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1911 Census for England

GANDER and GANDAR etc - Essex

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'Hd' = Head of Household  'Wf' = Wife  'sn' = Son  'da' = Daughter  'gsn' = Grandson  'gda' = Granddaughter 'Serv' = Servant  'board' = Boarder  'lodg' = Lodger  'Mar' = Married  'nep'  = Nephew   'nie'  = Niece  'S'= Single  'Wdw' = Widower or Widow.

If married, people were also asked how many years they had been married and how many children they had, if any. The 'No.of Children' column below reflects - from left to right - total number of children, how many were still alive and how many were dead. On the Census Returns, many widowed people also put down this information which was later deleted by officials. I've left this info. in.

1911 Census Returns for GANDER and GANDAR - Essex
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation No.of Years
No.of Child.
(See Notes)
Information mostly gleaned from FindMyPast
Barking, 44 Hart Str - RG14/9931/76
Robert GANDER Hd Mar 56 Hackney, Lnd Rope Spinner    
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 55 Bethnal Green, Lnd   34 10, 7, 3
Maria GANDER da S 20 Barking, Ess Farm Hand Field Worker    
Lizzie GANDER da S 18 Barking, Ess Domestic Housemaid    
Rose GANDER da S 16 Barking, Ess Domestic General Servant    
Thomas GANDER sn   13 Barking, Ess School    
Margret TUBEY Boarder S 20 Canning Town, Ess Factory Hand    
Colchester, 22 Alexandra Rd - RG14/10318/204
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 24 Ireland Soldier    
Aileen Tennant GANDER Wf Mar 23 Raninhet, India   1 1, 1, 0
Aileen Tennant GANDER da   3wks Colchester, Ess      
Ilford, 27 Argyle Rd - RG14/9852/222
Henry John GANDAR Hd Mar 49 Homerton, Mdx Accountant    
Jane Florenda GANDAR Wf Mar 53 Limehouse, Mdx   26 3, 3, 0
Minnie Annette GANDAR da S 23 Leyton, Ess      
Harry Vine GANDAR sn S 21 Leyton, Ess Clerk    
Ilford, 3 Sackville Gardens - RG14/9856/338
William GANDER Hd Mar 44 Rotherhithe, Lnd Newspaper Manager    
Ellen Phyllis GANDER Wf Mar 39 Milfield, Nbl   7.5 no chn
Rochford, Prittlewell, 39A Cambridge Rd - RG14/10132/219
John William GANDER Boarder Mar 54 Aldersgate, Lnd Accountant    
Clara Ann GANDER Boarder Mar 54 St Bolith (Botolph?) Aldersgate, Lnd House Wife 29 2, 2, 0
Rose HEWKIN Hd Wdw 54 St Barnabus, Lnd Boarding House Keeper    
Clacton-on-Sea, Glengariff, Freeland Rd - RG14/10231/311
Richard GANDER Hd Wdw 68 St.Georges, Lnd Boarding House Keeper -  
Richard Thomas GANDER sn S 32 Bow, Lnd Porcelain Manufacturer    
Bertha Annie GANDER da S 29 Bow, Lnd Boarding House Assistant    
Winifred Leonora GANDER da S 23 Bow, Lnd Boarding House Assistant    
Eleanor KEAL Visit S 28 Preston, Lan Boarding House Assistant    
Rosa EVENS Visit Mar 50 Southampton, Ham      
Chingford, 26 Woodland Rd - RG14/9773/17
William GANDER Hd Mar 74 St Lukes, Lnd Old Age Pensioner    
Mary Ann GANDER Wf Mar 52 Widford, Hrt   11 no chn
Plaistow Fever Hospital - RG14/9469/9999
Evelyn GANDER Patient S 19 Paytonstone, Ess Student    
West Ham, Stratford, 76 Romford Rd - RG14/9358/9
James GANDER Hd Mar 60 St George, Lnd Leather & Rubber Merchant    
Ellen GANDER Wf Mar 49 Camden Str, Birmingham, War   14 2, 2, 0
Allen Howard GANDER sn S 25 Limehouse, Lnd Second Division Clerk    
Owen Douglas GANDER sn S 21 Leytonstone, Ess Clerk Law Stationers    
Bernard Vincent GANDER sn S 17 Leytonstone, Ess School    
Frank Stanley GANDER sn S 11 Limehouse, Lnd School    
Leonard Marsland GANDER sn S 8 Limehouse, Lnd School    
West Ham, Stratford, 113 Gurney Rd - RG14/9365/210
Agnes GANDER Boarder S 38 Stratford, Ess Tailoress