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1911 Census for Wales


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'Hd' = Head of Household  'Wf' = Wife  'sn' = Son  'da' = Daughter  'gsn' = Grandson  'gda' = Granddaughter 'Serv' = Servant  'board' = Boarder  'lodg' = Lodger  'Mar' = Married  'nep'  = Nephew   'nie'  = Niece  'S'= Single  'Wdw' = Widower or Widow.

If married, people were also asked how many years they had been married and how many children they had, if any. The 'No.of Children' column below reflects - from left to right - total number of children, how many were still alive and how many were dead. On the Census Returns, many widowed people also put down this information which was later deleted by officials. I've left this info. in.

1911 Census Returns for GANDER and GANDAR - Wales
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation No.of Years
No.of Children
(See Notes)
Information mostly gleaned from FindMyPast
Portcawl, Esplanade Hotel - RG14/32583/68
Alfred Charles GANDER Servant S 26 Cardiff, Gla Chef    
Janet CRAWFORD Hd Wdw 46 Hobart Town, Tasmania Manageress Hotel    
Cardiff, 15 Peel Str - RG14/32126/76
Jim GANDER boarder - 36 Sierra Leone Sea Faring    
Cardiff, Canton, 15 Wyndham Rd - RG14/32140/361
Leonard GANDER Head Mar 32 London Cabinet Maker    
Agnes GANDER Wf Mar 27 Hereford, Hef   7 2,2,0
James GANDER sn M 3 Cardiff, Gla      
John GANDER sn M 1 Cardiff, Gla      
James WOOLES boarder S 31 Hereford, Hef Barman    
Cardiff, 89 Clare Rd - RG14/32157/19
Edward GANDER Hd Wdw 62 Lnd Leather Dresser 39 10,8,2
Eliza GANDER Wf (deceased) 63 Lnd      
Edward GANDER sn (deceased) S   Lnd      
Richard GANDER sn S 37 Lnd Labourer Docks    
Florence GANDER da Married 34 Lnd   8 2,2,0
Leonard GANDER sn Married 31 Lnd Cabinet Maker    
Louisa GANDER da (deceased) S 20 Lnd      
Henry GANDER sn S 28 Lnd Millbank Hand    
Alfred GANDER sn S 24 Cardiff, Gla Chef    
Lydia GANDER da S 24 Cardiff, Gla Barmaid    
Edith GANDER da S 20 Cardiff, Gla Shop Assistant    
Rosina GANDER da S 19 Cardiff, Gla Shop Assistant    
Penarth, Cogan, 26 Pill Str - RG14/32174/286
Sophia BROWN Wdw Wdw 56 Plymouth, Dev General Dealer    
Samuel BROWN sn S 21 Penarth, Gla Firewood Merchant    
Ernest BROWN sn S 18 Llandough, Gla Carpenter & Joiner    
Gratta BROWN da S 16 Llandough, Gla      
William GANDER boarder Wdw 60 Eastborn(sic), Ssx Charge Of Pilot Cutter    
William GANDER visitor   8 Cardiff, Gla      
Maesteg, Nantyffyllon, 12 Picton Place -RG14/32530/32
Thomas JONES Hd Mar 50 Tredegar, Mon Colliery Hewer Below Ground    
Edith JONES Wf Mar 32 Swansea, Gla   4  
Mary GANDER sis Mar 44 Pontlotton, Gla   22 1 chd alive
Alice GANDER nie   12 Pontypridd, Gla      
Ogmore Vale, 8 Bridge Str - RG14/32547/65
Edward GANDER Boarder Mar 52 Melbourne Australia Fitter -  
Thomas WILLIAMS Hd Mar 56 Mynyddislwyn, Mon Colliery Repairer Below Ground    
Penarth, 1 Plymouth Rd - RG14/32172/62
Lydia Sophia GANDER Barmaid S 23 Cardiff, Gla Barmaid    
Joseph SMITH Hd Mar 36 Gla Licensed Victualler