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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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The 1891 Census for England and Wales

Sussex - by places - A to H

Some of these entries may be incomplete but they may help as a starting base. They need re-checking.

1891 Census Returns for GANDER & GANDAR - Sussex: Places A to H
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation
Information mostly gleaned from various sources including external link.
Albourne, Sandpit Cottage - RG12/794/134
Arthur GANDER Hd   34 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Lab
Rebecca GANDER Wf   29 Twineham, Ssx  
Harriett GANDER da   8 Albourne, Ssx Scholar
Albourne, Bishops Place - RG 12/794/134
William GANDER serv S 21 Albourne, Ssx Cowman  
Albourne, Potters Fields - RG12/794/136
Robert KING GANDER Hd   82   Ag.Lab
Mary J GANDER da Wdw 43 Albourne, Ssx Dom Housekeeper
Mary A GANDER gda S 19 Albourne, Ssx  
Louisa GANDER gda S 17 Albourne, Ssx General Servant
Ernest A GANDER gsn S 12 Albourne, Ssx Scholar
Alfriston, Star Lane - RG12/775/52
William GANDER Hd Mar 29 Henfield, Ssx Farm Engine Driver
Emily GANDER Wf Mar 30 Henfield, Ssx  
William GANDER sn   5 Charlwood, Sry  
Bertie GANDER sn   3 Alfriston, Ssx (twin)
Percy GANDER sn   3 Alfriston, Ssx (twin)
Arlington, Wick Street - RG12/776/18
Albert GANDER Hd   37 Chiddingly, Ssx Groom
Jane A GANDER Wf   37 Hellingly, Ssx  
Alberth GANDER sn   12 Arlington, Ssx Carter Boy
Bessie GANDER da   8 Arlington, Ssx  
Ernest I GANDER sn   6 Arlington, Ssx  
Edith E GANDER da   5 Arlington, Ssx  
Ellen L GANDER da   2 Arlington, Ssx  
Arlington, Milton Court (Farm House) - RG12/776/7
John N BURGESS     52    
Rhoda  BURGESS     50    
George GANDER fthr-in-l Wdw 75 Chiddingly, Ssx  Ag.Lab. 
Bexhill, Station Rd - RG12/767/50
Peter GANDER Hd Mar 40 Bexhill, Ssx Carrier
Florence GANDER Wf Mar 40 Wexford, Ire  
Bertram GANDER sn   13 Bexhill, Ssx Scholar
George GANDER sn   11 Bexhill, Ssx Scholar
Letsey GANDER da   9 Bexhill, Ssx Scholar
Bexhill, Windsor Terrace - RG12/767/51
Frend GANDER Hd Mar 33 Lindfield, Ssx Bricklayer
Mary A GANDER Wf Mar 35 Horsted Keynes, Ssx  
Henry M GANDER sn   5 Eastbourne, Ssx  
Alice E GANDER da   11 Eastbourne, Ssx Scholar
Frend GANDER sn   9 Eastbourne, Ssx Scholar
Emily L GANDER da   7 Eastbourne, Ssx Scholar
George M GANDER sn   3 Bexhill, Ssx  
Herbert I GANDER sn   6m Bexhill, Ssx  
Bexhill, Boys School House, Barrack Rd - RG12/767/69
Agnes GANDER board S 60 Bexhill, Ssx Living on own means
Brighton, 22 Lavender Street - RG12/802/133
William GANDER Hd   58 Ditchling, Ssx Licensed Victualler
Hannah GANDER Wf   58 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 19 & 20 St.Georges Rd - RG12/803/46
Stephen GANDER Hd Mar 50 Westmeston, Ssx Draper
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 52 Clayton, Ssx  
Brighton, 12 Bloomsbury Place - RG12/803/86
Mary Ann GANDER serv S 22 Hurstmonceux, Ssx  
Brighton, 27 Edward Street - RG12/804/122
Herbert GANDER Hd Mar 44 Westmeston, Ssx Draper
Elizabeth Maria GANDER Wf Mar 27 Stowmarket, Sfk  
Herbert Olive GANDER   S 13 Brighton, Ssx  
Fredrich Charles GANDER sn   5 Brighton, Ssx  
Frank Edgar GANDER sn   4 Brighton, Ssx  
Emmie Beatrice GANDER da   3 Brighton, Ssx  
William Arthur GANDER sn   1 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 50 Park Street - RG12/804/69
Francis GANDER Hd Mar 30 Cuckfield, Ssx Omnibus Driver
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 27 Brighton, Ssx  
Francis GANDER sn   8 Brighton, Ssx  
Victor GANDER sn   7 Brighton, Ssx  
Ambrose GANDER sn   5 Brighton, Ssx  
Agness GANDER da   3 Brighton, Ssx  
Joseph GANDER sn   2 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 75 Queens Park Rd - RG12/805/23
Alice GANDER serv S 14 Eastbourne, Ssx  
Brighton, 8 Claremont Place - RG12/805/26
Caroline GANDER lodg S 45   Servant
Brighton, 7 William Street - RG12/805/85
Thomas GANDER Hd Mar 40 Brighton, Ssx Bricklayers Labourer
Emma GANDER Wf Mar 51 Croydon, Sry  
Brighton, 20 Southampton Street - RG12/806/127
Henry GANDER Hd   55 Brighton, Ssx Whitesmith
Mary Ann GANDER Wf   49 Brighton, Ssx Ironer
Brighton, 37,Cambridge Street - RG12/806/41
John GANDER Hd Mar 30 Henfield, Ssx Bricklayers Labourer
Caroline GANDER Wf Mar 27 Brighton, Ssx Laundress
Emma GANDER lodg S 22 Henfield, Ssx Laundress 
Brighton, 24 Grant Street - RG12/807/115
Harry GANDER Hd Mar 46 Woodmancote Stationery Engine Driver
Ruth GANDER Wf Mar 44 Brighton, Ssx  
John GANDER sn S 20 Brighton, Ssx Iron Founders Labourer
Charles GANDER sn   13 Brighton, Ssx Errand Boy
Edith GANDER da   11 Brighton, Ssx  
Arthur GANDER sn   9 Brighton, Ssx  
Florence Lillian GANDER da   7 Brighton, Ssx  
Fred GANDER sn   5 Brighton, Ssx  
George GANDER sn   3 Brighton, Ssx  
Helen GANDER da   1 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 35 Hanover Street - RG12/807/131
George GANDER Hd   50 Maresfield, Ssx Labourer
Mary GANDER Wf   40 Brighton, Ssx General Shopkeeper
Brighton, 55 Hanover Terrace - RG12/807/133
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 47 Hurst, Ssx Bricklayer
Louisa GANDER Wf Mar 46 Hurst, Ssx  
Mary GANDER da S 18 Hurst, Ssx Ironer
Sophia GANDER da S 16 Brighton, Ssx Ironer
Emily GANDER da S 14 Brighton, Ssx  
Ann G GANDER da   12 Brighton, Ssx  
John GANDER sn   9 Brighton, Ssx  
James GANDER sn   7 Brighton, Ssx  
William GANDER sn   3 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 16 Carlyle Street - RG12/807/61
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 55 Ditchling, Ssx General Labourer
Eliza GANDER Wf Mar 49 Cookfield(sic), Ssx Charwomen
Brighton, 26 Baxter Road - RG12/807/82
George GANDER Hd Mar 44 Horsham, Ssx Tailor
Alice GANDER Wf Mar 41 Ripley, Ssx  
Alfred GANDER sn   11 Eastbourne, Ssx  
Henry GANDER sn   9 Eastbourne, Ssx  
Sidney GANDER sn   7 Brighton, Ssx  
Agnes GANDER da   5 Brighton, Ssx  
Walter GANDER sn   3 Brighton, Ssx  
Ernest GANDER sn   1 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 9 Hastings Road - RG12/808/114
Henry T J GANDER Hd Mar 29 Hailsham, Ssx Commercial Traveller
Alice GANDER Wf Mar 27 Brighton, Ssx  
Lilian GANDER da   6 Brighton, Ssx  
Fredrick A GANDER sn   4 Brighton, Ssx  
Henry T J GANDER sn   2 Brighton, Ssx  
Esther GANDER da   9m Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 74 Upper Lewes Rd - RG12/808/132
James GANDER Hd Mar 70 Ripe, Ssx Jobbing Gardener
Sarah GANDER Wf Mar 62 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 69 Washington Street - RG12/808/22
William GANDER Hd Mar 49 Henfield, Ssx Bricklayers Labourer
Ann GANDER Wf Mar 47 Henfield, Ssx  
William GANDER sn S 19 Henfield, Ssx Fitters Labourer
Henry GANDER sn S 16 Henfield, Ssx no work
Arthur GANDER sn   8 Brighton, Ssx  
Ernest GANDER sn   7 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 2 Mayo Road - RG12/809/106
Mark GANDER Hd Mar 52 Chiddingly, Ssx General Labourer
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 62 East Grinstead, Ssx  
Brighton, 5 Trinity Street - RG12/809/14
William GANDER Hd Mar 36 Clayton, Ssx Bricklayer
Ann GANDER Wf Mar 40 Shrewsbury, Sal  
Sarah Ann GANDER da   5m Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 106 Richmond Rd - RG12/809/67
John GANDER Hd Mar 34 St Johns, Lewes Guard Btn Railway
Annie Maria GANDER Wf Mar 28 Brighton  
John Edmund GANDER sn   6 Brighton  
Edward GANDER bro S 32 St Johns, Lewes General Labourer
Brighton, 48 Red Cross Street - RG12/810/105
Thomas GANDER Hd   27 Herstmonceux, Ssx Omnibus Conductor Groom
Sarah GANDER Wf   27 Newton Blossomville, Brk  
Brighton, 47 New Dorset Street - RG12/811/112
James GANDER Hd   47 Henfield, Ssx Fly Man Groom
Emily GANDER Wf   41 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Edith GANDER da   12 Brighton, Ssx  
Albert GANDER sn   5 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 9 Rew Street - RG12/811/121
Emily GANDER     1 Brighton, Ssx with a monthly nurse (MARTIN) 
Brighton, 43 Frederick Street - RG12/811/137
George GANDER Hd Mar 54 Henfield, Ssx Engineers Labourer
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 47 Hurst, Ssx  
Elizabeth K GANDER da S 19 Brighton, Ssx House Duties
James W GANDER sn S 16 Brighton, Ssx Smiths Hammerman
Thomas H GANDER sn   10 Brighton, Ssx  
Frederick E GANDER sn   5 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 12 Gloucester Place - RG12/812/111
Jane GANDER serv S 57 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Cook
Brighton, 2 Kensington Street - RG12/812/76
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 60 Alborn(sic), Ssx General Labourer
Ann GANDER Wf Mar 52 Clayton, Ssx  
Elizabeth GANDER da S 21 Brighton Nurse maid
Brighton, 18 Cheltenham Place - RG12/812/85
James GANDER board Wdw 65 Brighton Porter Luggage
Brighton, 9 Windsor Street - RG12/813/102
Frederick GANDER Hd Mar 39 Brighton, Ssx Watchmaker's Repairer
Sarah GANDER Wf Mar 35 Brighton, Ssx  
Frederick GANDER sn S 14 Brighton, Ssx Watchmaker's Apprentice
Albert GANDER sn S 12 Brighton, Ssx  
George A GANDER sn   9 Brighton, Ssx  
Ernest J GANDER sn   7 Brighton, Ssx  
Sidney GANDER sn   4 Brighton, Ssx  
Florence E GANDER da   2 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, West Street - RG12/813/114
Ellen GANDER Hd S 53 Brighton, Ssx Baker & Confectioner
Mary GANDER sis S 51 Brighton, Ssx Baker & Confectioner
Ann GANDER sis S 49 Brighton, Ssx Baker & Confectioner
Buxted, Framfield Rd, Overton Villa - RG12/786/23
Susannah GANDER Hd Wdw 55 Penshurst, Ken Living on own means
Chailey - RG12/796/14
John GANDER     14 Ore, Ssx Child Under Detention
Chiddingly, Gun Hill - RG12/777/42
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 60 Hellingly, Ssx Farmer
Ellen GANDER Wf Mar 59 Heathfield, Ssx  
Charles GANDER sn   23 Chiddingly, Ssx Farmers Son
Chiddingly, Stream Farm - RG12/777/43
Edwin GANDER Hd Mar 54 Chiddingly, Ssx Shepherd
Martha GANDER Wf Mar 40 Chiddingly, Ssx  
Albert GANDER sn S 17 Chiddingly, Ssx Agricultural Labourer
William GANDER sn   8 Chiddingly, Ssx  
Charlotte GANDER da   6 Chiddingly, Ssx  
Elizabeth GANDER da   2 Chiddingly, Ssx  
Clayton, Clayton Wickham - RG12/794/17
John GANDER Hd Mar 26 Albourne, Ssx Gardener
Elizabeth Jane GANDER Wf Mar 24 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Clayton - RG12/794/18
Jane GANDER serv   20 Albourne, Ssx  
Clayton, Heasewood - RG12/794/26
Henry GANDER Partner S 26 Falmer, Ssx Farmer
Edward GANDER Partner S 25 Falmer, Ssx Farmer
Mercy GANDER sis S 22 West Grinstead, Ssx Housekeeper
Cuckfield - RG12/792/103
Albert GANDER Hd   43 Keymer, Ssx  
Annie GANDER Wf   44 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Peter GANDER sn   20 Twineham, Ssx  
George GANDER sn   17 Bolney, Ssx  
James GANDER sn   15 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Ann GANDER da   13 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Alice GANDER da   9 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Elizabeth GANDER da   7 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Jesse GANDER sn   3 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Esther GANDER da   1 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Harry GANDER sn   1 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Cuckfield, Broad Street - RG12/792/15
John GANDER Hd Wdw 82 Malling, Ssx Retired Farmer
Cuckfield, Horsgate Farm - RG12/792/28
John GANDER Hd Mar 51 Lower Beeding, Ssx Farmer
Louisa GANDER Wf Mar 57 Lower Beeding, Ssx  
John GANDER sn S 25 Lower Beeding, Ssx Farmer's son
Cuckfield - RG12/792/32
Ernest GANDER lodg   15 Keymer, Ssx  
Cuckfield - RG12/792/36
Louisa GANDER serv   22 Brighton, Ssx  
Cuckfield, Paynes Place - RG12/792/86
Jesse GANDER Hd   52 Beeding, Ssx Farmer
Alice GANDER Wf   44 Framfield, Ssx  
Norris E GANDER sn   19 Shere, Sry Farmers Carter
Sidney GANDER sn   9 Balcombe, Ssx  
Charles L GANDER sn   7 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Vida P B GANDER da   4 Cuckfield, Ssx  
East Chiltington, Mount Pleasant - RG12/795/57
George GANDER Hd Mar 53 Burgess hill, Ssx Blacksmith
Emily GANDER Wf Mar 52 Seaford, Ssx  
Joseph GANDER sn   22 West Hoathly, Ssx  
George GANDER sn S 17 East Chiltington, Ssx Blacksmith
Emily E GANDER da   16 East Chiltington, Ssx  
Eastbourne, 3 The Goffs, High Street - RG12/771/35
Frances A THOMSON Hd S 57 Newick, Ssx Living on Own Means
Rosa GANDER serv S 19 Herstmonceus, Ssx Kitchenmaid Domestic
Eastbourne, 16 Pevensey Rd - RG12/772/114
Lois GANDER serv S 15 Willingdon, Ssx  
Eastbourne - RG12/773/128
Walter Hy GANDER Hd Mar 28 Hailsham, Ssx Carter
Magdalene K GANDER Wf   25 N k, Germany  
Fredk George GANDER sn   3 Edmonton, Lnd  
Florence Fanny GANDER da   1m Eastbourne, Ssx  
Eastbourne, 2 Compton Terrace - RG12/774/140
Mary GANDER board S 28 Shortgate, Ssx Dressmaker
Eastbourne, 11 Eston Rd? - RG12/774/145
May GANDER serv S 18 Arlington, Ssx  
Eastbourne, Ceadars, Upperton Rd - RG12/774/22
Emily GANDER serv S 26 Tunbridge Wells, Ken Parlourmaid
Eastbourne, 8 Enyo Rd - RG12/774/24
Clara K GANDER serv S 18 Herstmonceaux, Ssx  
Eastbourne, Dalkeith, Enyo Rd - RG12/774/26
Florence GANDER serv S 16 Eastbourne, Ssx  
Eastbourne, 91 Langney Rd (Windsor Tavern) - RG12/774/77
Frederick GANDER board S 26 Burgess Hill, Ssx Painter
Eastbourne, 18 Commercial Rd - RG12/774/9
Albert N GANDER Hd Mar 28 Eastbourne, Ssx Postman
Ruth J GANDER Wf Mar 24 Spowick, Sfk  
Albert N GANDER sn   1 Eastbourne, Ssx  
Eastbourne, 6 Hampshire Terrace, Bourne Street - RG12/774/64
Horace E. GANDER board S 20 Hailsham Cabman
  [with Joseph PARRETT & family & other boarders]
Eastbourne, 5 Rye Street - RG12/775/18
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 23 Lewes, Ssx Bricklayers Labourer
Fanny GANDER Wf Mar 20 Lewes, Ssx  
Fletching, Moses Farm, Grisling Common - RG12/786/119
William A GANDER Hd Mar 30 Maresfield, Ssx Agricultural Labourer 
Annie GANDER Wf Mar 29 Fletching, Ssx  
Annie GANDER da   5 Fletching, Ssx  
William J GANDER sn   4 Fletching, Ssx  
Edith E NEWNHAM     5 Fletching,Ssx  
Framfield, Pale House - RG12/784/21
Edwin GANDER Hd Mar 22 Lewes, Ssx Well Sinker
Annie GANDER Wf Mar 20 Framfield, Ssx  
Framfield, Easons Green - RG12/784/24
Rezin GANDER Hd Wdw 56 Chiddingly, Ssx Labourer
Charles GANDER sn S 30 Firle, Ssx Labourer
Lucy GANDER da S 16 Framfield, Ssx Housekeeper for father
Mercy GANDER da   6 Framfield, Ssx  
Willie GANDER sn   4 Framfield, Ssx  
Funtington, Densworth Cottage - RG12/850/140
John GANDER serv S 24 Hove, Ssx Footman
Hailsham, Brocklebury House - RG12/776/42
Elizabeth GANDER serv S 22 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Hailsham, Amberton Rd - RG12/776/83
Henry GANDER Hd Wdw 64 Wartling, Ssx Farm Labourer
Albert GANDER sn S 32 Hailsham, Ssx Cattle Drover
Hastings, Ore, Hastings Workhouse - RG12/758/163
Jas GANDER Inmate   71 Wartling, Ssx  
Hastings, St Leonard, Bucham? Hosp - RG12/765/138
Charles GANDER patient   12 Haywards Heath, Ssx Farm Servant
Hastings, St Mary in the Castle, 6 Plynlimmon Tor - RG12/761/103
Sarah GANDER serv S 19 Waldron, Sry(sic-Ssx surely?) Housemaid
Hastings, St Mary in the Castle, 17 St.Marys Terr - RG12/761/98
William J GANDER Hd Mar 39 Sedlescombe, Ssx Coachsmith
Susan GANDER Wf Mar 36 Heathfield, Ssx  
Maud M GANDER da   9 Hastings, Ssx  
Will J GANDER sn   6 Hastings, Ssx  
Daisy M GANDER da   2 Hastings, Ssx  
Hastings, St Mary Magdalene, 91 Norman Rd - RG12/765/67
John Ed GANDER Hd Mar 29 Warbleton, Ssx General Labr.
Elizth a GANDER Wf Mar 25 St Leonards, Ssx  
Heathfield, Southlands Cottage - RG12/777/129
Peter GANDER Hd Mar 71 Chiddingly, Ssx  
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 70 Chiddingly, Ssx  
Hellingly, Hailsham Union Workhouse - RG12/777/170
Henry GANDER Inmate   79 Chiddingly, Ssx  
Henfield, High Street - RG12/825/114
Harry GANDER Hd Mar 55 Henfield, Ssx General Labourer
Emily GANDER Wf Mar 53 Henfield, Ssx  
Henfield, Blackland Common - RG12/825/117
George GANDER Hd Mar 57 Keymer, Ssx Engine Driver
Mary A GANDER Wf Mar 55 Henfield, Ssx  
Henfield, Nep Town - RG12/825/121
Robert GANDER Hd Mar 35 Henfield, Ssx General Lab
Eliza GANDER Wf Mar 33 Henfield, Ssx  
Robert GANDER sn   9 Henfield, Ssx  
George GANDER sn   6 Henfield, Ssx  
Thomas GANDER sn   4 Henfield, Ssx  
Lucy GANDER da   2 Ssx  
Henfield, Brickyard - RG12/825/97
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 49 Woodmancote, Ssx Engine Driver
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 52 Henfield, Ssx  
George GANDER sn S 20 Henfield, Ssx Gen.Lab.
Walter GANDER sn S 14 Henfield, Ssx Grocers Asst
Elizabeth KENSETT mthr-in-l Wdw 90 Gibraltar British Subject
[at same address:]
Henry GANDER Hd Wdw 83 Lancing, Ssx Retd Ag.Lab.
Hooe, School Farm House - RG12/776/146
Thomas GANDER Hd Mar 51 Burwash, Ssx Farmer
Mary A A GANDER Wf Mar 41 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Annie A GANDER da S 20 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Ada A GANDER da S 17 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Emily E GANDER da S 14 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
John GANDER sn   13 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Henrietta K GANDER da   11 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Florence GANDER da   10 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
George C GANDER sn   8 Hellingly, Ssx  
Ernest L GANDER sn   6 Arlington, Ssx  
Mabel B GANDER da   4 Arlington, Ssx  
Albert R GANDER sn   1 Hooe, Ssx  
Horsham, Coltstaple - RG12/826/86
David GANDER Hd Mar 69 Bolney, Ssx Farmer
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 69 Bolney, Ssx  
James A GANDER sn S 30 Slaugham, Ssx Ag.Labourer
Joseph GANDER gsn   7 Twinman, Ssx Scholar
Horsham, Little Coltstaple - RG12/826/87
Arthur GANDER lodg S 17 Haywards Heath, Ssx Agricultural Labourer
Horsham, Five Ends ?Green, Holbrook Row - RG12/828/80
Jesse GANDER lodg S 23 West Grinstead, Ssx Carter 
  [Hd: Walter SIMMONS, Carter & family]
Hove, 2 Hove Place - RG12/817/107
Harry GANDER Hd Mar 43 Henfield, Ssx Grocer
Phoebe GANDER Wf Mar 43 Burwash, Ssx  
Alfred W GANDER sn S 17 Hove, Ssx Grocers Assistant
Frank GANDER sn S 15 Hove, Ssx Builders Clerk
Annie E GANDER da   13 Hove, Ssx  
Ellen J GANDER da   11 Hove, Ssx  
Florence GANDER da   9 Hove, Ssx  
Harry GANDER sn   7 Hove, Ssx  
Hove, 15 Livingstone Rd - RG12/819/65
John GANDER Hd Mar 50 Henfield, Ssx Gardener
Sarah A GANDER Wf Mar 51 Shoreham, Ssx  
Richard GANDER sn S 22 Hove, Ssx Whitesmith
Lucy GANDER da S 15 Hove, Ssx  
Elizabeth GANDER Mthr Wdw 82 Cowfold, Ssx  
Hove, 119 Livingstone Rd - RG12/819/71
John GANDER Hd Mar 53 Eastbourne, Ssx Bricklayers Labourer
Caroline GANDER Wf Mar 56 Winchester, Ham Cook
Hove, 29 Wordsworth Rd - RG12/820/25
George GANDER Hd Mar 39 Pyecombe, Ssx General Labourer 
Ellen GANDER Wf Mar 36 Preston, Ssx  
George W GANDER sn   2 Hove, Ssx  
Percy J GANDER sn   1 Hove, Ssx  
George GANDER Fthr Wdw 81 Henfield, Ssx  
Esther  WHITTINGTON Mthr Wdw 68 ?Tittinbourne Nurse
Hove, Shoreham, 42 Brunswick Road - RG12/816/40
Sarah GANDER serv S 36 Brighton, Ssx Cook
Hove, Shoreham - RG12/816/50
Harriett GANDER serv   26 Lewes, Ssx  
Hove, Shoreham - RG12/816/62
Emma S GANDER board S 65 Bloomsbury, Lnd Retired Governess
Hove, Shoreham, 34 Osborne Street - RG12/818/39
Mary A GANDER lodg Wdw 74 Brighton, Ssx Living on own means
Hove, Shoreham, 91 Livingstone Rd - RG12/819/69
Thomas GANDER Hd Mar 30 Hailsham, Ssx Riding Master
Elizabeth S GANDER Wf Mar 26 Dublin, Ire  
Elizabeth F GANDER da   5 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Thomas W GANDER sn   4 Brighton, Ssx  
Lillian M GANDER da   1 Brighton, Ssx  
Herstmonceux, Stunts Green - RG12/776/119
Jesse GANDER Hd   68 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Eliza GANDER Wf   60 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Herstmonceux, Stunts Green - RG12/776/119
John GANDER Hd   53 Wartling, Ssx  
Jane GANDER Wf   52 Hailsham, Ssx  
Ernest A GANDER sn   19 Eastbourne, Ssx  
Francis M GANDER da   12 Wartling, Ssx  
Herstmonceux, Chapel Row (Welcome Stranger Inn) - RG12/776/91
Sophia GANDER Hd Wdw 51 Herstmonceux, Ssx Beer House Keeper
Rosina GANDER da S 20 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Katie GANDER da S 17 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Mabel GANDER da   13 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Herstmonceux, Buckle Cottage,?Hailsham Rd - RG12/776/93
George GANDER Hd Mar 33 Herstmonceux, Ssx Ag Lab
Frances Ellen GANDER Wf Mar 28 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
George GANDER sn   8 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Frances Ellen GANDER da   6 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
David Henry GANDER sn   4 Ringmer, Ssx  
Thomas Levi GANDER sn   2 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Herstmonceux, Lower Rd - RG12/776/97
Charles GANDER Hd Wdw 69 Herstmonceux, Ssx Ag.Lab
Herstmonceux, Lower Rd - RG12/776/97
Jesse GANDER Hd Mar 47 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 48 Herstmonceux, Ssx  
William GANDER sn S 17 Herstmonceux, Ssx Ag.Labr
John GANDER sn S 11 Herstmonceux, Ssx Ag.Labr
Herstmonceux, Lower Rd - RG12/776/97
John GANDER Hd Mar 27 Herstmonceux, Ssx Ag.Lab
Ellen ?SENDKENSO?   Niece 15    
Hurstpierpoint, 18 Manor Cottages - RGRG12/793/10
Sarah GANDER Hd Wdw 52 Clayton, Ssx Laundress
Henry GANDER sn S 22 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Bricklayers labourer
Alfred GANDER sn S 18 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Carter
Catherine E GANDER da   13 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Scholar
Horace GANDER sn   10 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Scholar
Hurstpierpoint, Wickham Farm - RG12/793/14
James GANDER Hd Mar 50 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Lab
Elizabeth J GANDER Wf Mar 47 Woodmancote, Ssx  
James GANDER sn S 24 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Lab
Frank GANDER sn   16 Poynings, Ssx Ag.Lab
Edith E GANDER da   10 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Minnie GANDER da   5 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Hurstpierpoint, 4 Alice Terrace - RG12/793/15
Thomas GANDER Hd Mar 34 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Bricklayer
Matilda A GANDER Wf Mar 34 Addington, Bkm  
Emily J GANDER da   7 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
William W GANDER sn   5 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Thomas GANDER sn   1 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Ethel GANDER da   <1m Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Hurstpierpoint, Woodbine Cottage, Hurst Grange - RG12/793/22
Harry GANDER Hd Mar 29 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Lab
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 30 Preston, Ssx  
Herbert F GANDER sn   2 Newtimber, Ssx  
Lucy M GANDER da   3m Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Hurstpierpoint, Nursery Cottage - RG12/793/23
Alfred GANDER Hd   29 Henfield, Ssx Traction Engine Driver
Harriett GANDER Wf   23 Ashurst, Ssx  
Harriett GANDER da   4 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Alfred GANDER sn   2 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Hurstpierpoint, 2 Dapps Cottage - RG12/793/26
Henry GANDER Hd S 68 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Ag.Lab
Thomas GANDER Fthr Wdw 94 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Living on own means
George GANDER bro   51 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Thomas GANDER neph   24 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Eliza KING sis Wdw 66    
Hurstpierpoint, White Horse Inn - RG12/793/41
George  CHART Hd        
Sarah Jane  CHART Wf        
Emily Jane GANDER cous   17 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Hurstpierpoint, 2 Rose Cottage - RG12/793/5
Jane GANDER Hd S 48 Woodmancote, Ssx Dressmaker
Sarah GANDER sis S 33 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Hurstpierpoint, 1 Rose Cottage - RG12/793/5
George  BATCHELOR Hd   82   Living on own means
Jane GANDER niec S 52 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Governor
Jane GANDER niec S 20 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Hurstpierpoint, Bridgers Cottages - RG12/793/55
Amelia GANDER Hd Wdw 69 Cuckfield, Ssx  
William GANDER sn S 40 Bolney, Ssx Ag.Lab
Henry GANDER sn S 33 Bolney, Ssx Millers Carter
Hurstpierpoint, Leigh Farm   - RG12/793/56
Andrew GANDER Hd S 24 West Grinstead, Ssx Farmers son
Hurstpierpoint, Rose Cottage - RG12/793/6
Henry GANDER Hd Wdw 69 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Ag.Labourer Carter
Henry GANDER sn S 35 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Ag.Labourer Carter
Hurstpierpoint, Blossoms Cottages (or Blossoms Well?) - RG12/793/7
John GANDER Hd Mar 50 Woodmancote, Ssx Cowman
Ellen GANDER Wf Mar 43 West Grinstead, Ssx  
Ellen GANDER da   11 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Charles GANDER sn   9 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
William H BROWNING sn-in-l   23   Gardener
Minnie M BROWNING da   23 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Hurstpierpoint, 4 Western Villas - RG12/793/7
Betsy H GANDER serv S 18 Poynings, Ssx General Servant
Hurstpierpoint, 4 Manor Ctts - RG12/793/8
George GANDER Hd Mar 36 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx General Labourer
Sarah GANDER Wf Mar 32 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
George W GANDER sn S 14 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Labourer
Kate GANDER da   11 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Harry GANDER sn   9 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Emily GANDER da   5 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Thomas GANDER sn   3 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Annie GANDER da   8m Hurstpierpoint, Ssx