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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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1911 Census for England

GANDER and GANDAR etc - Sussex

Places I to W

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'Hd' = Head of Household  'Wf' = Wife  'sn' = Son  'da' = Daughter  'gsn' = Grandson  'gda' = Granddaughter 'Serv' = Servant  'board' = Boarder  'lodg' = Lodger  'Mar' = Married  'nep'  = Nephew   'nie'  = Niece  'S'= Single  'Wdw' = Widower or Widow.

If married, people were also asked how many years they had been married and how many children they had, if any. The 'No.of Children' column below reflects - from left to right - total number of children, how many were still alive and how many were dead. On the Census Returns, many widowed people also put down this information which was later deleted by officials. I've left this info. in.

1911 Census Returns for GANDER and GANDAR - Sussex, Places I to W
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation No.of Years
No.of Children
(See Notes)
Information mostly gleaned from FindMyPast
Ifield Nr.Crawley, Ifield Str - RG14/5264/97
William Philip GANDER sn-i-l Mar 29 Ifield, Ssx Bricklayer    
Minnie GANDER da Mar 27 Ifield, Ssx   5 2,2,0
Herbert William GANDER gsn   4 Ifield, Ssx      
Henry George GANDER gsn   2 Ifield, Ssx      
Henry MONK Hd Wdw 67 Charlwood, Sry Labourer General    
Keymer, 1 Clifden Cottages - RG14/5025/232
Annie GANDER Assistant S 39 Lindfield, Ssx Post Office Telegraphist    
George James HEATHORN Hd Mar 49   Baker & Sub Post Master    
Kirdford Nr.Billingshurst, The Village - RG14/5289/18
Emma GANDER visitor S 25 Alfold, Sry Barmaid    
Lewes, 35 Lancaster Str - RG14/5054/213
Clifford GANDER Hd Mar 21 Warbleton, Ssx Traction Engine & Roller Driver (County Borough)    
Catherine GANDER Wf Mar 21 Lewes, Ssx   2 3,2,1
Doris Gander SHAW da   3 Lewes, Ssx      
Hilda GANDER da   2 Lewes, Ssx      
Lewes, 20 North Str - RG14/5054/235
Edward GANDER Hd Mar 63 Lewes St Johns, Ssx Green Grocer    
Clara GANDER Wf Mar 51 Brighton, Ssx   less than 1 yr no chn
Nellie EVERY Wf's da S 24 Brighton, Ssx      
Charlie EVERY Wf's sn S 19 Lewes, Ssx Jockey Apprentice    
Ernest EVERY Wf's sn   13 Lewes, Ssx School    
Frederick EVERY Wf's sn   11 Lewes, Ssx School    
Herbert EVERY Wf's sn   9 Lewes, Ssx School    
Clara EVERY Wf's da   7 Lewes, Ssx School    
George CORNER Boarder S 30 Lewes, Ssx Iron Founder's Labourer    
Lewes, 29 North Str - RG14/5054/243
George GANDER Hd Mar 50 Lewes, Ssx Builder's Labourer    
Mary Ann GANDER Wf Mar 47 Hailsham, Ssx   27 8,5,3
Edith Ruth GANDER da   12 Lewes, Ssx School    
Margaret GANDER da   4 Lewes, Ssx      
Lewes, 2 Spring Gardens, St Johns - RG14/5054/247
Albert GANDER Hd Mar 36 Eng Bricklayer    
Annie GANDER Wf Mar 33 Lewes, Ssx   11 7,6,1
Annie GANDER da   10 Lewes, Ssx      
Albert GANDER sn   8 Lewes, Ssx      
Ernest GANDER sn   6 Lewes, Ssx      
John GANDER sn   5 Lewes, Ssx      
Frank GANDER sn   4 Lewes, Ssx      
Arthur GANDER sn   2 Lewes, Ssx      
Lewes, 20 Brook Str - RG14/5054/295
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 57 Lewes, Ssx General Labourer    
Caroline Eliza GANDER Wf Mar 55 Lewes, Ssx   34 3,2,1
Charles William GANDER sn S 27 Lewes, Ssx Bricklayer's Labourer    
Henry Arthur GANDER gsn   8 Lewes, Ssx      
Lewes, 2 Sun Str - RG14/5056/10
Benjamin GANDER Hd Mar 44 Lewes, Ssx Mould Iron Laundry    
Louise GANDER Wf Mar 43 Barnett, Ken Manager Shop 18 8,6,2
Louisa F GANDER da S 17 Brighton, Ssx Kitchen Maid Domestic    
George T B GANDER sn S 15 Brighton, Ssx Blacksmith's Apprentice    
Regnd GANDER sn S 13 Brighton, Ssx School Errand Boy    
Sidney GANDER sn S 12 Lewes, Ssx School Errand Boy Part Time    
Gladis M GANDER da S 9 Lewes, Ssx School    
Beatrice A GANDER da S 3 Lewes, Ssx      
Lewes, 2 St Johns Str - RG14/5056/61
Susannah WASHER Hd Mar 66 Penshurst, Tunbridge Wells, Ken School Caretaker    
Louisa CHAMPAIN da Mar 29 London Rd, Brighton, Ssx Daily Work Domestic    
Edward GANDER Boarder S 36 Lewes St Johns, Ssx Plate Layer    
Charlie WASHER gsn   6 Lewes St Johns, Ssx School    
Lewes, 3 Phoenix Cottages, North Place - RG14/5056/154
Thomas Harry GANDER Hd Mar 30 Brighton, Ssx General Machine Hand, Constructional Steel Works     
Mary Ann GANDER Wf Mar 33 Brighton, Ssx   5 2,2,0
Ellen May GANDER da   4 Croydon, Sry      
George Harry GANDER sn   2 Croydon, Sry      
Charles Edward SIMS Bro i-l S 25 Brighton, Ssx Cowman on Farm    
Lewes, 43 St Nicholas Lane - RG14/5059/135
Julius GANDER Hd Mar 64 Chiddingly, Ssx Coachman Domestic    
Ruth GANDER Wf Mar 58 Arlington, Ssx   38 4,4,0
Albert Victor Jubilee GANDER sn S 23 Laughton, Ssx Chauffeur    
Lewes, 10a New Str - RG14/5060/59
Albert HOAD husband Mar 28 Beddingham, Ssx Farm Labourer    
Alice K HOAD Wf Mar 27 Cuckfield, Ssx   7  
George GANDER Boarder S 25 Lewes, Ssx Market Gardener    
Lewes, 13 Greenwall - RG14/5060/182
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 52 Lewes, Ssx Bricklayer's Labourer    
Lucy Ann GANDER Wf Mar 51 Lewes, Ssx   30 12,10,2
George GANDER sn   18 Lewes, Ssx Coal Merchant's Carman    
James GANDER sn   16 Lewes, Ssx Shepherd    
Emily GANDER da   14 Lewes, Ssx None    
Ernest GANDER sn   12 Lewes, Ssx School    
Fred GANDER sn   9 Lewes, Ssx School    
Albert Stanley GANDER sn   7 Lewes, Ssx School    
Lewes, St Anne's - Children's Home RG14/5063/242
Rhoda GANDER inmate   13 Lewes, Ssx      
William GANDER inmate   7 Lewes, Ssx      
Caroline - Inmate   6 Lewes, Ssx      
Albert - Inmate   5 Lewes, Ssx      
Lucie DICKSON Hd Wdw 40 Nth Matron    
Lindfield, Sunte -RG14/5012/301
Esther GANDER Servant   21 Cuckfield, Ssx Parlourmaid Domestic    
Ellen Emily CATT Hd S 51 Bishopstone, Ssx Private Means    
Lindfield, 5 Lime Cottages - RG14/5013/142
John GANDER Hd Mar 52 Lindfield, Ssx Roadman    
Lois GANDER Wf Mar 50 Lindfield, Ssx   27 1,1,0
Archer GANDER sn S 23 Lindfield, Ssx Traction Engine Driver's Assistant    
Littlehampton, 47 New Rd - RG14/5350/76
Henry Edward GANDER Hd Mar 40 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Doctor's Chauffeur    
Amy GANDER Wf Mar 36 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx   13 2,2,0
Ivy GANDER da   10 Littlehampton, Ssx School    
Charles Edward GANDER sn   7 Littlehampton, Ssx      
Ellen May RICHARDSON Visit Mar 20 Jersey      
Mannings Heath, Nr.Horsham - RG14/5242/56
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 46 Rottenden(sic), Ssx No Occupation    
Agnes GANDER Wf Mar 40 Charlwood, Sry   19 1,1,0
Dorothy May GANDER da S 17 Clayton, Ssx No Occupation    
Newhaven, West Side Of Harbour - RG14/5088/16
Mr H GANDER Crew Mar 64 Rye, Ssx Trawling Fisherman 36 13,6,7
Newtimber, Muddleswood - RG14/5035/101
William GANDER Hd Mar 68 Albourne, Ssx Formerly Market Gardener Invalid    
Jane GANDER Wf Mar 65 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx   44 8,8,0
Ernest GANDER sn S 26 Newtimber, Ssx Market Gardener    
Newtimber, West Rd -RG14/5035/73
William GANDER Hd Mar 41 Hickstead, Ssx Farm Carter    
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 42 Rusper, Ssx   21 7,6,1
William GANDER sn S 18 Cuckfield, Ssx Carter Boy Farm    
Dorothy GANDER da   10 Bolney, Ssx      
Albert GANDER sn   5 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx      
Florence GANDER da   3 Newtimber, Ssx      
Henry FORD Boarder S 41 Ringmer, Ssx Horseman on Farm    
Nuthurst, Micklepage Farm  - RG14/5241/76
George Hampton GANDER Hd S 63 Nuthurst, Ssx Farmer    
Esther GANDER sis S 68 Nuthurst, Ssx -    
Betsy GANDER sis S 59 Nuthurst, Ssx -    
Emma NORRIS Cousin S 28 Cuckfield, Ssx      
Nutley, High Street - RG14/4964/93
Mary Ann GANDER Hd S 44 Nutley, Ssx Charing    
Annie GANDER da   12 Nutley, Ssx School    
Northchapel, Petworth - RG14/5291/37
George GANDER Hd Mar 68 Slaugham, Ssx Road Foreman West Sussex County Council    
Emma GANDER Wf Mar 63 Westham, Ssx   33 5.5.0
James GANDER sn S 30 Itchingfield, Ssx Hoop Shaver Wood    
Horace GANDER sn S 28 Itchingfield, Ssx Grocer    
Northchapel, Petworth - RG14/5290/9
George GANDER Hd Mar 27 Horsham, Ssx Hoop Maker    
Kate Evelyn GANDER Wf Mar 27 Enfield, Mdx   less than 1yr no chn
Ovingdean Brighton - RG14/5081/88
Norris Edward GANDER Hd Mar 39 Sry Cowman On Fam    
Dorcas Louise GANDER Wf Mar 31 Burgess Hill, Ssx   10 1,1,0
Dorothy GANDER da S 16 Burgess Hill, Ssx At Home    
Partridge Green, Loyt Croft - RG14/5239/19
Maud GANDER servant   14 Cuckfield, Ssx Servant Nursemaid    
Ernest WATTS Hd Mar 43 Brighton, Ssx Piano Dealer    
Partridge Green, Minster Cottages - RG14/5239/157
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 33 Haywards, Ssx Brickmaker    
Esther GANDER Wf Mar 29 Greenwich, Lnd   9 3,2,1
Charles GANDER sn   5 Partridge Green, Ssx      
Albert GANDER sn   3 Partridge Green, Ssx      
Partridge Green - RG14/5239/85
William Walter GANDER Hd Wdw 66 Bolney, Ssx Garden Labourer - 8,7,1
William GANDER sn S 39 Bolney, Ssx Farm Labourer    
Ada GANDER da S 30 Keymer, Ssx Housekeeper At Home    
Joseph GANDER sn S 27 Keymer, Ssx Brickmaker    
Patcham, Withdean Cottages - RG14/5173/136
Albert GANDER boarder S 42 Albourne, Ssx Domestic Gardener    
Henry TERRY Hd Mar 51 East Wittering, Ssx Farm Carter    
Piltdown, Nr. Fletching, Down View - RG14/4966/5
William GANDER Hd Mar 50 Maresfield, Ssx Farm Labourer    
Anne GANDER Wf Mar 48 Fletching, Ssx   27 3,2,1
Ethel GANDER - S 19 Fletching, Ssx      
John NEWNHAM - Wdw 84 Fletching, Ssx Farm Labourer    
Polegate, Acorn Farm, Milton Str - RG14/4872/19
William GANDER Hd Mar 52 Henfield, Ssx Traction Engine Driver    
Emily Eliza GANDER Wf Mar 53 Henfield, Ssx   27 3,3,0
Bertie GANDER sn S 22 Alfriston, Ssx Van Man    
Percy GANDER sn S 22 Alfriston, Ssx Farm Labourer    
Polegate, 1 Nelson Terrace - RG14/4880/105
David GANDER Boarder S 23 Ringmer, Ssx Carter on Farm    
Edith Rose BULLEN Boarder S 21 Weybridge, Sry Laundry Maid    
John Charles BROOK Hd Mar 31 Rushlake Green, Ssx Waggoner on Farm    
Portslade-By-Sea, 17 East Str - RG14/5208/241
Richard Henry PAUL Hd Mar 55 Brighton, Ssx Bricklayer's Labourer    
Catherine Sarah PAUL Wf Mar 53 Hove, Ssx   33  
Richard Charles PAUL sn S 40 Fishergate, Ssx Builder's Van Man    
Alice PAUL   S 17 Fishergate, Ssx      
Ian PAUL sn   11 Fishergate, Ssx      
Lydia PAUL     7 Fishergate, Ssx      
Henry GANDER gfthr Wdw 79 Old Portslade, Ssx   - -
Portslade-By-Sea, 4 East Str - RG14/5208/249
Charles Thomas GANDER Hd Mar 37 Hove, Ssx General Labourer    
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 35 Portsmouth, Ham   16 9,7,2
Elizabeth GANDER da   14 Portslade, Ssx      
William GANDER sn   12 Portslade, Ssx School    
Charlie GANDER sn   10 Portslade, Ssx School    
Ernest GANDER sn   6 Portslade, Ssx      
Ronald GANDER sn   4 Portslade, Ssx      
Harold GANDER sn   3 Portslade, Ssx      
Elsie GANDER da   1 Portslade, Ssx      
Portslade-By-Sea, 97 Mt Shoreham Rd - RG14/5205/50
Henry William GANDER Hd Mar 51 Brighton, Ssx Blacksmith    
Rebecca GANDER Wf Mar 47 Hackney, Lnd   26 9,7,2
Henry William GANDER sn S 16 Portslade, Ssx Apprenticed as Fitter    
Gladys GANDER da   14 Portslade, Ssx      
Albert Edward GANDER sn   5 Portslade, Ssx      
George KNIGHT Boarder Wdw 75 Not Known, Ssx Pensioner from ?    
Ringmer, Park House - RG14/5069/39
Fanny GANDER servant S 19 Herstmonceux, Ssx Housemaid    
John PORTER Head S 41 Fletching, Ssx Farmer    
St Leonards-on-Sea, 94 Norman Rd - RG14/4754/192
John Edward GANDER Hd Mar 49 Warbleton, Ssx Turncock    
Elizabeth Anna GANDER Wf Mar 45 Hastings, Ssx   24 1,1,0
Edward GANDER sn   7 Hastings, Ssx      
Eliza ROBINS Mthr-i-l Wdw 69 Hellingly, Ssx Monthly Nurse    
John CRUTTENDEN Boarder S 32 Bexhill, Ssx Saddler    
St Leonards On Sea, Shepherds Str - RG14/4753/379
Horace GANDER boarder Mar 28 Eastbourne, Ssx Railway Porter 6 no chn
Salehurst, Post Office - RG14/4895/56
James GANDER Hd Mar 53 Brightling, Ssx Grocer & Sub Postmaster    
Ellen GANDER Wf Mar 61 Salehurst, Ssx   31 3,2,1
William James GANDER sn S 22 Salehurst, Ssx Gardener    
Seaford, Rear of Richmond Terrace - RG14/4851/50
William GANDER boarder S 21 Newtimber, Ssx Railway Porter    
Charles Lawrence CHATFIELD Hd Mar 42 Keymer, Ssx Gardener Domestic    
Seaford, The Homestead, Cricket Field Rd - RG14/4852/199
Leonard GANDER Hd Mar 31 Rusthall, Ken Gardener Caretaker    
Frances Margaret GANDER Wf Mar 30 Rusthall, Ken   3 no chn
Shermanbury, Abbeyland - RG14/5235/76
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 55 Bolney, Ssx Farmer    
Louisa GANDER Wf Mar 49 Slinfold, Ssx   29 1,1,0
Edith Mary GANDER da S 29 Itchingfield, Ssx      
Annie SAYERS Servant S 40 Cowfold, Ssx General Servant Domestic    
William John BARBER Servant S 15 Cowfold, Ssx Stockman    
Shipley Nr Horsham, Farm House, Pollards Hill - RG14/5237/114
Mabel GANDER servant S 16 Sayers Common, Ssx Servant    
Frederick Charles WING Hd Mar 34 Fernhurst, Ssx Farmer & Dairyman    
Southover, Nr. Lewes, 60 Priory Str - RG14/5061/218
Arthur George GANDER Hd Mar 38 Winton Street, Ssx General Carman    
Caroline GANDER Wf   38 Ringmer, Ssx   14 1,0,1
Southover, Nr. Lewes, 1 Berwick Cottages, Priory Str - RG14/5061/227
William GANDER Hd Mar 30 Willingdon, Ssx Gardener Domestic    
Kathleen GANDER Wf Mar 28 Naas, Co.Kildare, Ire   5 2,2,0
Rosanna GANDER da   4 Lewes, Ssx      
Kathleene GANDER da   1 Lewes, Ssx      
Southwick, Western Villa, Victoria Rd - RG14/5210/30
Alfred MATTEN Hd Mar 49 Cratfield, Sfk Gardener Domestic Croquet Club    
Mary Ann MATTEN Wf Mar 45 Henfield, Ssx - 25  
May MATTEN da S 18 Henfield, Ssx Telephone Operator    
Mary Ann GANDER Mthr Wdw 75 Henfield, Ssx Old Age Pension - 4,4,0
Southwick, 2 Kimberley Terrace, Old Shoreham Rd - RG14/5210/215
George GANDER boarder S 23 Woodmancote, Ssx Farm Labourer    
Mark EDWARDS Hd Mar 59 West Grinstead, Ssx Farm Labourer    
Southwick, Richmond Villa, Underdown Rd - RG14/5210/245
Arthur E GANDER boarder S 20 Woodmancote, Ssx Market Gardener    
Ethel J GANDER boarder S 18 Woodmancote, Ssx      
Ernest H GANDER boarder S 15 Portslade, Ssx Butcher's Boy    
John STRINGER Head Mar 56 Kingston Surrey, Sry Worker Jobbing Gardener    
Uckfield, Brooklyn, Horeham Rd -  RG14/4950/62
William GANDER Boarder S 28 Chiddingly, Ssx -    
Herbert HAWKINS Hd Mar 28 Woking, Sry Jobbing Gardener    
Uckfield, High Street - RG14/4953/16
Philip GANDER Hd Mar 62 Westmeston, Ssx Draper Milliner & Dressmaker    
Jane Ada GANDER Wf Mar 48 Mayfield, Ssx Assisting in Business 25 5,4,1
Ada Florence GANDER da   23 Preston, Brighton, Ssx Drapery Assistant    
Edwin Lawrence GANDER sn   14 Preston, Brighton, Ssx School    
Agnes DUMBRELL Servant S 15 Buxted, Ssx Servant Domestic    
Lucy Mary FEERNER Servant S 20 Buxted, Ssx General Servant Domestic    
Susan Isabella NIXON   S 34 Wibech, Cam Dressmaker Assistant    
Bertha Townsend DAY   S 24 Eastbourne, Ssx Draperty Assistant    
Dora Marion DAY   S 27 Brighton, Ssx Milliner Assistant    
Upper Dicker, Mount Pleasant - RG14/4882/124
Albert GANDER Hd Mar 57 Chiddingly, Ssx Farmer    
Jane Ann GANDER Wf Mar 57 Hellingly, Ssx   33 6,5,1
Ellen Louise GANDER da S 22 Arlington, Ssx Dairy Work    
Upper Dicker - RG14/4873/39
Orphah GANDER Hd S 53 Chiddingly, Ssx Pension Off    
Wannock, Nr. Polegate, 1 Willow Cottages - RG14/4811/68
Andrew GANDER Hd Mar 48 Westham, Ssx Gardener    
Amy GANDER Wf Mar 49 Buckingham, Bkm   18 no chn
Washington, The Forge,  - RG14/5316/34
George John GANDER Hd Mar 39 East Chiltington, Ssx Wheelwright Shoeing & General Smith    
Elizabeth Sarah GANDER Wf Mar 42 Bow, Lnd   12 4,4,0
Elizabeth Emily GANDER da   11 East Chiltington, Ssx School    
George William GANDER sn   9 Henfield, Ssx      
Kate Edith GANDER da   6 Henfield, Ssx      
Lillian Charlotte GANDER da   4 Washington, Ssx      
Benjamin WHALE Boarder Mar 38 Clapham, Mdx Wireman    
John William GOUGH Boarder Mar 34 Norwood, Sry Wireman    
West Firle Nr. Lewes, Stanford Buildings - RG14/5068/99
David GANDER Hd Mar 66 Chiddingly, Ssx Laborer on Estate    
Mercy GANDER Wf Mar 60 Ashburnham, Ken   33 3,3,0
Westham, Nr, Eastbourne, Dog House, Hankham - RG14/4806/25
Frederick GANDER Hd Mar 28 Willingdon, Ssx Gardener Jobbing    
Florence GANDER Wf Mar 28 Littlington, Ssx   8  
Florence GANDER da   6 Eastbourne, Ssx      
Edith GANDER da   5 Willingdon, Ssx      
Charly GANDER sn   3 Stone Cross      
William GANDER sn   1 Stone Cross      
West Grinstead, Pot Hill - RG14/5238/68
Newman Elison GANDER Hd Mar 60 Lower Beeding, Ssx Farmer    
Emma GANDER Wf Mar 63 Colegate, Ssx   42 5,4,1
Annie GANDER da   26 West Grinstead, Ssx Farmer's Daughter    
William GANDER sn Mar 39 Lindfield, Ssx Farmer's Son Working On Farm    
Esther Mary GANDER Wf Mar 38 Lancing, Ssx   19 8,8,0
William GANDER sn S 16 West Grinstead, Ssx      
Esther GANDER sn S 14 West Grinstead, Ssx      
Mary GANDER sn S 12 West Grinstead, Ssx      
Annie GANDER da S 10 West Grinstead, Ssx      
Winifred A GANDER da S 8 West Grinstead, Ssx      
Dorothy G. GANDER da S 3 West Grinstead, Ssx      
Edith E GANDER da S 2 West Grinstead, Ssx      
West Grinstead, Hobshorts - RG14/5238/74
Rose GANDER servant S 20 Sayers Common, Ssx Domestic    
Stephen YOUNG Hd Mar 58 Hinton Mastel Farmer    
West Grinstead, Little Champions - RG14/5240/79
Albert GANDER Hd Mar 42 Hickstead, Ssx Farm Carter    
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 38 Cuckfield, Ssx   20 8,7,1
Ernest GANDER sn   17 Sayers Common, Ssx Labour On Farm    
Alfred GANDER sn   11 Sayers Common, Ssx School    
William GANDER sn   8 Sayers Common, Ssx School    
Annie GANDER da   6 Sayers Common, Ssx School    
George GANDER sn   6mths West Grinstead, Ssx -    
West Lavington Nr.Midhurst, Balls Farm - RG14/5424/278
Arthur GANDER Hd Mar 33 Lewes, Ssx Cowman on Farm    
Mary Ann GANDER Wf Mar 42 Timsbury, Ham   3 2,2,0
Fred KEMISH Stepsn S 16 West Thorney, Ssx Cowman on Farm    
Alfred KEMISH Stepsn   14 West Thorney, Ssx Farm Labourer    
Alan KEMISH Stepsn   12 West Thorney, Ssx School    
Eva KEMISH Stepda   8 West Thorney, Ssx      
Bernard GANDER sn   2 Elsted, Ssx      
Ivy GANDER da   7 mths Dumpford, Ssx      
Whitemans Green Nr Cuckfield, Vidlers Cottage - RG14/4999/115
Peter GANDER Hd Mar 37 Cuckfield, Ssx Agricultural Farm Labourer    
Emily GANDER Wf Mar 34 Cuckfield, Ssx   15 5,5,0
Peter GANDER sn   14 Cuckfield, Ssx Carter    
Frank GANDER sn   13 Cuckfield, Ssx School    
Nellie GANDER da   11 Cuckfield, Ssx School    
Ethel GANDER da   8 Cuckfield, Ssx School    
Dorothy GANDER da   5 Cuckfield, Ssx School    
Willingdon, 5 Garden Terrace - RG14/4808/22
Albert GANDER Hd Mar 51 Westham, Ssx Gardener Domestic    
Sarah Ann GANDER Wf Mar 53 Warbleton, Ssx   31 6,5,1
Margaret GANDER da S 22 Willingdon, Ssx Servant Domestic    
Emily Elizabeth GANDER da   14 Willingdon, Ssx School    
Emma GANDER gda   3 Lewes, Ssx      
Willingdon, 20 Artizans Dwellings, Station Rd, Hampden Park - RG14/4809/205
Ernest GANDER husband Mar 42 Willingdon, Ssx Groom Gardener Domestic    
Ada Louisa GANDER Wf Mar 36 Dorchester, Dor   12 5,5,0
Doris Florence GANDER da   11 Farnham, Sry School    
Charles Ernest GANDER sn   10 Willingdon, Ssx      
Ernest Henry GANDER sn   9 Willingdon, Ssx School    
Thomas Alfred GANDER sn   6 Willingdon, Ssx      
Freda Dorothy GANDER da   5 Willingdon, Ssx      
Emily HARMER Boarder S 26 Brightling, Ssx Ironer    
Willingdon, Church Str - RG14/4810/6
Alfred GANDER Hd Mar 34 Willingdon, Ssx Gardener in Fruit Garden    
Lucy GANDER Wf Mar 32 Seaford, Ssx   9 4,4,0
Alfred GANDER sn S 8 Wannock, Ssx      
Amy GANDER da S 6 Willingdon, Ssx      
Arthur GANDER sn S 3 Willingdon, Ssx      
Elsie GANDER da S 1 Willingdon, Ssx      
Wivelsfield, The Green - RG14/5050/105
George GANDER Hd Mar 73 Keymer, Ssx Private Means    
Emily GANDER Wf Mar 72 Seaford, Ssx   48 5,4,1
Worthing, Southcote, Chesswood Rd  - RG14/5324/51
Annie GANDER Gen Domestic S 25 Piltdown, Ssx General Domestic Servant    
James Bazett LIND Hd Mar 55 Sydney Australia Resident Private Means