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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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Further Known Legal References - GANDER

Quarter Sessions for Sussex

19 Apr 1822 - Case 41, Document Reference: QR/E 771
Henry GANDER, Aged 36. Residence: ----- .Occupation: ------ .
Place of Offence: ------ . Committing Magistrate: E.J. CURTESS, 30 Jan 1822.
Offence: Vagrancy. Sentence: Discharged.

18 Oct 1822 - Case 7, Document Reference: QR/6773
Charles GANDER, Aged 28. Residence: Herstmonceaux, Sussex.
Occupation: Labourer. Place of Offence: Cowbeach.
Offence: Stealing quantity of peas(e). Victim: Thomas John GIBBS.
Plea: Not Guilty. Committing Magistrate: J. DARBY, 27 Aug 1822.
Sentence: 6 calendar months hard labour.

20 Nov 1826. James GANDER - 'Case not found of death from fall from mail coach.'

12 Jan 1827 - at Lewes. Case 9: Document Reference: QR/E 790
Charged: Charles GANDER of Herstmonceaux, Labourer, Aged 45 and Thomas LEVETT of same, on 16th November 1826, with force and arms at the aforesaid parish, took 13 pieces of timber, value 13 shillings, of the goods and chattels of William DOWN GIBSON (or William Dacon GILLON?), esquire, then and there being feloniously did steal and carry away against the peace of our Lord. Committing Magistrate: W. BRISCOE jnr.
LEVETT not in custody, nor upon bail.
GANDER plea: Not Guilty.
Jury found 'Not Guilty'. Charles GANDER acquitted and discharged.

22 Oct 1830 - Case 22, Document Reference: QR/E 805
George GANDER, Aged 35. Residence: Herstmonceaux. Occupation: Labourer.
Reading & Writing: -----. Place of Offence: Herstmonceaux. Victim: Ann TERRY.
Offence: Larceny of rough timber.
Magistrate: G. WAGNER.
Plea: Not Guilty.
Sentence: Acquitted & discharged.

11 Apr 1833 - Case 22. Document Reference: QR 16.815
George GANDER, Aged 35. Residence: Herstmonceaux. Occupation: Labourer.
Reading & Writing: -----. Place of Offence: Herstmonceaux.
Date of Offence: 16 Jan 1833. Victim: James EVEREST.
Magistrate: F.P. BEDDINGFOLD.
Offence: Receiving one stack of the value of one shilling and two bushels of malt of the value of twelve shillings [stolen by David BARTLETT, see case 2 (or 7)].
Sentence: 3 months prison plus 1 week solitary confinement.

3 Dec 1833 - Case 9, Document Reference: QR/E818
Henry GANDER, Aged 19. Residence: --------. Occupation: Labourer.
Place of Offence: Lewes. Plea: ----- .Victim: William GRINSTEAD.
Magistrate: R. GEAR. Offence: Receiving stolen prayer book knowingly.
Comment: charged with Sara STEPHENS & John RANDALL.
Sentence: 'no bill' (?) discharged.

3 Jan 1834 - Case 14. Document Reference: QR/E819
Henry GANDER, Aged 19. Residence: St. Anns, Lewes, Sussex. Occupation: Labourer;
Reading & Writing: ----- . Place of Offence: Lewes.
Victim: Richard BACK or BLACK. Offence: Larceny of 3 shillings and a watch.
Magistrate: R. GEAR.
Sentence: Transported for Life.

[There were 4 others on the same charge: John HAWKE, Aged 16, James ATTERALL,
Aged 17, Henry COLE, Aged 19, and John JAMES, Aged 19. All found Guilty and also sentenced to transportation for life].

3 Jan 1837 - Case 12. Document Reference: QR/E842
Charles GANDER, Aged 19. Residence: St. Michaels, Lewes, Sussex.
Occupation: Labourer. Reading & Writing: imperfect. Place of Offence: Lewes, Sussex.
Victim: Charles WITCHER (also WHITCHER), his Master.
Plea: Not Guilty.
Offence: Stealing 2 Sovereigns, 1 locket and 1 brass (?)snap.
Committing Magistrate: Earl of Chichester.
Sentence: Imprisoned 3 months hard labour except the last fortnight to be in solitary confinement.
Comment: Guilty of stealing locket.

21 Feb 1838 - Case 17, Document Reference: QR/E 851
George GANDER, Aged 45. Residence: Herstmonceaux. Occupation: Labourer.
Reading & Writing: No. Place of Offence: Herstmonceaux.
Victim: Thomas ARKOLL.
Offence: Stealing 2 bushels of wheat. Plea: Not Guilty.
Comment: On Bail. Former conviction in 1833 - Charged with Samuel ANDREWS (but latter was found Not Guilty).
Magistrate: E.B. CURTIES.
Sentence: transportation 7 years.

From: 'East Sussex Sentences of Transportation at Quarter Sessions (1790-1854)':

1839 Midsummer Session (No.473): - Charles GANDER, Aged 21, sentenced to 15 years, with Thomas GLAZEBROOK the younger and George WIMHURST alias WILMSHURST (also 15 years transportation) and George GLAZEBROOK" and George GLAZEBROOK (10 years transportation)

At the same session - Charles GANDER, 'of Ringmer, Sussex; Labourer' (with Thomas GLAZEBROOK) was also found 'not guilty and acquitted' of stealing a frock to the value of seven shillings. An Elizabeth WOOD was also charged with receiving the frock knowing it to be stolen, and was also found 'not guilty and acquitted'.

Again at the same session - Charles GANDER, 'late of parish of St. John the Baptist, Southover; Labourer', with Thomas GLAZEBROOK and James HOPE, Blacksmith, were all found 'not guilty and acquitted' from the charge of receiving one pair of half boots, the property of James STICKLAND, knowing them to be stolen.

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