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Army Medals Roll Index - Britain - 1914-1919


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Admittedly, there is next to nothing of any genealogical content in this Index - taken from the National Archives at Kew - but it might be useful in tracking down a Serial No. and Regiment or Unit in which ones ancestor served. See also the 'Soldiers Discharged to Pension' - WO364 (the 'Unburnt Documents') and WO363 (the 'Burnt Documents').

1914-15 Star, Victory Medal & British War MedalMedals shown left to right:

The 1914-15 Star was awarded to all those who served against Germany and her Allies between 5 Aug 1914 and 31 Dec 1915 except those who were eligible for the 1914 Star. The decoration is a four-pointed bronze star, with the top point ending in a crown. There are a pair of crossed swords with the inscription '1914 - 15' in the centre. The ribbon is red, white and blue.

The Victory Medal was awarded to all individuals who served on the establishment of a unit in a theatre of war. The decoration is bronze and shows a winged figure of Victory holding a palm branch, and on the reverse side the inscription 'The Great War for Civilization' inside a wreath. The ribbon is red in the centre, with green and violet on either side shaded to form the colours of two rainbows.

The British War Medal was awarded to Army personnel who either 'entered a theatre of war on duty, or who left places of residence and rendered approved services overseas other than the waters dividing the different parts of the U.K.' between 5 Aug 1914 and 11 Nov 1918. The decoration shows the head of King George V, and on the reverse side shows St George on horseback, trampling underfoot the eagle shield of the Central Powers with a skull and crossbones. The ribbon has an orange watered centre with stripes of white and black at each side and borders of royal blue.

GANDERs and GANDARs in the (British) Medals Roll, 1914-1919: A-G

NB: The Medals attributed to individuals above need checking again - only this part is probably incomplete. When transcribing the list at the National Archives, who was awarded what medals was not uppermost in my mind. The other details should be correct though.

Vic - Victory Medal
Brit - British War Medal
T.F.W.M - Territorial Forces War Medal?
M.M. - Military Medal
M.S.M. - Meritorious Service Medal
G.S.M. - General Service Medal

GANDER (unless otherwise stated) Regiment(s) Rank(s) Serial No.(s) Medals
- (but see NB below)
 - GANDER Sierra Leone
Carrier Corps
Carrier (a) 763
(b) 10698
British War Medal 'Col/181A Page 138'
Ref: WO372/7/125412
A. Royal Army Medical Corps
8th Field Ambulance
Private 2912 1914 Star & Clasp 'Disch. 9 Mar 1916'
Ref: WO372/7/125413
Alan Vincent GANDAR-DOWER Dragoon Guards (a) Second Lieutenant
(b) Lieutenant
- (Not known by DG) Ref: WO372/6/111765
Albert (a) Yorkshire Regt
(b) Labour Corps
(a) Private
(b)  -
(a) 41588
(b) 445871
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125415
Albert Northumberland Fusiliers Sergeant 78979 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125414
Albert E(rnest) 9th London Regt (a) Private
(b) Acting WO Class 2
(a) 3670
(b) 391038
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125422
Albert E. The Queens Regt Private G/68525 Vic; Brit 'Albert Edward'.
Died 1918
Ref: WO372/7/125421
Albert J. (a) York and Lancaster Regt
(b) Army Service Corps
Private (a) 5498
(b) M/204533
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125426
Albert J. Royal Engineers Company Quarter Master Sergeant 142364 Vic; Brit 'Albert John'.
Also in WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125425
Albert N. (a) Army Service Corps
(b) Welch Regt
Private (a) S/34245
(b) 55954
Vic; Brit 'Albert Nelson'.
Died 1918 
Ref: WO372/7/125427
Alexander Manchester Regt (a) Sergeant
(b) Acting Sergeant
2050 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125416
Alfred Royal Field Artillery Gunner 255207 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125417
Alfred C. (a) Staffordshire Yeomanry
(b) Corps of Hussars
Private 31738 Vic; Brit In WO364 under 'Alfred Charles' & 7th Hussars but Serial No.s different?
Ref: WO372/7/125420
Alfred W. Royal Sussex Regt Private G/7040 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
In WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125431
Alfred W. Royal Garrison Artillery Gunner 139323 Vic; Brit In WO364 as 'Alfred William' but Serial No. 139329?
Ref: WO372/7/125430
Ambrose A. Machine Gun Corps Private 54988 Vic; Brit 'Ambrose Albert'
Ref: WO372/7/125419
Amos Royal Garrison Artillery Gunner 164339 Vic; Brit In WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125418
Arthur E. Royal Sussex Regt Sergeant 265414 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125423
(see Militia Attestations - same?
Arthur H. Royal Army Medical Corps Private 2912 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125424
Arthur O. Army Service Corps Private MI/6868 Vic; Brit;
1914 Star
'Arthur Owen'
Ref: WO372/7/125428
Arthur R. (a) Army Cyclist Corps
(b) Scottish Rifles
Private (a) 9371
(b) 25573
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125429
Bernard Vincent GANDAR Army Cyclist Corps (a) Second Lieutenant
(b) Lieutenant
- Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
see WO339/1365
Ref: WO372/7/125434
Bertie Royal Engineers Sapper (a) T239
(b) 545129
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125432
Bertram N. Royal Engineers Sapper
(a) 1533
(b) 534201
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star,
Ref: WO372/7/125433
C.J. Sussex Yeomanry Corporal 22 (Not known by DG) Ref: WO372/24/124183
Charles (a) Royal Sussex Regt
(b) Labour Corps
Private (a) 290325
(b) 582518
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125443
Charles 1/6th Royal Warwickshire Regt Private# (a) 1964
(b) L964#
(c) 68304
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
#Misconduct=3yrs. P.S. 22 Sep 1915, Commuted to 56 days F.P.No.1. Disch.17 May 1919; Served France'
Ref: WO372/7/125439
Charles (a) South Lancashire Regiment
(b) Manchester Regt
Private (a) 37385
(b) 61342
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125445
Charles (a) The Queens Regt
(b) East Surrey Regt
Private (a) 15217
(b) 25707
Vic; Brit Died 1917
Ref: WO372/7/125438
Charles 28th Brigade Royal Field Artillery Driver 38802 Vic; Brit;
1914 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125436
Charles Hampshire Regt Private 32477 Vic; Brit Also in WO364
Ref: WO372/7/125444
Charles Royal Fusiliers Private GS/37873 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125440
Charles Royal Sussex Regt Private (a) 4321
(b) G/15914
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125441
Charles Royal Sussex Regt Sergeant 202022 Vic; Brit;
Also in WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125442 & WO 372/24/124182
Charles Royal Engineers Driver T2090 Brit 'Charles William Reginald'. Died 1915 
Ref: WO372/7/125437
Charles Royal Field Artillery Gunner L/29956 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125435
Charles A. Royal Engineers Sapper (a) 227205
(b) WR/504501
Vic; Brit Also in WO363.
'Charles Albert'.
Ref: WO372/7/125447
Charles E. Royal Sussex Regt Private 5/2804 Vic; Brit; 'K-in-A 9 May 1915, France'.
'Charles Edward'.
Died 1915  
Ref: WO372/7/125448
Charles H. (a) Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
(b) Hampshire Regt
Private (a) 32792
(b) 38559
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125450
Charles H. Royal Engineers Pioneer (a) 227884
(b) WR-21309
Vic; Brit Also in WO363.
'Charles Henry'
Ref: WO372/7/125449
Charles J. Army Service Corps Private T/310496 Vic; Brit Also in WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125452
Charles J(esse). Royal Defence Corps Private 3983   'Enlisted 22 Dec 1914 Disc. 6 Feb 1919' - Medals?  
Ref: WO372/7/125451
Clement J. (a) Royal Field Artillery
(b) Labour Corps
Driver (a) 132520
(b) 587431
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125453
Colin King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Private (a) 5234
(b) 242136
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125446
Cyril L. Royal Field Artillery Gunner L/36875 Vic; Brit 'Cyril Lewis' 
Ref: WO372/7/125454
David (a) North Staffordshire Regt
(b) Royal Warwickshire Regt
(c) Manchester Regt
Private (a) 41255
(b) 48555
(c) 70840
Vic; 'M'(?) Ref: WO372/7/125455
Dennis Royal Field Artillery (a) Driver
(b) Driver
(c) Gunner
(a) 30410
(b) 902122
(c) 1044671
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star with Iraq Clasp; G.S.M.
Ref: WO372/7/125456
Douglas R.S. Royal Field Artillery (a) Driver (b) Corporal 97355 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star,
'Douglas Ralph Smith'  
Ref: WO372/7/125457
Edmund J. 8th London Regt Corporal (a) 3446
(b) 371301
Vic; Brit 'Edmund John'  
Ref: WO372/7/125467
Edward 8th London Regt (a) Private
(b) Private
(a) 5647
(b) 372804
Vic; Brit Also in WO364  
Ref: WO372/7/125459
Edward George 4 R/Supply Dt. Army Service Corps
(1st Div.)
(a) Driver Train Dvr
(b) Temporary Company Sergeant Major
T/17165 1914 Star; M.S.M. Also in WO363
Ref: WO372/24/92691 and WO 372/7/125458
Edwin 4th Dragoon Guards (a) L/Corporal
(b) Private
GS/8072 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125460
Edwin S. Royal Field Artillery (a) Shoeing Smith
(b) Corporal
71270 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
'Edwin Sidney'  
Ref: WO372/7/125468
Ernest Army Service Corps Private T2/14180 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125464
Ernest Dorsetshire Regt Private 17031 Vic; Brit 'Enlist. 21 Mar 1916, Disch. 8 Feb 1917, Wounds'. In WO364  
Ref: WO372/7/125463
Ernest Royal Sussex Regt Private G/1824 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125462
Ernest Royal Sussex Regt Private G/13805 Vic; Brit Died 1917  
Ref: WO372/7/125461
Ernest A. Royal Army Medical Corps Corporal 58722 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
'Ernest Albert'.
Also in WO364  
Ref: WO372/7/125465
Ernest Charles (a) 2nd County of London Yeomanry
(b) Machine Gun Corps
Private (a) 2671
(b) 151400
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125466
Ernest J. Royal Field Artillery Gunner (a) T901326
(b) 289894
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125469
F. Royal Engineers 426th Reserve Field Company Sapper 428699   'Frend'
'Enlist. 13 Jun 1916, Disch. 20 Jul 1917 (sick)' - Medals? .
Also in WO364 and WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125470
Francis E.H. Army Service Corps Private M2/121143 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
'Francis Ernest Henry'.
Also in WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125484
Frank (a) 2nd County of London Yeomanry
(b) Machine Gun Corps
Private (a) 2631
(b) 151399
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125471
Frank Royal Army Medical Corps Private 72099 Vic; Brit Also in WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125474
Frank Royal Sussex Regt Orivate (a) 4/1840
(b) 200306
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125473
Frank The Queens Regt Private G/39870 Vic; Brit died 1917 
Ref: WO372/7/125472
Frank L. 1/4th Dorsetshire Regt Private (a) 2928
(b) 201155
Vic; Brit; M.M. 'Frank Lionel H.'  
Ref: WO372/7/125485
Fred Royal Garrison Artillery Gunner 102554 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125475
Frederick 3rd London Regt Private (a) 5588
(b) 252565
Vic; Brit Marked 'Returned'.
Also in WO364.
'Frederick Francis'
Ref: WO372/7/125478
Frederick Royal Engineers Sapper (a) 1137
(b) 538054
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125481
Frederick (a) 36th Northumberland Fusiliers
(b) Labour Corps
Private (a) 34896
(b) 84767
Vic; Brit Also in WO363.
'Frederick Ernest'
Ref: WO372/7/125477
Frederick Royal Engineers Driver (a) 1244
(b) 538149
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Also in WO363
Ref: WO372/7/125476
Frederick A. Coldstream Guards Private 171399 Vic; Brit 'Frederick Allan' in WO364  
Ref: WO372/7/125479
Frederick A. Manchester Regt Private 54199 Vic; Brit Died 1918 
Ref: WO372/7/125480
Frederick C. Northumberland Fusiliers Private 69536 Vic; Brit 'Frederick Charles'.
Died 1918 
Ref: WO372/7/125482
Frederick E(rnest) Royal Field Artillery Gunner 168766 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125483
Frederick S. Royal Engineers Sapper 278926 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125486
G.W.E. 8th East Kent Regiment Private G/18170 Vic; Brit 'George William E.'?
Ref: WO372/7/125502  
George (a) Royal Sussex Regt
(b) Labour Corps
(a) Private
(b) Private
(a) 1781
(b) 149738
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125494
George (a) Royal Garrison Artillery
(b) Labour Corps
(a) Driver
(b) Private
(a) 50127
(b) 357753
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
In WO364  
Ref: WO372/7/125487
George (a) Royal Fusiliers
(b) Labour Corps
Private (a) 33395
(b) 62884
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125489
George (a) The Queens Regt
(b) Machine Gun Corps
(a) Private
(b) Lance Corporal
(a) 1745
(b) 102669
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125488
George Cheshire Regt Private 7690 Vic; Brit;
1914 Star
'Disch 29 Mar 1916'. See WO363 
Ref: WO372/7/125490
George Gloucestershire Regt Private 35574 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125491
George Royal Sussex Regt Private SD/1334 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125492
George Royal Sussex Regt Private 5/1384 Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125493
George 19th Battalion Royal Defence Corps Private 22994   'Enlist. 10 Nov 1914, Disch. 21 Feb 1918' - Medals? 
Ref: WO372/7/125495
George A. (a) Royal Sussex Regt
(b) Labour Corps
Private (a) 3073
(b) 505162
Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125496
George E. (a) 3rd London Regt
(b) 4th London Regt
(c) 4th London Regt
(a) Private
(b) Corporal (c) Corporal
(a) 3046
(b) 283798
(c) 7602
Vic; Brit;
1915 Star
Ref: WO372/7/125497
(Almost certainly 'George Ernest GANDER' bn Q2 1891 Ticehurst Dst)
George Ed. Labour Corps Private 149738   'Enlist. 26 Mar 1914, Disch. 12 Mar 1919' - Medals?  
Ref: WO372/7/125498
George F. The Queens Regt Private G/21954 Vic; Brit Ref: WO372/7/125499
George M. Army Service Corps Private M2/136589 Vic; Brit In WO363 as 'George Martin'  
Ref: WO372/7/125500
George R. Royal Fusiliers Private GS/77009 Vic; Brit 'George Richard'  
Ref: WO372/7/125501