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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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Further Known Legal References

England and Wales only - Kings Bench, Debtors Schedules, Office of the Commissioners of Bankrupts, Middlesex Sessions, Surrey Assizes and Court of Common Pleas

1765 Kings Bench - Vol.97 of English Law

Peter GANDER's case:

Party in a lock-up house not considered as in actual custody under an insolvent Act. - On a motion made by Mr. Jones, and supported by Sir Fletcher Norton, The Question was 'whether a person was intitled to be discharged under the late* Insolvent Debtor's Act whose case was this: The man was not in the actual custody of the gaoler, on the day specified in the Act; but was in the custody of an officer, in a house of safety (a spunging-house). He was not included in the first part of the gaoler's list; but he was in the second part. The Court of Sessions of London had holden him not to be intitled to his discharge, as an object of this statute. Lord Mansfield inclined, that the Sessions were in the right; as this was a positive law. And the jurisdiction is given to the Quarter-Sessions: so there seems no way of coming at, if they were wrong. The recorder was very candid, in offering to come into any method that could be thought of. But - Per Lord Mansfield - We can do nothing in it.'


[.. and no, the above doesn't mean much to me either - neither can I judge which 'Peter Gander' this might be]

1811 Debtors Schedule

Corporation of London Record Office (Ref DS15/53 Ludgate )

A true Schedule of Account of all the Real Estate etc which William GANDAR formerly of Cross Street, Islington in County of Middlesex late of the Sign of the Mitre, Upper Street, Islington aforesaid, Plaisterer (sic), who was on the first Day of May last and am now a Prisoner in the Custody of the Keeper of His Majesty's Prison of Ludgate under the Sheriffs of London:


Signed 16 Jul 1811 'Wm.GANDAR'
Witnessed by John TEAGUE (Keeper)

1761 Debtors Schedule

Corporation of London Record Office

Thomas GANDAR late of Tower Street in the City of London, Tin Plate Worker, now prisoner in Woodstreet Comptor in the City of London.

[The schedule gave interesting list of people who owed him money, the amounts, how their debts to him became due and their addresses.) Thomas reckoned the total owed him by these people was (GBP) 202-9s-0d.

Signed 14 Sep 1761 Thos. Gandar]

The only genealogical info. I could see was a reference to 'all my right title and interest of etc to my Mother's Will and all my other other Relations'. A Mr. Thos. HARDING mentioned as 'doing a judgement of my household goods and stock.

Middlesex Sessions Records Roll (525/20,Sessions Reg.2/13):

25 May 1613

Robert RUTTER of Harlington, Yeoman, and William GANDER of Littleton, Yeoman, for Thomas PONSEY of the same, tailor, to stand to the Justice's order touching the keeping of a bastard child begotten by him on the body of Katherine WOODYEARE, his late servant.

1613: William GANDER mentioned as 'sub-constable of the hundred of Spelthorne under Littleton' [marked as 'sick']'. [Similar entry for 1614, but not then sick].

1613: Robert RUTTER of Littleton, Yeoman and John COLLYER of the same, shoemaker, handed over in bail to William GANDER of the same, Yeoman, and Richard MURDOCKE of Old Brentford, Waterman, to appear before Overseers of the Poor of Littleton, for contempt of divers warrants sent to them from the Justices for collection on money for the Poor.

Middlesex Sessions Records of 1613 - Register Vol II:

p.13 Thomas GANDER, of Stanwell, Victualler, to appear, and from henceforth not to keep victualling at Stanwell aforesaid, for returning divers of the inhabitants within the hundred of Spelthorne and not giving them summons on petition.

10 Feb1613/4 - Elizabeth wife of John GANDER of Littleton (Shepperton) Labourer and Suysan, wife of Thomas SIMPSON (SYMPSON) of the same, Labourer, for stealing 3 hens worth 10 pence from William GANDER of the same. The said Elizabeth at large. (Sessions Roll 530/1, 2, 72 GDR 2/17d, 19, 19d).

Calendar of Assize Records - Surrey Indictments

Southwark Assizes 20 Feb 1612:

No.453: Edward DUFFEILD, and Thomas BARDINGE, Labourers of Thursley, indicted for grand larceny. On 18 Nov 1611 at Thursley they stole 2 pieces of iron (worth 6 shillings and 8 pence), a small iron 'flat' (8 pence), 3 pieces of iron (30 pence) and several pieces of iron (15 shillings) from Sir Edward MORE and Henry NEEDLER, gentleman. John CHITTYE, of Godalming, blacksmith, William CHILD, of Thursley, blacksmith, William HAINES, of Thursley, butcher and John GANDER, of Elstead, tailor, are indicted as accessories. Escaped (sic).

Southwark Assizes 4 Mar 1613:

Writs for above 6 people issued (John GANDER down then as 'GAND'). Ditto Southwark Assizes 1 Jul 1613.

Calendar of Assize Records - Surrey Indictments:

Southwark Assizes, 28 Feb 1616:

No.787. John GANDER, of St. Saviour, Southwark, Labourer: indicted for grand larceny. On 29 Dec 1615 at St. Saviour he stole 18 shillings in money from the person of an unknown man. BITTEN, Stephen of St.Saviour, Labourer, is indicted as an accessory. Not Guilty (there was a jury).

Croydon Assizes: 27 Jun 1621

No.1282 - Writ issued for Roger GANDER of Santon in Reigate

followed by another 5 Writs issued from the same court for the same man as follows, on:
17 Jul 1622
5 Mar 1623
9 Jul 1623
10 Mar 1624
30 Jun 1624

[I wonder what he'd done..]

1663 Surrey Session Rolls:

M129. William MACHIN of Reigate, oatmealman in GBP10 sureties, John WALTER, husbandman and William MATHEW, oatmealman (both) of the same in GBP5 each. Condition: to appear .... to answer.. concerning stealing ducks from Thomas SKELTON of Reigate, yeoman, and a linen cloth from Richard GANDER of the same, gentleman, and to abide .. and not to depart....

1790 Quarter Sessions, Surrey:

Easter Session, Document No.25: (from calendar)

Notice to the Churchwardens and Overseers of Bisley of the intention of John LEE and Edward FREEMAN to move the court to discharge the recognizance entered into by them on behalf of Thomas GANDER charged by Martha FRICH with being the father of her bastard child.

1849/50 Court of Common Pleas:

Kept at London Metropolitan Archives:

Reference No Acc/0218/1-5: Brief for Plaintiff in Court of Common Pleas. John GANDAR, plantiff, and Richard Henry SHELDRICK, defendant. Action to recover damages for seizure of household goods and furniture under GBP50 execution issued from Palace Court in action at suit of defendant v. William Charles FISHER, landlord of plaintiff. Annexed draft notices and orders, and office copy of execution order from Palace Court.

Acc/0218/2-4: Notes of fees in case of GANDAR v. SHELDRICK.

Acc/0218/5 Letter: John GANDAR to his attorney, asking how the case is progressing & quoting extract from 'Morning Advertiser' about compensation to officers of defunct Palace Court. [The Palace Court was in practice for the recovery of small debts & was abolished from 1 Aug 1849.]

Summary of these records seen by DG Feb 1999:

Scrawled notes on documents refer to 'Sarah GANDAR and father lives at (?)Roman Rd, Bow'.

10 Aug 1849...John GANDAR, a Bookbinder, of 9 Baden Place, Cambridge Heath, refers to 'himself and wife and 6 children'.

"In the month of Aug 1848 Petitioner (ie John GANDAR) and his family had resolved upon emigrating to Australia. Having shipped his bedding and other necessories, paid the passage money about GBP80 and embarked in London but in consequence of severe illness in his family, he on reaching Plymouth found it necessary to abandon his intention and forfeiting the passage money they disembarked and remained there until the month of October when they returned to London and took apartments in Prescott Street, Goodman's fields and he then began to refurnish his house but being somewhat straightened in circumstances he determined to purchase what he required from time to time at Auctions and other places as opportunities offered for, for several occasions one of his sons was present when he purchased part of the goods seized. From Prescott Street he removed on 27th November to Clayland Road, Kennington, where he purchased the good will and fixtures of a General Shop of a Mrs Birch for GBP42 paying also for the stock but not finding the shop answer his expectations he resold it in January 1849 and removed to Berkley Str, Lambeth temporarily, from thence to Martha Street, Haggerstone, and from there to Mr Fishers, No. 9 Baden Place (Cambridge Heath, Hackney)...."

'Plaintiff's Proofs': listed Sarah GANDER, Sophia GANDER, Ellen GANDER and James GANDER [or did I mistranscribe? GANDAR? - DG].

[My reading of the above is that John GANDAR and family's belongings got seized in error following another action by a William Charles FISHER against the GANDAR's landlord at the time: Richard Henry SHELDRICK, and which judgement must have resulted in a seizure of SHELDRICK's belongings - but somehow John GANDAR's belongings, although a tenant, got caught up in this too.]

Office of the Commissioners of Bankrupts:

Meetings on 15, 22 July & 18 Aug 1826: re Edward GANDAR of Bedford Place, Commercial Rd, Mdx - Brazier, Ironmonger Dealer & Chapman (Also 'Ironmonger, Tinman & Brazier').

One of the Assignees was Joseph GANDAR of White Lion Str, 7 Dials, Mdx, "Confect." (elsewhere referred to as 'Whole Confectioner') who was owed £1,913-12s-6d.

Lengthy documents & books relating to stock etc. A 'Joseph BANKS' was mentioned. A detailed printed catalogue included in this record of Edward's Stock & Estate which was sold off by Auctioneers on 5 Sep 1826. Estate listed included:

5 Bedford Place (which included 5 tenant's dwelling houses in Sidney and Storer Streets);
also "an eligible Reversion to one eight part of well secured Grounds & Improved Rents arising from Estates". These included: the leasehold ground rent on the Hour Glass Public House & Grounds, North Road, Walworth, & Red Lion House, & houses in Bollingbroke Row, Red Lion Row & North Row, Walworth. Also 32 & 33 Ebenezer Row, Kennington Lane.

TNA Ref: B 3/2014

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