b) Labour Corps
Private (a) 10265
(b) 308288
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125544
Peter E. W. (a) Royal Fusiliers
(b) Labour Corps
Private (a) 40811
(b) 63782
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125548
Philip Royal Fusiliers Private L/9192 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125545
Raymond (a) Royal Fusiliers
(b) Army Service Corps
Private (a) 50385
(b) R/446851
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
see WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125551
Reginald Royal Sussex Regt Private (a) 1733
(b) G/18200
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125552
Reginald A. Army Service Corps Private M2/174732 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125556
Reginald A. Hampshire Regt Acting Sergeant 355808 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125555
Reginald H. 15th London Regt Private 531358 Vic; Brit 'Reginald Hewitt' see WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125559
Reginald W.J. Royal West Kent Regt Sergeant 201175 Vic; Brit 'Reginald William J.'
Died 1917  
Ref: WO372/7/125560
Richard Army Veterinary Corps Private SE/927 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
In WO363  
Ref: WO372/7/125553
Robert Royal Field Artillery Gunner 198890 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125554
Robert D. # (a) 9th London Regt
(b) Labour Corps
Private (a) 3786
(b) 468248
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
#same entry under 'Robin D.' in WO364 as 'Robin Daniel'
Ref: WO372/7/125557 & WO372/7/125558
S.W. (a) 9th London Regt
(b) Royal Flying Corps
Private (a) 3785
(b) 405085
1915 Star 'Sydney William?'
Ref: WO372/7/125565
Sidney Gloucestershire Regt Private 33821 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125561
Stanley Gordon Smith Royal Field Artillery (a) Driver
(b) Sergeant
44187 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125563
Sydney Royal Engineers Sapper (a) 8398
(b) 430193
(c) WR/176251
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125562
Sydney J. Army Ordnance Corps Warrant Officer Class 2 T243 Brit 'Sydney James'
Ref: WO372/7/125564
Thomas 3rd Battalion Royal West Surrey Regt Private 21557 Vic; Brit 'Enlist. 14 May 1915, Disch. 18 Oct 1918'
Ref: WO372/7/125567
Thomas Coldstream Guards Private 7543 Vic; Brit;
1914 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125566
Thomas Royal Sussex Regt Private SD/2092 Vic; Brit Died 1918
Ref: WO372/7/125568
Thomas Royal Army Ordnance Corps Private 05363 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125569
Thomas H. Royal Garrison Artillery Sergeant (a) 138860
(b) 1665981
Vic; Brit;
Ref: WO372/7/125570
Thomas J. Machine Gun Corps Private 133923 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125571
Thomas J. Royal Defence Corps Private 49720   'Enlist. 21 Oct 1914, Disch. 19 Nov 1918' Medals?
Ref: WO372/7/125572
Thomas W. Rifle Brigade Private S/19720 Vic; (& Brit?) Ref: WO372/7/125574
Thomas William 4th London Regt Lance Sergeant (a) 3160
(b) 351034
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
In WO364
Ref: WO372/7/125573
Wallace R. (a) Royal Berkshire Regt
(b) Labour Corps
Private (a) 30196
(b) 978340
Vic; Brit 'Wallace Reginald' - see also WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125590
Walter (a) 1/4th Royal West Surrey
(b) Labour Corps
(c) Royal Sussex Regt
Private (a) 3510
(b) 260982
(c) L/13612
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125576
Walter Royal Field Artillery Gunner 78479 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
'Walter Seymour'
In WO364
Ref: WO372/7/125575
Walter G. Suffolk Regt Private 22344 Vic; Brit 'Walter George'
Ref: WO372/7/125583
Walter James 18th London Regt Lance Corporal 3092   'Enlist. 9 Mar 1915, Disch. 21 Apr 1916, Sickness' Medals?
Also In WO364  
Ref: WO372/7/125585
William Royal Field Artillery Driver 61003 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125577
William Royal Garrison Artillery Gunner 122356 Vic; Brit see WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125578
William Royal Garrison Artillery Gunner 169657 Vic; Brit see WO363  
Ref: WO372/7/125579
William E. Military Foot Police Lance Corporal P/8007   'Enlist. 22 Jan 1916, Disch. 3 Sep 1918' Medals?
Ref: WO372/7/125580
William Edward Motor Transport Royal Army Service Corps Private M/285994   'Enlist. 24 Jun 1916, Disch. 23 Jan 1919' Medals? in WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125581
William F. Royal Garrison Artillery Gunner (a) 374075
(b) 397
Vic; Brit;
Ref: WO372/7/125582 & WO372/24/124185
William G. GANDAR 12th London Regt Private (a) 3878
(b) 471246
1915 Star 'K-in-A 1 Jul 1916'. 'William Gustave'
#Also listed as man as 'Wm G. GANDER'
Ref: WO372/7/125584 & WO372/7/125294
William J. 16th London Regt Corporal (a) 4128
(b) 551444
Vic; Brit 'William James' in WO364  
Ref: WO372/7/125588
William J. Machine Gun Corps Private 127985 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125587
William J. Royal Field Artillery Acting Sergeant (a) 1005
(b) 905666
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125586
William T.R. Tank Corps Private 96618 Vic; Brit 'William Thomas Robert' - see WO363 
Ref: WO372/7/125591
William James (a) Army Service Corps
(b) Labour Corps
Private (a) SS/13163
(b) 305771
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
'Disch. 30 Apr 1919'
Also in WO364  
Ref: WO372/7/125589
William Wesley Royal Army Ordnance Corps Private 024497 Vic; Brit 'Enlist. 27 Nov 1915, Disch. 14 Jan 1919'
Ref: WO372/7/125592

The Army War Deaths 1914-1921 lists a 'John P. ', A/Bdr, Royal Garrison Artillery Serial No. 78129 - Died 1917 but not listed in Medals Roll(?)


William GANDER, Gnr Royal Field Artillery Serial No.961328 - Died 1917 - not on Medals Rolls?