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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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1911 Census for England

GANDER and GANDAR etc - London

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'Hd' = Head of Household  'Wf' = Wife  'sn' = Son  'da' = Daughter  'gsn' = Grandson  'gda' = Granddaughter 'Serv' = Servant  'board' = Boarder  'lodg' = Lodger  'Mar' = Married  'nep'  = Nephew   'nie'  = Niece  'S'= Single  'Wdw' = Widower or Widow.

If married, people were also asked how many years they had been married and how many children they had, if any. The 'No.of Children' column below reflects - from left to right - total number of children, how many were still alive and how many were dead. On the Census Returns, many widowed people also put down this information which was later deleted by officials. I've left this info. in.

1911 Census Returns for GANDER and GANDAR - London
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation No.of Years
No.of Child.
(See Notes)
Information mostly gleaned from FindMyPast
Battersea, 62 Sheepcote Lane - RG14/2157/260
Joseph Robert GANDER Hd Mar 42 Chelsea, Lnd Dustman 17  
Ellen GANDER Wf Mar 37 Battersea, Lnd   17 10,6,4
Louisa GANDER da   13 Battersea, Lnd School    
Dennis GANDER sn   12 Battersea, Lnd School    
David GANDER sn   8 Battersea, Lnd      
Florence GANDER da   7 Battersea, Lnd      
Joseph GANDER sn   4 Battersea, Lnd      
Charles GANDER sn   1 Battersea, Lnd      
Louisa AUSTIN nie S 18 Brk Laundry Hand    
Battersea, 11 Gains Cottages, Sheepcote Lane - RG14/2157/332
Frederick GANDER Hd Mar 36 Chelsea, Lnd Carman    
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 32 Battersea, Lnd   12 5,4,1
Frederick GANDER sn   11 Battersea, Lnd School    
Annie GANDER da   9 Battersea, Lnd      
Lousia GANDER da   4 Battersea, Lnd      
George GANDER sn   5mths Battersea, Lnd      
Battersea, 112 Philip Str - RG14/2174/58
William GANDER Visit Mar 31 Lewisham, Lnd Yeast Merchant    
Mabel GANDER Visit Mar 25 Wakering, Ess   5 1,1,0
William GANDER Visit   4 Southend, Ess      
Edward RAZZELL Hd Mar 34 Lambeth, Lnd Commercial Traveller    
Battersea, 53 St Johns Hill Grove - RG14/2223/239
George Thomas GANDAR Hd Mar 60 Westminster, Lnd Electrician Attending to Lighting, Lift etc    
Caroline GANDAR Wf Mar 59 Danbury, Ess   37 6,5,1
John GANDAR sn S 27 Battersea, Lnd Engineer's Fitter    
Battersea, 39 Sarsfeld Rd, Balham Park Rd - RG14/2249/106
George GANDER Hd Mar 38 Henfield, Ssx Signalman    
Rebecca GANDER Wf Mar 36 West Grinstead, Ssx   14 no chn
Bermondsey, 57 Gainsford Str, Horselydown - RG14/1861/106
John GANDER Hd Mar 30 Bexhill, Ssx Brewer's Labourer    
Jane GANDER Wf Mar 31 Bermondsey, Lnd   7 2,2,0
Florence GANDER da   6 Bermondsey, Lnd      
Albert GANDER sn   3 Bermondsey, Lnd      
William BURTON Uncle Wdw 52 Paddock, Ken Brewer's Labourer    
Bermondsey, 5 Layard Rd - RG14/1903/363
Thomas William GANDER Hd Wdw 76 Limehouse, Lnd Pensioner - -
Bermondsey Workhouse, Tanner Str - RG14/1912/1
Henry R GANDER Inmate Mar 44 Bermondsey, Lnd Genl Carman - -
Bethnal Green, 15 Eastman Str - RG14/1435/245
James GANDER Hd Mar 37 Walworth, Lnd Carman General    
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 32 Walworth, Lnd   12 4,3,1
Elizabeth GANDER da   6 Walworth, Lnd      
John GANDER sn   2 Walworth, Lnd      
Alice GANDER da   3 mths Bethnal Green, Lnd      
Brixton, 10 Prima Rd - RG14/2052/472
Ellen Charlotte GANDAR Wf Wdw 33 Aldershot, Ham   11 4,4,0
Ernest James GANDAR sn   10 Pimlico, Lnd      
Gladys May GANDAR da   9 Pimlico, Lnd      
Frederick Charles GANDAR sn   8 Pimlico, Lnd      
Ellen Kathleen GANDAR da   4 Pimlico, Lnd      
Leonard Alfred CAINS nep S 15   Doctor's Assistant    
Camberwell, 12 Carlton Sq - RG14/2569/155
Jane GANDER - Wdw 66 Hoxton, Lnd None - 9,4,5
Lillie BURDEN gda   16 West Str, Peckham, Lnd Pianist in the Profession    
Catford, 190 Brownhill Rd - RG14/2797/257
Richard GANDER Hd Mar 32 Fulham, Lnd Commercial Traveller Printers    
Florence Emily GANDER Wf Mar 30 Kennington, Lnd   12 3,3,0
Florence Frances Winifred GANDER da   11 Willesdon, Lnd School    
Richard William GANDER sn   9 Lewisham, Lnd      
Dorothy Amelia GANDER da   6 Lewisham, Lnd      
Clapham, 368 Wandsworth Rd - RG14/2265/14
William GANDER Boarder S 76 blank General Dealer Retired    
Harry Arthur DIBBLE Hd Mar 43 Clapham, Lnd      
Dalston, Hackney, 88 Lavender Grove - RG14/1118/36
George William WAITE Hd Mar 51 Hampstead Norris, Bks Insurance Agent    
Florence Sophia WAITE Wf Mar 48 Stepney, Mdx   3  
Sarah Sophia GANDAR Mthr-i-l Wdw 77 Spitalfields, Mdx   - -
William Frederk COOK Boarder S 15 Peckham, Sry Draper's Porter    
William HOWELLS Boarder   26   Draper's Clerk    
George A WORSFOLD Boarder S 22 Brighton, Ssx Draper's Porter    
Frank F BURGESS Boarder S 17 Hastings, Ssx Draper's Porter    
Arthur SHIPP Boarder S 20 Haverhill, Sfk Draper's Porter    
Robert ROBERTSON Boarder   15 Hackney, Mdx Draper's Clerk    
Deptford St. Paul, 323 New Cross Rd - RG14/2610/27
Rose GANDER Servant S 29 Lewisham, Lnd Barmaid    
William ROBINSON Hd Mar 38 Peckham , Lnd Publican    
Deptford, 241 New Cross Rd, New Cross - RG14/2622/312
Emily GANDAR Wife - 56 Islington, Lnd Domestic Duties 36 7,6,1
Archibald GANDAR M S 27 - Warehouseman    
Gustave GANDAR M S 15 - Telegraphist    
East Dulwich, 51 Landcroft Rd - RG14/2475/198
William Robert GANDAR Hd Mar 32 Walworth, Lnd Painter House    
Clara Elizabeth GANDAR Wf Mar 32 Bermondsey, Lnd Laundress Ironer 8 no chn
Fulham, 91 Harbord Str - RG14/272/201
Amelia Rhoda GANDER Hd Wdw 63 London City, Lnd None- Private Means - 6,4,2
Amelia Frances GANDER da S 39 Barnsbury, Lnd Teacher L C Council Elementary School    
Fulham, 31 Lillyville Road - RG14/338/430
Leslie Stephen GANDER Boarder S 16 Brighton, Ssx Boy Clerk G P O    
Maria Julia ROBINSON Hd Wdw 51 Hackney, Lnd      
Fulham, 109 Stephendale Rd - RG14/361/121
George William GANDER Hd Mar 23 Hove, Ssx Gentleman Hairdresser    
Alice Mary GANDER Wf Mar 26 Ardleigh, Ess   2 1,1,0
George Albert Issac GANDER sn   1 Fulham, Lnd      
Albert Harvey GANDER Bro S 17 Hove, Ssx Gentleman's Hairdresser Assistant    
Ethel Louise PEARSON Boarder S 21 Hove, Ssx Ironer Laundry    
Hammersmith, 170 Coningham Road W -  (Institution run by The National Association For Feeble Minded) - RG14/199/428
Lydia GANDER Inmate S 23 Lambeth, Lnd      
Hampstead, 45 Willow Rd - RG14/594/128
Beatrice Matilda GANDER Hd Wdw 46 Frimley, Sry Boarding House Keeper 26 10,9,1
Charles Edward GANDER sn S 24 Hampstead, Lnd Library Attendent    
Ernest William GANDER sn S 22 Hampstead, Lnd Income Tax Clerk    
Alice Hilda GANDER da S 20 Hampstead, Lnd      
Harold Ephraim GANDER sn S 19 Hampstead, Lnd Merchant's Clerk Tobacco    
Edith Constance GANDER da S 16 Hampstead, Lnd      
Norah Alice Gertrude GANDER da S 14 Hampstead, Lnd      
Reginald Hewitt GANDER sn   12 Hampstead, Lnd School    
Stanley Norman Robert GANDER sn   7 Hampstead, Lnd School    
William E DAVIS Boarder S 32 Chelsea, Lnd Library Attendent    
Hampstead, 4 Holly Mount - RG14/597/187
Ann Lewis GANDER   Wdw 77 Hampstead, Lnd Lodging House Keeper - 5,3,2
Alice Mary GANDER da S 53 Islington, Lnd Lodging House Assistant    
Hampstead, 14 Kings College Rd - RG14/616/142
William GOSLING Hd Wdw 62 Marylebone, Lnd Builder & Decorator    
Louise KERSHAW da Mar 27 Hampstead, Lnd   5  
William KERSHAW nep Mar 28 St Pancras, Lnd House Painter    
Florence KERSHAW nie S 5 Hampstead, Lnd      
Doris KERSHAW nie S 3 Hampstead, Lnd      
Daisy KERSHAW nie S 1 Hampstead, Lnd      
Mary GANDER Sis Mar 65 Marylebone, Lnd   12 no chn
Hampstead, 18 Ingham Rd - RG14/644/151
Ernest Ephraim GANDER Hd Mar 43 Hampstead, Lnd Carpenter    
Clara Ann GANDER Wf Mar 41 Hampstead, Lnd   19 5,5,0
Ernest Albert GANDER sn S 18 Hampstead, Lnd Stock Broker Clerk    
Sydney William GANDER sn S 15 Hampstead, Lnd Telegraph Messenger G P O    
Robin Daniel GANDER sn   13 Hampstead, Lnd School    
Clara Ethel GANDER da   9 Hampstead, Lnd School    
Lionel Thomas GANDER sn   7 Hampstead, Lnd School    
Holborn, 31 Queen Square - RG14/1197/140
Emily Mary GANDAR Visitor S 55 London      
[to Jane RUTTER, Hotel Proprietress, 68]
Holborn, 13 Cosmo Place - RG14/1197/145
May Ann GREEN   Wdw 60 Oxford Housekeeper in Dairy    
Beatrice Annie GANDER Servant S 26 Hampstead, Lnd Bookeeper in Dairy    
Mabel ROGERS   S 29 Gloucester Shop Assistant    
Holborn, 338 Goswell Rd - RG14/1272/118
Frederick GANDER Hd   50 Lnd Mail Driver    
Ellen GANDER Wf   55 Lnd   3 -
May GANDER da   10 Lnd School    
Islington, 55 Anson Rd, Holloway - RG14/793/474
Sophie GANDER   S 19 Stratford, Lnd House Maid    
Emily Dane NEAME Hd Wdw 65 Broxbourne, Hrt      
Islington, 10 Cheverton Rd, Upper Holloway - RG14/804/131
Walter James GANDER Hd Mar 29 Paddington, Lnd Fine Art Salesman    
Susan Hannah GANDER Wf Mar 28 Islington, Lnd   4 1,1,0
Kathleen GANDER da   2 Highgate, Lnd      
Islington, 36 Charlesworth Str - RG14/850/94
Thomas James GANDER Hd Mar 39 Bermondsey, Lnd Warehouseman    
Charlotte GANDER Wf Mar 38 Holborn , Lnd   17 10,6,4
Charlotte Martha GANDER da S 17 Southwark, Lnd Collar Ironer    
Florissa Louisa GANDER da S 15 Bermondsey, Lnd Laundry Hand    
Beatrice Ann GANDER da S 14 Bermondsey, Lnd At Home    
Thomas James GANDER sn S 12 Bermondsey, Lnd School    
William George GANDER sn   4 Camden, Lnd School    
Walter Henry GANDER sn   2 Clerkenwell, Lnd      
Islington, 25 Essex Rd - RG14/940/45
Arthur GANDER Hd Mar 44 Hoxton, Lnd Bench Hand News Agents less than 1  
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 36 Clerkenwell, Lnd   less than 1 no chn
Minnie GANDER da   5 Holloway, Lnd      
Violet GANDER da   3 Islington, Lnd      
Kennington, LCC Board School, Church Str - RG14/1999/80
Henry GANDAR Hd Mar 34 Walworth, Lnd School Keeper    
Edith GANDAR Wf Mar 29 Sth Bermondsey, Lnd Assisting With School Charing 4 2,2,0
Clifford GANDAR sn   3 -      
Doris GANDAR da   4 mths -      
Lambeth, 47 Burdett Bldgs - RG14/1956/385
William James GANDER Hd S 38 Woodmancote, Ssx Builder's Labourer    
William GOODMAN Boarder Mar 58 Great Barford, Bdf Labourer Building    
Lambeth, 22 Hercules Rd - RG14/1960/296
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 34 Woodmancote, Ssx Mason's Labourer    
Lily GANDER Wf Mar 35 Norwich, Nfk   10 4,3,1
Charles GANDER sn   10 Lambeth, Lnd School    
Ernest GANDER sn   9 Lambeth, Lnd      
Lily GANDER da   7 Lambeth, Lnd      
Lambeth, 50 Holland Rd, Brixton - RG14/2072/46
Thomas James GANDER Hd Mar 49 Southwark, Lnd Shopkeeper    
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 52 Drinkstone, Sfk   9 (blank)
Mile End Old Town, 24 Exmouth Str - RG14/1592/24
James GANDER Hd Mar 33 Ratcliff, Lnd Stoker    
Harriet GANDER Wf Mar 29 Shadwell , Lnd   5 2,2,0
Harriet GANDER da   3 Stepney, Lnd      
Sarah GANDER da   2 Mile End, Lnd      
Mile End Old Town, 11 Heath Str - RG14/1594/85
Frederick William GANDER Hd Mar 31 St.Georges, Lnd Dock Labourer PLA    
Emma GANDER Wf Mar 29 Whitechapel, Lnd   5 2,2,0
Emma GANDER da   4 Shadwell, Lnd      
Lizzie GANDER da   1 Stepney, Lnd      
Mile End Old Town, 11 Heath Str - RG14/1594/86
Margaret GANDER Hd Wdw 61 Edmonton, Mdx   11 6,5 (sic)
Margaret GANDER da S 26 St George in the East, Lnd Tin Box Maker    
Richard GANDER sn S 23 St George in the East, Lnd Sawyer    
New Eltham, 6 Theobalds Cotts, Southwood Rd - RG14/2718/280
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 54 Ditchling, Ssx Green Grocer 19  
Emma GANDER Wf Mar 43 Stepney, Lnd     3,3,0
Emma GANDER da S 16 Chislehurst, Ken      
Mabel GANDER da   13 Chislehurst, Ken      
Edith GANDER da   11 Chislehurst, Ken      
Newington St Mary, 19 Palatinate Bldgs - RG14/1804/200
George GANDER Hd Mar 43 Long Lane, Bermondsey, Lnd Carman    
Jane GANDER Wf Mar 42 Tooley Str, Southwark, Lnd Book Folder - 9,4,5
Caroline GANDER da   17 Vine Str, Tooley St -    
Georgina GANDER da   10 Pollock Rd, N K R -    
William GANDER sn   5 Roding Rd, N K R -    
Notting Hill - St Lukes Home for the Dying, 14 Pembridge Square - RG14/140/110
Frances Elisabeth GANDER Servant S 38 Willingdon, Ssx Servant Domestic    
Paddington, 232 Portnall Rd - RG14/12/292
Caroline GANDAR - Wdw 77 Camden Town, Lnd   - (blank)
Paddington, 13 Warlock Rd - RG14/22/323
Frederick GANDER Hd Mar 45 Clayton, Ssx Decorator    
Rhoda GANDER Wf Mar 42 Stokes Rivers, Dev   4 no chn
Paddington, 8 Victoria Pl - RG14/50/302
Thomas William ROWLEY Hd Mar 56 Birmingham, War Farrier    
Emily Sarah ROWLEY Wf Mar 56 Westminster, Lnd   35  
Nellie Louise ROWLEY da S 20   Housemaid    
Elsie ROWLEY da S 16   Housemaid    
Florry ROWLEY da   12        
Alice Maude FLEGG da Mar 23   No Occupation 18mths  
Arthur Thomas FLEGG gsn S 11mths        
James Henry GANDAR nep   14 Westminster, Lnd No Occupation Feeble Minded    
William CRAIG Boarder S 17 Brighton , Ssx Railway Clerk    
Paddington, 22 Westbourne Terrace, North Harrow Rd - RG14/60/103
Martha PARHAM Hd Wdw 50 Paddington, Lnd Housekeeper    
Ellen Emma PARHAM da S 26 Marylebone, Lnd Dressmaker    
Ada Fanny PARHAM da S 24 Marylebone, Lnd Dressmaker    
Jessie Louisa PARHAM da S 22 Marylebone, Lnd Dressmaker    
Tom James PARHAM sn S 19 Marylebone, Lnd Junior ShortHand Typist    
Amy Francis GANDER gda S 4 Marylebone, Lnd      
Paddington, 28 Westbourne Terrace, North Harrow Rd - RG14/60/115
Herbert William GANDER Hd Mar 29 St Georges, Lnd Motor Mechanic    
Elizabeth Jane GANDER Wf Mar 28 Marylebone, Lnd   5 1,1,0
Pancras, Orphan Working School & Alexandra Orphanage, Maitland Park, Haverstock Hill, North Str - RG14/775/1
Hetty GANDER Servant S 25 Wandsworth, Lnd Assistant Seamstress Domestic    
Peckham, 10 Tustin Str - RG14/2544/191
Thomas GANDER Hd Mar 35 Lewisham, Lnd Yeast Dealer    
Laura GANDER Wf Mar 33 St.Pancras, Lnd   11 5,4,1
Thomas GANDER sn   9 Leigh-on-Sea, Ess School    
Eric GANDER sn   6 Romford, Ess School    
Laura GANDER da   3 Romford, Ess      
Joan GANDER da   1 Dagenham, Ess      
Peckham, 56 Naylor Rd - RG14/2563/34
James GANDER Hd Mar 40 Lewes, Ssx General Labourer    
Mabel GANDER Wf Mar 26 Sydenham, Ken   1 1,1,0
Cecil James GANDER sn   2 Peckham, Lnd      
Peckham, 42 Borland Rd - RG14/2591/214
Thomas Frederick COLE Hd Mar 44 Bermondsey, Lnd Carpenter    
Elizabeth COLE Wf Mar 38 Plumstead, Ken   18  
Thomas COLE sn S 17 Deptford, Lnd Apprentice to Wood Box Making    
Elizabeth Victoria COLE da   13 Peckham, Lnd      
George Ernest Herbert GANDER nep   4 Islington, Lnd      
Plumstead, 17 Armstrong Place - RG14/2884/157
Mrs GANDER Boarder Wdw 58 Dublin, Ire Vegetable Hawker - -
Charles KENT Hd Mar    , Ken Painter Gen't House 13  
Plumstead, 14 Hargor Rd - RG14/2893/123
Walter G GANDER Hd Mar 47 Hailsham, Ssx Wardr RL Royal Arsenal 20  
Frances E GANDER Wf Mar 47 Walworth, Lnd   20 6,2,4
Annie F GANDER da   12 Plumstead, Lnd School    
Plumstead, 11 Hector Str - RG14/2909/421
Annie GANDER Hd Mar 43 St Leonards, Ssx Sewing Machinist Tailoring 17 2,2,0
Nora Grace GANDER da S 16 Abbey Wood, Ken Draper's Assistant    
Poplar, 4 Grundy Str - RG14/1722/54
Percy Henry GANDER Hd Mar 35 St.Lukes, Lnd Hairdresser    
Annie GANDER Wf Mar 35 Southend, Ess   14 7,5,2
Percy Harold Melbourne GANDER sn   13 Poplar, Lnd School    
Violet May GANDER da   11 West Ham, Lnd School    
Rosey GANDER da   7 Poplar, Lnd      
Arthur Henry GANDER sn   3 Islington, Lnd      
Ivy Gladys GANDER da   1 Poplar, Lnd      
Poplar, 2 Nankin Str - RG14/1722/257
Harry GANDER Hd Mar 54 Clerkenwell, Lnd Confectioner    
Mary Ann GANDER Wf Mar 54 Mile End, Lnd   14 1,1,0
Fred'k GANDER sn S 23 Wood Green Confectioner    
Bertie GANDER sn   12 Bromley, Lnd School    
Poplar, 6 Perrys Close, East India Dock Rd - RG14/1728/270
Edwin WINHALL Hd Mar 38 Limehouse, Lnd Commercial Traveller    
Ethel WINHALL Wf Mar 29 Limehouse, Lnd   8  
Doris WINHALL da   7 Poplar, Lnd      
Edwin Kenneth WINHALL sn   2 Poplar, Lnd      
Blanche GANDER Sis i-l S 30 Limehouse, Lnd Teacher    
Elsie GANDER Sis i-l S 23 Limehouse, Lnd Teacher    
Putney, 45 Bangalore Str - RG14/2441/381
Peter Nielsen HOULBERG Hd Mar 45 Denmark Resident Bootmaker    
Aganitha HOULBERG Wf Mar 39 Switzerland   16  
Marie GANDER Mthr-i-l Wdw 82 Switzerland   - -
Alexis Francoi HOULBERG sn S 15 Paris Student    
Edgar John HOULBERG sn   9 Putney, Lnd School    
Rotherhithe, 13 Credon Rd - RG14/1927/158
Agnes Isabella GANDER Hd S 31 Rotherhithe, Lnd Machinist for Blouse Manufacturers    
Ethel Louisa GANDER Sis S 33 Rotherhithe, Lnd Forewoman at Blouse Manufacturers    
St George Hanover Square, 10 Blackburnes Mews - RG14/422/228
Margaret GANDER Hd Wdw 67 Maidenhead, Brk Let Beds - 2,2,0
Edwin GANDER sn S 33 Hoxton, Lnd Patent Agent's Clerk    
Samuel RULE Lodger S 50 Layston, Hrt Motor Car Cleaner    
Charles JONES Lodger S 49 Grantham, Lin Stable Helper    
John PARSON Lodger S 60 Sarrat, Hrt Coachman    
St George Hanover Square, 28 Berwick Str, Pimlico - RG14/444/91
Frederick William GANDER Boarder Wdw 34 Brighton, Ssx Watch & Clock Maker/Shop Assistant - -
Richard Charles PIPER Hd Mar 70 Chelsea, Lnd No Occupation    
St George Hanover Square, 152 Tachbrook Str - RG14/445/195
George Alfred GANDER Hd Mar 32 Horley, Sry Club Waiter Smoking Room 2 1,1,0
Florence Emily GANDER Wf Mar 35 New Botley, Oxf      
Alfred John GANDER sn   1        
St George in the East, 29 Tarling Str - RG14/1503/198
Emily GANDER Wf(sic) Wdw 51 London None 28 10,9,1
William GANDER sn S 22 London Carpenter's Labourer    
Frederick GANDER sn S 20 London Printers    
Charles GANDER sn S 18 London Porter    
John GANDER sn S 16 London Bottle Labourer    
Kate GANDER da   13 London School    
James GANDER sn   11 London School    
George GANDER sn   10 London School    
St Marylebone, 11 Stratford Place - RG14/556/274
Edward Carl DERBY Hd Mar 45 33 St James Square, Lnd      
Edith GANDER Servant S 19 Woolwich, Lnd 4th Housemaid Domestic    
St Marylebone, 58 Hamilton Terrace - RG14/587/140
Alice GANDER Servant S 29 Cuckfield, Ssx Parlourmaid Domestic    
Charlotte Elizabeth COBB Hd S 78 Banbury, Oxf Private Means    
Shadwell, 7 Spring Gardens, Shadwell Green - RG14/1538/190
John GANDER Hd S 36 Wapping, Lnd Rope Labourer    
Jane SPELLING Wf Mar 38 Ratcliff, Lnd String Sorter 20 8,5,3
Patrick SPELLING sn S 16 Ratcliff, Lnd Van Boy    
Walter SPELLING sn S 2 St.Georges, Lnd      
Mary SPELLING     1 St.Georges, Lnd      
Jane SPELLING     3mths Shadwell, Lnd      
Shoreditch, 103 Hackney Rd - RG14/1365/115
Ernest GANDER Hd Mar 26 Shoreditch, Lnd Newsagent Shopkeeper    
Minnie Esther GANDER Wf Mar 27 Plumstead, Ken   5 2,2,0
Robert Cyril GANDER sn   1 Shoreditch, Lnd      
Maria STUNDER Sis i-l S 36 Plumstead, Ken Lady's Maid    
Stockwell, 23 Moat Place - RG14/2036/201
Henry Charles LINDFIELD Hd Mar 33 Camden Town, Lnd Dust Collector L B C    
Alice Matilda LINDFIELD Wf Mar 27 Lambeth, Lnd   9  
Henry William Alfred LINDFIELD sn   8 Lambeth, Lnd School    
Alice Matilda LINDFIELD da   5 Lambeth, Lnd School    
Elizabeth Edith LINDFIELD da   3 Lambeth, Lnd      
Mrs GANDER Aunt Mar 45 Lambeth, Lnd Independent 26 no chn
Ernest SMITH Adopted   16 Walworth, Lnd School    
Southwark, 33 Zoar Str - RG14/1754/28
H G GANDER Hd Mar 40 Woodmancote, Ssx Scaffolder    
Clara GANDER Wf Mar 41 Tildesham, Ssx   18 8,6,2
Allan GANDER sn S 17 Southwark, Lnd Builder's Lad    
Emily GANDER da S 15 Southwark, Lnd Box Maker    
Alice GANDER da - 11 Southwark, Lnd School    
Nelly GANDER da - 7 Southwark, Lnd School    
Frederick GANDER sn - 4 Southwark, Lnd      
Albert GANDER sn - 2 Southwark, Lnd      
E Earnest GANDER boarder - 35 Woodmancote, Ssx Bricklayer    
Mark GANDER boarder - 30 Woodmancote, Ssx Builder's Labourer    
Southwark, Boys Home, 95 Southwark Str - RG14/1761/1
Charles GANDER Inmate   13 Brighton, Ssx School    
Southwark, Christchurch Workhouse, Gray Str, Blackfriars Rd - RG14/1761/1
David GANDER Inmate Wdw 71 Southwark, Lnd Carman (Railway) - -
Southwark, 95 Borough Rd - RG14/1773/25
Mary Alice GANDER Boarder S 45 Southwark, Lnd Tie Maker    
James Francis STREEK Hd Mar 49 Wandsworth, Lnd Carman    
Southwark, 44 Avonmouth Str, Newington Causeway - RG14/1796/115
Horace Edward GANDER Hd Mar 30 last August 41 Devonshire Gate Avonmouth Str , Sry Sewerman    
Flora Lilly GANDER Wf Mar 29 last March East St Walworth, Sry   10 1,1,0
Horace William GANDER sn   3 44 Avonmouth Str, Sry      
Maud Kate NASH Sis S 21 23 Alfreton Str, Sry Waitress in Coffee House (Globe Dining Room)    
Stamford Hill, 14 Glaserton Rd - RG14/1049/103
John William MEYER Hd Mar 56 Gravesend, Ken Jeweller Manufacturer    
Louie Theresa GANDER Servant S 17 London, District Unknown General Servant Domestic    
Stepney, 393 Cable Str - RG14/1536/42
Walter GANDER Hd Mar 24 Stepney, Lnd Fruit & Vegetable Porter 3  
Alice GANDER Wf Mar 24 Stepney, Lnd   3 3,3,0
Alice GANDER da   3 Stepney, Lnd      
Walter GANDER sn   1 Stepney, Lnd      
(blank) GANDER sn   0 Stepney, Lnd      
Thomas GANDER Bro S 23 Stepney, Lnd Cellarman    
Stoke Newington, 29 Woodberry Grove - RG14/1007/349
Thomas Henry ROBINSON Hd Mar 45 St. Mary Islington, Lnd Solicitor's Managing Clerk    
Eliza ROBINSON Wf Mar 46 St. Mary Islington, Lnd None 22  
Evelyn May ROBINSON da S 20 St. Mary Islington, Lnd None    
Florence Eliza ROBINSON da S 18 St. Mary Islington, Lnd Typist & Solicitor    
Franey Henry ROBINSON sn S 16 St. Mary Islington, Lnd Cabinet Maker's Apprentice    
Mary Ann GANDER Boarder Sis of Wf S 54 London City St.Botolph, Lnd Upholsterer's Trimming    
Stoke Newington, 157 Evering Rd - RG14/1059/158
Louise GANDER Servant S 21 Wood Green, Lnd General Servant Domestic    
Arthur BURROW Hd Wdw 52 ST Marylebone, Lnd Private Means    
Streatham, 67 Wellfield Rd - RG14/2321/339
James SAGGERS Hd M 62 Navestock, Ess General Labourer Out of Work    
Harriett SAGGERS Wf M 62 Ingate Stone, Ess   35  
William Joseph SAGGERS sn S 34 Streatham , Sry Boot Repairer    
Albert GANDER Visit S 41 Nutley, Ssx Gardener    
Tooting, 13 Valnay Str - RG14/2363/178
Mark GANDER Hd Mar 60 Woodmancote, Ssx Bookbinder    
Frances GANDER Wf Mar 60 Brighton, Ssx   38 10,9,1
Edgar Allen GANDER sn S 36 Chelsea, Lnd Bookbinder    
Sydney GANDER sn S 29 Clapham, Lnd Bricklayer's Labourer    
Jessie Emma GANDER da S 26 Clapham, Lnd Tailor Machinist    
Arthur Enock GANDER sn S 23 Pimlico, Lnd Bookbinder    
Mary Dorthe GANDER da S 21 Pimlico, Lnd Embroidress    
Herbert Harold GANDER sn S 17 Pimlico, Lnd Bookbinder    
Wandsworth, 47a Tranmere Rd, Earlsfield - RG14/2382/258
Frances GANDER Lodger S 30 Clapham, Lnd Silk Embroideress    
George Ernest Clarke GANDER     11mths        
Wandsworth, 87 Atheldene Rd - RG14/2387/207
Mark GANDER Hd Mar 32 Chelsea, Lnd Bookbinder Finisher    
Annie GANDER Wf Mar 31 Pimlico, Lnd   8 2,2,0
Gertrude GANDER da   7 Pimlico, Lnd      
Ethel GANDER da   2 Wandsworth, Lnd      
Wandsworth, 8 Denton Str - RG14/2419/8
Malcolm ROSS Hd Mar 23 South Norwood , Sry Chauffeur Mechanic Domestic    
Louisa ROSS Wf Mar 41 Brighton, Ssx   1  
Rose GANDER Visit S 34 Brighton, Ssx Domestic Cook    
Wandsworth, 8 Dighton Rd - RG14/2424/91
Mary Ann Isabella GANDER Hd Wdw 56 London, Lnd Nurse Domestic 30 2,2,0
James John GANDER sn S 22 London, Lnd Accountant's Clerk    
Westminster, 45 And 46 Carlisle Mansions - RG14/488/118
Ethel Hilda GANDER Servant S 29 Shooters Hill, Ken      
Henry Walker COULSON Hd Wdw 61 Forest Hill, Ken Stock & Share Dealing    
Whitechapel, Tower of London Barracks - RG14/1497/1
Thomas GANDER   S 22 Herstmonceux, Ssx Private 3rd Battalion Coldstream Guards    
Walthamstow, 13 Roberts Rd - RG14/9727/260
Richard Edward GANDER Hd Mar 28 St.Georges-in-the-East, Lnd Cabinet Maker    
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 31 Hackney, Lnd   4 2,2,0
Lilza Lucy GANDER da   3 Leyton, Lnd      
Richard James GANDER sn   2 Walthamstow, Lnd      
Walter Charles ATTWOOD nep   13 Bethnal Green, Lnd