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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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1911 Census for England

GANDER and GANDAR etc - Dorset

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'Hd' = Head of Household  'Wf' = Wife  'sn' = Son  'da' = Daughter  'gsn' = Grandson  'gda' = Granddaughter 'Serv' = Servant  'board' = Boarder  'lodg' = Lodger  'Mar' = Married  'nep'  = Nephew   'nie'  = Niece  'S'= Single  'Wdw' = Widower or Widow.

If married, people were also asked how many years they had been married and how many children they had, if any. The 'No.of Children' column below reflects - from left to right - total number of children, how many were still alive and how many were dead. On the Census Returns, many widowed people also put down this information which was later deleted by officials. I've left this info. in.

1911 Census Returns for GANDER and GANDAR - Dorset
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation No.of Years
No.of Child.
(See Notes)
Information mostly gleaned from FindMyPast
Poole, Claredon Sister Rd, Longfleet - RG14/12283/109
Henry Morley GANDER Hd Mar 30 LongfLeet, Poole, Dor House Painter   1, 1, 0
May GANDER Wf Mar 32 Highbridge, Som   2  
Doris Irene GANDER da   1 -      
Poole, Rempstone, St Margarets Road - RG14/12281/124
Ernest GANDER Hd S 34 LongfLeet, Poole, Dor Carpenter    
Reginald GANDER Bro S 32 LongfLeet, Poole, Dor House Painter    
Meta GANDER Sis S 28 LongfLeet, Poole, Dor      
Drusilla GANDER Mthr Wdw 71 Corfe Castle, Dor   - -
Lionel GANDER nep   14 LongfLeet, Poole, Dor School    
Sherborne, Nether Compton - RG14/12439/43
Dorothy GANDER Boarder   13 - School    
Walter MAY Hd Mar 37 Sindlesham, Brk Shoeing & General Journeyman Blacksmith    
Sherborne, Nether Compton - RG14/12439/46
Thomas LOADER Hd Mar 69 Holnest, Dor Farm Carter    
Susan LOADER Wf Mar 66 Allweston, Dor   45  
Cyril GANDER Boarder   7 Sherborne, Dor      
Cecil GANDER Boarder   7 Sherborne, Dor      
Susan SNOOKE Boarder Wdw 77 Nether Compton, Dor Old Age Pensioner    
Sherborne, Newland - RG14/12445/149A
Harry HENSTRIDGE Hd Mar 36 Tarrant Gunville, Dor Builder's Carter 14  
Annie HENSTRIDGE Wf Mar 42 Sherborne, Dor   14  
Harold HENSTRIDGE sn   13 Sherborne, Dor School    
Lionel HENSTRIDGE sn   11 Sherborne, Dor School    
Percy HENSTRIDGE sn   8 Sherborne, Dor      
Gummi PERCY da   6 Sherborne, Dor      
Lewis PERCY sn   3 Sherborne, Dor      
Margret PERCY da   1 Sherborne, Dor      
William GANDER Bro-i-l S 38 Sherborne, Dor General Laborer    
Sherborne, Cold Harbour - RG14/12446/126
Agnes GANDER Lodger S 31 Sherborne, Dor Laundress    
Elizabeth CLOTHIER Hd Wdw 79   Old Age Pensioner    
Sherborne, Yeatman Hospital, The Abbey - RG14/12447/227
Nora GANDER Patient   10 Sherborne, Dor School