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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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1901 Census for England and Wales

GANDER and GANDAR etc - Sussex - Places A to D

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'Hd' = Head of Household  'Wf' = Wife  'sn' = Son  'da' = Daughter  'gsn' = Grandson  'gda' = Granddaughter 'Serv' = Servant  'board' = Boarder  'lodg' = Lodger  'Mar' = Married  'nep'  = Nephew   'nie'  = Niece  'S'= Single  'Wdw' = Widower or Widow

1901 Census Returns for GANDER and GANDAR - Sussex - Places A to D
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation
Information mostly gleaned from
Albourne, Potters Fields - RG13/912/59
Mary J. GANDER Hd Wdw 51 Albourne, Ssx Laundress
Annette ROBINSON board S 47 Albourne, Ssx  
Albourne, Reeds Cottages - RG13/912/62
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 39 Albourne, Ssx Carter On Farm
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 40 Preston, Ssx  
Herbert GANDER sn - 12 Newtimber, Ssx  
May GANDER da - 10 Hurst, Ssx  
William GANDER fa Wdw 88 Woodmancote, Ssx Retired Agricultural Labourer
Aldingbourne St.Mary's near Chichester, Lidsey Lodge - RG13/968/14
Ellen GANDER Serv S 18 Crawley, Ssx Housemaid Domestic
  [Head of Household: Herbert NEALE, Farmer]
Aldrington, 151 Westbourne Street - RG13/939/6
Hd Mar 31 Ditchling, Ssx Market Gardener
Wf Mar 29 Albourne, Ssx  
sn S 6 New Timber, Ssx  
da S 5 New Timber, Ssx  
sn S 4 New Timber, Ssx  
Frederick J. SMITH
board S 23 Partridge Green, Ssx Gardener Domestic
Harriet GANDER visitor
  20 Newtimber, Ssx  
Aldrington, 23 Mortimer Road - RG13/939/41
Harry GANDER Hd Mar 24 Newtimber, Ssx Railway Platelayer
Harriet GANDER Wf Mar 25 Hampshire  
Albert GANDER sn   2mths Hove, Ssx  
Aldrington, 27 Mortimer Road - RG13/939/41
Amos GANDER Hd Mar 27 Blackstone, Ssx Market Garden Carter
Edith GANDER Wf Mar 27 Fulking, Ssx  
William J. GANDER sn - 2 Hove, Ssx  
Amos A. GANDER sn - 1 Hove, Ssx  
Aldrington, 41 Carlisle Road - RG13/939/117
Caroline GANDER serv
S 15 Fareham, Ham General Serv Domestic
  [Hd: Richard STYLE (29, Living on own means) & family]
Ardingley, Sheet Lane - RG13/907/91
George GANDER Hd Mar 27 Cuckfield, Ssx Carter on Farm
Louisa GANDER Wf Mar 23 St Pancras, Lnd  
Emmie GANDER da S 3 Ardingley, Ssx  
George GANDER sn S 2 Ardingley, Ssx  
board Wdw 56 Southampton, Ham Bricklayer's Labourer
Arlington, Milton Street - RG13/890/7
William GANDER Hd Mar 43 Henfield, Ssx Steam Thrasher
Emily E. GANDER Wf Mar 44 Henfield, Ssx  
William GANDER sn - 15 Charlwood, Sry Steam Thrasher
Bertie GANDER sn - 12 Alfriston, Ssx Scholar
Percy GANDER sn - 12 Alfriston, Ssx Scholar
Barcombe, Longford - RG13/914/126
James GANDER Hd Mar 28 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Gardener Domestic
Fanny R. GANDER Wf Mar 25 Rotherfield, Ssx  
Doris F. GANDER da   1 Barcombe, Ssx  
George GANDER fa Wdw 61 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx General Labourer
Bexhill, Barrack Road - RG13/874/11
Hd Wdw 85 Bexhill, Ssx Living on own means
Agnes GANDER board
S 71 Bexhill, Ssx  
Bexhill, Cambridge Road - RG13/874/24
Frend GANDER Hd Mar 42 Lindfield, Ssx Bricklayer
Mary Ann GANDER Wf Mar 45 Lindfield, Ssx  
Frend GANDER sn S 19 Eastbourne, Ssx Bricklayer
Emily L. GANDER da S 17 Eastbourne, Ssx  
Henry M. GANDER sn S 15 Eastbourne, Ssx  
George M. GANDER sn S 13 Bexhill, Ssx Telegraph Messenger
Herbert T. GANDER sn S 10 Bexhill, Ssx  
Bexhill, 3 Devonshire Road - RG13/875/9
Peter GANDER Hd Mar 52 Bexhill, Ssx Furniture Removal
Florence GANDER Wf Mar 50 Ireland  
Bertram GANDER sn S 23 Bexhill, Ssx General Carman
George GANDER sn S 22 Bexhill, Ssx Saddler
Letsey GANDER da S 19 Bexhill, Ssx  
James SHIP
board S 26 Northwold, Nfk Coachman Domestic
Billingshurst, Station Road - RG13/952/91
Harriett GANDER Hd Wdw 80 Slaugham, Ssx Living On Own Means
Florence GANDER gda S 15 Slinfold, Ssx Companion
Bolney, Brooklands Farm Barn - RG13/912/36
Arthur GANDER - S 27 Twineham, Ssx Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
Bolney, London Road - RG13/912/45
William GANDER Hd Mar 32 Twineham, Ssx Carter On Farm
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 33 Rusper, Ssx  
Jane M.M. GANDER da S 11 Haywards Heath, Ssx  
William G, GANDER sn S 8 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Lily M. GANDER da S 5 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Maud I. GANDER da S 3 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Dorothy R. GANDER da S 2mths Bolney, Ssx  
Brighton, 14 Camelford Street - RG13/921/19
Mar 40 Cuckfield, Ssx Jobmaster's Coachman
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 38 Brighton, Ssx  
Henry GANDER sn S 18 Brighton, Ssx Jobmaster's Coachman
Ambrose GANDER sn S 15 Brighton, Ssx Fishmonger's Assistant
Agnes E. GANDER da S 13 Brighton, Ssx  
Joseph S. GANDER sn S 12 Brighton, Ssx  
board S 21 Southexe, Ssx Groom (at Stables)
Brighton, 41 Marina Parade - RG13/921/35
Lillian A. GANDER serv
S 18 Brighton, Ssx Kitchen Maid Domestic
  [Hd: Albert HARWOOD (Mar, 57, Railway Engine Fitter) & family]
Brighton, 22 Rughell Street - RG13/922/21
Hd Wdw 47 Bolney, Ssx Dressmaker
Eliza GANDER da Mar 26 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
da S 24 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Dressmaker
Charles RIDLEY
sn S 20 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx -
Bert GANDER sn-i-l Mar 22 Brighton, Ssx Upholsterer
Charles [NORTHWELL?]
board S 23 Portsmouth, Ham Coach Painter
Mo-i-l Wdw 83 n.k.  
Brighton, 97 Southover Street - RG13/923/85
Charles GANDER nursechild S 2 Uckfield, Ssx -
  [with George & Louisa POLLARD]
Brighton, 14 Jersey Street - RG13/923/103
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 33 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Builder's Labourer
Caroline GANDER Wf Mar 27 Brighton, Ssx Ironer
Blanche GANDER da S 6 Brighton, Ssx  
Henry GANDER sn S 2 Brighton, Ssx  
Alfred GANDER sn S 5mths Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 61 Hanover Terrace - RG13/924/16
Harry GANDER Hd Mar 29 Brighton, Ssx Brewer's Labourer
Jessie GANDER Wf Mar 26 Brighton, Ssx  
Rose C. GANDER da S 1 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 55, Hanover Terrace - RG13/924/38
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 56 Henfield, Ssx Bricklayer
Eliza GANDER Wf Mar 55 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Elizabeth GANDER da S 25 Brighton, Ssx Charwoman
James GANDER sn S 17 Brighton, Ssx Bricklayer's Labourer
William GANDER sn   13 Brighton, Ssx Errand Boy
Jane GANDER da   9 Brighton, Ssx  
Thomas GANDER sn   5 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 24 Grant Street - RG13/924/78
Harry GANDER Hd Mar 56 Woodmancote, Ssx Stoker in Hotel
Ruth GANDER Wf Mar 54 Brighton, Ssx  
Charles GANDER sn S 23 Brighton, Ssx House Painter
Arthur GANDER sn S 19 Brighton, Ssx Printers Apprentice
Frederick GANDER sn S 15 Brighton, Ssx Grocers Errand Boy
George GANDER sn S 13 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Helen GANDER da S 11 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Walter G. GANDER sn S 7 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Brighton, 8 Southampton Street - RG13/924/120
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 58 Ockley, Ssx Navvy
Emily GANDER Wf Mar 51 Rottingdean, Ssx Washer Laundry
Caroline GANDER da S 21 Ditchling, Ssx Housemaid Domestic
Brighton, 6 Finsbury Road - RG13/924/128
John GANDER Hd Mar 30 Brighton, Ssx House Painter
Mary A. GANDER Wf Mar 30 Brighton, Ssx Laundress
Florence R. GANDER da - 4 Brighton, Ssx  
bro-i-l Wdwr 47 Hove, Ssx Bricklayer's Labourer
Brighton, 43 Whichels Road - RG13/924/149
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 39 Hailsham, Ssx Carman (Goods)
Alice GANDER Wf Mar 37 Brighton, Ssx Laundress
sn S 14 Brighton, Ssx  
da S 10 Brighton, Ssx  
William GANDER
sn S 9 Brighton, Ssx  
da S 7 Brighton, Ssx  
Elizabeth GANDER
da S 5 Brighton, Ssx  
Frederick GANDER
sn S 3 Brighton, Ssx  
board S 30 Brighton, Ssx Road Sweeper
board S 24 Brighton, Ssx Road Sweeper
Brighton, 20 Baxter Street - RG13/925/43
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 64 Brighton, Ssx General Whitesmith
Mary Ann GANDER Wf Mar 58 Brighton, Ssx Ironer Laundry
Brighton, 36 Baxter Street - RG13/925/44
George GANDER Hd Mar 54 Herstmonceux, Ssx Tailor
Alice GANDER Wf Mar 51 Woking, Sry  
Sidney GANDER sn S 17 Brighton, Ssx Photographer's Printer
Agnes GANDER da S 15 Brighton, Ssx Mother's Help
Walter GANDER sn S 13 Brighton, Ssx  
Ernest GANDER sn S 11 Brighton, Ssx  
Dorothy WARD
board S 2 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 3 Arnold Street - RG13/925/50
Leonard GANDER Hd Mar 49 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx General Labourer
Amelia GANDER Wf Mar 45 Balcombe, Ssx  
sn S 12 Capthorne, Ssx  
George GANDER sn S 8 Brighton, Ssx  
Dorothy GANDER da S 4 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 44 Franklin Street - RG13/925/112
Edward GANDER Hd Mar 41 Lewes, Ssx Railway Laborer
Sarah GANDER Wf Mar 36 Lewes, Ssx  
Gertrude GANDER da S 7 Brighton, Ssx  
Elizabeth GANDER da - 5 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 52 Queens Park Terrace - RG13/926/16
Stephen GANDER Hd Mar 60 Westmeston, Ssx Retired Draper
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 62 Clayton, Ssx  
Brighton, Brighton Workhouse - RG13/927/114
Harry Thomas GANDER Assistant Storekeeper S 19 Eastbourne, Ssx Poor Law Official
Brighton, 39 Park Crescent Road - RG13/928/127
George GANDER Hd Mar 63 Fletching, Ssx Night Watchman
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 49 Brighton, Ssx Laundress
Brighton, 7 West Hill Road - RG13/929/77
Eva GANDER board S 15 Brighton, Ssx Draper's Assistant
  [Hd: Maria CHURCH (Wdw, 62) & other boarders]
Brighton, 39-42 Queens Road - RG13/930/11
Mary GANDER serv
S 43 Lewes, Ssx Hotel Scullery Maid
  [Hd: Annie EMERY (Wdw, 42, Hotel Proprietoress) & other staff]
Brighton, 43 Frederick Street - RG13/930/18
George GANDER Hd Mar 64 Henfield, Ssx Engineer Labourer
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 56 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Kate GANDER da S 28 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
James GANDER sn S 26 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Carriage Fitter
Harry GANDER sn S 20 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Iron Trimmer
Frederick GANDER sn S 15 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Iron Moulder Apprentice
Brighton, 22 Over Street - RG13/930/31
William GANDER Hd Mar 59 Henfield, Ssx Corporation Labourer
Ann GANDER Wf Mar 57 Henfield, Ssx  
Henry GANDER sn S 26 Henfield, Ssx Milk Carrier
Arthur GANDER sn S 18 Brighton, Ssx Engine Fitter's Labourer
Ernest GANDER sn S 17 Brighton, Ssx Groom
Brighton, 52 Over Street - RG13/930/40
Florence GANDER visit S 21 Shoreham, Ssx Housemaid (Domestic)
  [Hd: Mary A. PENN (Wdw, 62) & family]
Brighton, 4 Tidy Street - RG13/930/50
Thomas GANDER Hd Mar 36 Herstmonceux, Ssx Cab Driver
Sarah GANDER Wf Mar 37 Newton, Bkm  
board S 21 Watford, Hrt Draper's Clerk
visit Wdw 62 Camberwell, Lnd None
Brighton, 2 Kensington Street - RG13/930/85
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 70 Albourne, Ssx Gas Main Labourer
Ann GANDER Wf Mar 62 Clayton, Ssx  
Elizabeth GANDER da S 31 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 14 Cheltenham Place - RG13/930/108
Thomas GANDER board Mar 25 Brighton, Ssx Carpenter
Kate GANDER board Mar 23 London  
Brighton, 18 Cheltenham Place - RG13/930/108
Eliza A. GANDER Hd Wdw 64 Brighton, Ssx Dressmaking
- Mar 66 Brighton, Ssx Fisherman
- Mar 67 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 44 & 45 Regent Street - RG13/930/138
Edith GANDER serv
S 21 Brighton, Ssx General Servant Domestic
Brighton, 20 New York Road - RG13/931/12
Charles GANDER board
S 16 Brighton, Ssx Railway Vanguard
  [Hd: Henry LEE (38, Boiler Maker) & family]
Brighton, 29 Elder Street - RG13/931/45
John GANDER Hd Mar 39 Henfield, Ssx Bricklayer's Labourer
Caroline GANDER Wf Mar 39 Brighton, Ssx
Brighton, 25 Francis Street - RG13/931/88
William GANDER Hd Mar 29 Henfield, Ssx Wire Worker
Ada I GANDER Wf Mar 29 Lewes, Ssx  
William F GANDER sn - 4 Brighton, Ssx  
Constance A GANDER da - 2 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 22 Station Road - RG13/931/154
Ernest E. GANDER Hd
S 25 Woodmancote Bricklayer
  [sole occupant]
Brighton, Norfolk Hotel, 149 Kings Road - RG13/932/68
Florence GANDER serv
S 18 Brighton, Ssx Housemaid
Brighton, 15 Powis Square - RG13/932/116
Louisa GANDER serv
S 29 Brighton, Ssx Cook Domestic
  [Hd: Francis E. GREAVES (Mar, 60, Living on own means) & family]
Brighton, 7 Wellington Place - RG13/933/64
James GANDER Hd Mar 57 Brighton, Ssx Cabman
Emily GANDER Wf Mar 51 Sayers Common, Ssx  
Edith GANDER da S 22 Brighton, Ssx No Occupation
Albert GANDER sn S 15 Brighton, Ssx Printer's Apprentice
board S 40 (M?)eston, Dor Plasterer
Brighton, 9 Windsor Street - RG13/933/111
Frederick GANDER Hd Mar 50 Brighton, Ssx Watchmaker
Sarah GANDER Wf Mar 46 Stopham, Ssx  
Sidney GANDER sn S 14 Brighton, Ssx Watchmaker's Apprentice
Florence GANDER da S 12 Brighton, Ssx  
Emily GANDER da   9 Brighton, Ssx  
Percy GANDER sn   8 Brighton, Ssx  
Rose GANDER da   5 Brighton, Ssx  
Lily GANDER da   3 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 7/8 Castle Street - RG13/934/77
Alice GANDER serv
S 24 Eastbourne, Ssx Chambermaid Hotel
  [Hd: Esther HAUGHTON (S, 47, Manageress Hotel) & other staff]
Buxted, Hill View, Goram Villa - RG13/902/13
Susannah GANDER Hd
Wdw 65 Penshurst, Ken Letter Of Apartments
Chichester, West Sussex County Asylum - RG13/971/70
James Alfred GANDER patient
S 42 Cowfold, Ssx Lunatic
Chiddingly, Gun Hill - RG13/890/37
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 69 Hellingly, Ssx Farmer
Ellen GANDER Wf Mar 68 Heathfield, Ssx  
Albert C. GANDER gsn - 4 Hellingly, Ssx  
Chiddingly, Stream Farm - RG13/890/38
Edwin GANDER Hd Mar 64 Chiddingly, Ssx Shepherd & Stockman on Farm
Emma GANDER Wf Mar 50 Chiddingly, Ssx  
David A. GANDER sn S 27 Chiddingly, Ssx Cowman & Stockman on Farm
Elizabeth M. GANDER da S 12 Chiddingly, Ssx  
lodge S 54 Ockley, Sry Carpenter and Wheelwright
Clayton, Heasewood - RG13/910/92
Warden J. GANDER Hd Mar 44 Warninglid, Ssx Farmer
Ann GANDER Wf Mar 45 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Amy GANDER da S 10 Keymer, Ssx  
Sidney GANDER sn S 9 Keymer, Ssx  
Leslie GANDER sn S 7 Clayton, Ssx  
Clayton, Heasewood - RG13/910/92
Edward GANDER Hd Mar 34 Falmer, Ssx Farmer
Alice GANDER Wf Mar 34 Bolney, Ssx  
Clayton, 2 New Street - RG13/911/90
Edward N. GANDER Hd Mar 29 Surrey General Labourer
Dorcas Louise GANDER Wf Mar 23 Burgess Hill, Ssx  
Clayton, 2 Gattons Cots - RG13/911/92
George GANDER Hd
Mar 42 Brighton, Ssx Builder's Labourer
Jane GANDER Wf Mar 35 Hassocks, Ssx  
Ethel J. GANDER da - 11 Oxted, Sry  
George G. GANDER sn - 9 Burgess Hill, Ssx  
Minna A. GANDER da - 7 Burgess Hill, Ssx  
Herbert H. GANDER sn - 4 Burgess Hill, Ssx  
Clayton, 2 Jubilee Cots - RG13/911/94
Elizabeth GANDER Hd Wdw 65 Holborn, Lnd Charwoman
Eliza GANDER da S 31 Westmeston, Ssx Domestic General
Clayton, Coldharbour - RG13/912/9
Thomas GANDER board
S 32 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Carter on Farm
  [boarding with George RIDLEY (56, Foreman on Farm) & family]
Cliffe, 32 South Street - RG13/917/72
Harry GANDER Hd Mar 34 Lewes, Ssx Postman
Caroline E. GANDER Wf Mar 38 Blackboys, Ssx  
Margaret W. GANDER da   3 Lewes, Ssx  
Cliffe, 3 The Green - RG13/917/73
Thomas G(ander) WASHER Hd Mar 49 Lewes, Ssx General Labourer
Mary J WASHER Wf Mar 48 Lewes, Ssx  
Jane A WASHER da S 21 Lewes, Ssx Housework at Home
Emily S WASHER da S 20 Lewes, Ssx Housemaid Domstic
Albert WASHER sn - 15 Lewes, Ssx  
Rhoda WASHER da -   Lewes, Ssx  
Arthur WASHER sn -   Lewes, Ssx  
  [plus 2 boarders]
Cuckfield, Whiteman Green - RG13/908/19
Peter GANDER Hd Mar 28 Bolney, Ssx Labourer Agricultural
Emily GANDER Wf Mar 25 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Peter GANDER sn - 4 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Frank GANDER sn - 3 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Nellie GANDER da - 1 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Cuckfield, Horsgate - RG13/908/28
Charlotte GANDER serv
S 32 St Leonards, Ssx House Maid Domestic
  [Hd: Richard A. BEVAN (Mar, 66, Bank Manager) & family & other servants]
Cuckfield, Union Workhouse - RG13/908/113
Kate GANDER Inmate S 21 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Domestic Servant General
Cuckfield, Brook Street - RG13/909/27
Albert GANDER Hd Mar 53 Keymer, Ssx Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
Annie GANDER Wf Mar 54 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Jesse GANDER sn   14 Cuckfield, Ssx Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
Harry GANDER sn   11 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Esther GANDER da   11 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Cuckfield, Barracks - RG13/909/30
James GANDER Hd Mar 25 Cuckfield, Ssx Stone Quarryman
Annie E. GANDER wf Mar 26 Staplefield, Ssx  
James H. GANDER sn   4 Cuckfield, Ssx  
George E. GANDER sn   2 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Lily E. GANDER da   8m Cuckfield, Ssx  

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