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The 1891 Census for England and Wales

Counties other than Sussex

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Note: Some of these entries are incomplete and some lack the full reference number but they may help as a starting base. They need re-checking.

Some places you'd expect to be under 'London' may well be under 'Surrey' or 'Middlesex' (and the other way round) - be flexible in searching.

I've included some entries that show in some transcriptions as 'GANDER' but on checking the original I've found they're NOT 'GANDER' but a e.g. 'GANDEE' etc instead. I've still included these entries below but have indicated them so you can make your own decision by checking the originals.

1891 Census Returns for GANDER & GANDAR - Counties other than Sussex
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation
Information mostly gleaned from various sources including external link.
Clewer, 4 Albert Str - RG12/1013/34
Henry S GANDER visitor S 22 Brighton, Ssx Tailor, Deaf & Dumb since child
  (Hd: George ARNOLD Tailor) & fam)
Fowey, 1 Victoria Terrace - RG12/1821/56
Frances GANDER Hd S 32 Newcross, Ken Living on own means, (?GAUDER)
Kinson - RG12/1637/46
Harriett GANDER Hd Wdw 68 Kinson, Dor Retired Laundress
  nephew & fam: GIBBS
Longfleet, Ashley Rd - RG12/1639/24
Richard H GANDER Hd Mar 59 Hamworthy, Dor Twine Factory Warehouseman
Drucilla GANDER Wf Mar 57 Pincbeck, Dor  
Sidney R GANDER sn S 25 Poole, Dor Carpenter & Joiner
Jessie E G GANDER da S 21 Longfleet, Dor Dressmaker
Hedley H A GANDER sn S 20 Longfleet, Dor Printer Compositor
Ada G GANDER da S 18 Longfleet, Dor Dressmakers Apprentice
Florence E M GANDER da   16 Longfleet, Dor General Servant Dom
Ernest H GANDER sn   14 Longfleet, Dor Postal Telegraph
Wallace R GANDER sn   12 Longfleet, Dor Scholar
Horace M GANDER sn   11 Longfleet, Dor Scholar
Elsie M GANDER da   8 Longfleet, Dor Scholar
Poole St James, Love Lane West Str - RG12/1638/38
William E GANDER Hd Mar 68 Hamworthy, Dor General Labourer
Ann GANDER Wf Mar 68 Wareham, Dor  
The Verne Citadel, Portland - RG12/1650/56
Benjamin GANDER Soldier S 19 Birmingham, War Private, Infantry
Sherborne, Bristol Rd - RG12/1658/109
Robert GANDER Hd Mar 48 Sherborne, Dor Hall Keeper
Caroline GANDER Wf Mar 52 Sherborne, Dor  
Annie GANDER da S 22 Sherborne, Dor Laundress,
William GANDER sn S 17 Sherborne, Dor Groom
Agnes GANDER da   11 Sherborne, Dor  
Sherborne, Bradford Rd - RG12/1658/63
George GANDER Hd Mar 65 Sandford Orcas, Som Agricultural Labourer
Susan GANDER Wf Mar 66 East Coker, Som  
Sherborne, Bradford Rd - RG12/1658/64
Harriet GANDER lodg Wdw 63 Folke, Dor Needle woman
Sherborne, Horsecastles Union House - RG12/1658/69
Jane GANDER pauper inmate S 65 Sherborne, Dor  
Barking, 5 Suidsells? Court - RG12/1371/53
Robert GANDER Hd Mar 36 Hackney Wick, Mdx Coal Porter
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 35 Bethnal Green, Mdx  
Mary A GANDER da   13 Hackney Wick, Mdx  
Robert R GANDER sn   12 Bow, Mdx  
Alice A GANDER da   8 Barking, Ess  
Ann E GANDER da   5 Barking, Ess  
John T GANDER sn   2 Barking, Ess  
Maria GANDER da   9.12 Barking, Ess  
Leyton, 24 Trelawn Rd - RG12/1343/117
Henry J GANDAR Hd Mar 29 Homerton, Lnd Shipping Clerk
Jane F GANDAR Wf Mar 33 Limehouse, Lnd  
Elsie M GANDAR da   5 Leytonstone, Ess  
Minnie A GANDAR da   3 Leyton, Ess  
Harry V GANDAR sn   1 Leyton, Ess  
Leyton, Housely Rd, 9 Huxley Rd - RG12/1344/106
James GANDAR Hd Wdw 60 Clerkenwell, Mdx Blind
Kathleen DAVIS da Mar 35 Hackney, Mdx  
Bertram PERREN gsn   15 Leytonstone,Ess Merchant's Clerk
Kathleen  DAVIS gda   1 Leyton,Ess  
Ellen TAYLOR Sis Wdw 55 Hackney, Mdx  
Leyton, Fairlop Rd, Lutterworth Villa - RG12/1346/18
James GANDER Hd Mar 40 St Georges in East, Lnd Leather & Rubber Fire Hose Maker
Esther S GANDER Wf Mar 37 Deptford, Ken  
Grace GANDER da   11 Limehouse, Lnd  
Blanch GANDER da   10 Limehouse, Lnd  
Ethel GANDER da   9 Limehouse, Lnd  
James S GANDER sn   7 Limehouse, Lnd  
Allan H GANDER sn   5 Limehouse, Lnd  
Elsie GANDER da   3 Leytonstone, Ess  
Owen D GANDER sn   1 Leytonstone, Ess  
West Ham, 23 Salway Rd - RG12/1311/123
Agnes GANDER   S 22 Stratford, Ess  
West Ham, 9 Alnwick Rd - RG12/1317/55
Jane GANDER board S 66 Clerkenwell, Mdx  
West Ham, 48 Stracey Rd - RG12/1336/46
John GANDER Hd Mar 64 Clerkenwell, Lnd Clerk & Col
Sarah GANDER Wf Mar 57 Spitalfields, Lnd  
Florence GANDER da S 27 Stepney, Lnd Waitress
Saltney, 3 Roberts Row - RG12/2869/107
Mary GANDER Hd Wdw 50 Newcastle, Nbl Charwoman
John GANDER sn   16 Saltney, Fln General Labourer
Margaret WRIGHT Mthr Wdw 70 Newcastle, Nbl  
Canton, 6 Lyndhurst Str  - RG12/4397/116
Edward J GANDER Hd Mar 42 St George, Lnd Leather Currier
Eliza S GANDER Wf Mar 42 St George, Lnd  
Richard GANDER sn   17 Stepney, Lnd  
Florence GANDER da   15 Stepney, Lnd  
Leonard GANDER sn   12 Stratford, Lnd  
Henry GANDER sn   9 Shadwell, Lnd  
Alfred GANDER sn   6 Llanelly, Gla  
Lydia GANDER da   4 Llanelly, Gla  
Edith GANDER da   2 Cardiff, Gla  
Margam, 7 Margam Lane - RG12/4457/57
John S GANDER board Mar 29 Truro, Con Superintendent of ?
Newcastle Higher - RG12/4456/121
Mary GANDER   Mar 40 Penarth, Gla Sailors Wife, Lunatic
Ystradyfodwg, 41 Upper Fan Hill - RG12/4421/14
Edward GANDER Hd Mar 32 Brighton, Ssx Stationary Engine Stoker
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 24 Pontllotyn, Mon  
Aldershot - RG12/566/90
Alfred GANDER Soldier   19 Lewes, Ssx 1st Battalion the Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment
Aldershot - RG12/567/128
William GANDER     24 Scotland Medl Staff and Medl Staff Corps
Aldershot - RG12/567/132
Ernest GANDER     16 Blackheath, Lnd Medl Staff and Medl Staff Corps
Alverstoke - RG12/881/83
Benjamin GANDER Soldier S 23 Lewes, Ssx  
Holdenhurst - RG12/901/142
Walter GANDER lodg S 28 Poole, Dor Printers Compositor 
Petersfield, High Str (Butchers Shop) - RG12/946/16
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 30 Horsham, Ssx Butcher
Mary Ann GANDER Wf Mar 31 Slinfold, Ssx  
South Hayling, West Town - RG12/852/37
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 47 Henfield, Ssx Beer House Keeper
  [Sole occupant]
South Hayling, West Town - RG12/852/37
Frank VAUGHAN Hd Mar 29 Havant, Ham Gas Maker
Lizzie L VAUGHAN Wf Mar 19 Brighton, Ssx -
George GANDER visitor - 7 Southwick, Ssx  
Harry GANDER visitor - 2 Hayling Island, Ham  
South Stoneham, Southampton Rd - RG12/924/134
Agnes GANDER niece   14 Gosport, Ham Dom Serv
  (Hd: John (Gas Fitter) & Mary Ann BULGER)
Berkhampstead - RG12/1126/121
John GANDER board S 21 Lnd Estate Office Asst
Bexley, St.Michaels - RG12/635/50
Annie M GANDER serv S 24 Marylebone, Lnd Nurse Domestic
Bexley, 8 Smiths Cottages, Albert Rd - RG12/636/45
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 40 Tunbridge Wells, Ken Bricklayer
Mary A GANDER Wf Mar 38 Hastings, Ssx  
Nellie GANDER da   12 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Richard GANDER sn   8 Bexley Heath, Ken  
Lilly GANDER da   3 Bexley Heath, Ken  
Thomas SMITH stepsn   14 Bexley Heath, Kent Carman's Boy
Chatham, 27 Fair Row, (Lodging House) - RG12/663/29
James GANDER lodg S 73 N.K., Ssx Pensioner Living on own means
Cheriton - RG12/751/116
William C GANDER Soldier   19 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Chiddingstone, The Forge - RG12/675/93
William GANDER Hd   53 Woodmancote, Ssx Driver of Agricultural Steam Engine
Susanna GANDER Wf   55 Henfield, Ssx  
Charles GANDER sn   23 Woodmancote, Ssx Driver of Agricultural Steam Engine
Jessie GANDER da   20 Southwick, Ssx  
Chiselhurst, 3 Slade Cotts, Elham Lane - RG12/632/125
Henry GANDER Hd Wdw 34 Ditchling, Ssx Builder's Labourer
Alice C GANDER da   8 Falmer, Ssx  
Louisa E GANDER da   7 Chiselhurst, Ken  
Henry J GANDER sn   4 Chiselhurst, Ken  
Susan A CHATFIELD sis-i-l   22 Falmer, Ssx  
Chiselhurst, Alms Houses - RG12/632/87
Sarah GANDER Hd Wdw 74 Chilton, Ssx  
Cranbrook, Church Gates - RG12/694/12
Jeanette GANDER visitor Mar 26 Brighton, Ssx  
Bertram GANDER visitor   8 Lnd  
  [visiting Mary Ann JUDGE - a 42 yoa Confectioner & Baker] 
Erith, 15 Brook Str - RG12/637/144
Thomas GANDER Hd Mar 51 Worthing, Ssx Coal Porter
Jane J GANDER Wf Mar 46 Hellingly, Ssx  
George GANDER sn S 18 Erith, Ken  
Herbert GANDER sn   13 Erith, Ken  
Ernest GANDER sn   11 Erith, Ken  
Harry GANDER sn   10 Erith, Ken  
Alfred GANDER sn   6 Erith, Ken  
Marjorie GANDER da   1 Erith, Ken  
Erith, Daleride, Woolwich Rd - RG12/638/63
Jane GANDER serv   17 Horsham, Sry Domestic Servant
  [Hd: ADKINS]
Maidstone, 26 Foster Str - RG12/687/71
Elizabeth GANDER da Wdw 22 Maidstone, Ken Drapers Assistant
Kathleen GANDER gda   6 Maidstone, Ken  
Dorothy GANDER gda   4 Maidstone, Ken  
  [Hd: George & Angelina PEARCE]
Margate, 11 Pleasance Place - RG12/728/75
Edward GANDER Hd   30 Tunbridge Wells, Ken Journeyman Baker
Eliza E GANDER Wf   30 Southboro', Ken  
Edward G GANDER sn   7 Margate, Ken  
John S F GANDER sn   3 Margate, Ken  
Speldhurst, 6 Gladstone Terr, 12 Second Str - RG12/676/71
William GANDER Hd   37 Tunbridge Wells, Ken Gardener / Domestic Serv
Mary GANDER Wf   34 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
William A GANDER sn   14 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Leonard GANDER sn   13 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Edith M GANDER da   11 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
John H GANDER sn   9 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Ellen GANDER da   7 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Elsie E GANDER da   3 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Speldhurst, 2 Summer Cottages - RG12/676/75
Elizabeth GANDER Hd Wdw 51 Speldhurst, Ken Ironer
Ellen GANDER da S 23 Speldhurst, Ken Nurse - Domestic Serv.
St Lawrence, 6 Denmark Rd - RG12/732/69
Walter GANDER Hd   30 Bexhill on Sea Carman
Lucy Maria GANDER Wf   25 Ramsgate, Ken Dressmaker
Annie Maria GANDER da   2 Ramsgate, Ken  
Walter GANDER sn   5m Old Ford, Lnd  
St Peter, Isle of Thanet, Wellington House School - RG12/733/113
Olive GANDER serv S 15 Sittingbourne, Ken  
Staplehurst, Villa - RG12/684/140
George T GANDER sn-in-law   42 Bexhill, Ssx Farm Balliff 
Clara GANDER da   32 Pimlico, Lnd  
George W E GANDER gsn   5 Kingsland, Lnd  
  [Hd: William (Retd Jobmaster) & Rachel HOLLIDAY]
Tunbridge, 10 Sutherland Str - RG12/677/59
Judith GANDER Mother-in-law   63 Ticehurst, Ssx Dressmaker 
  [Hd: Charles & Mary A. ROBERTS]
Tunbridge, 16 Belgrave Rd - RG12/678/41
Walter GANDER Hd   37 Tunbridge Wells, Ken Grocer
Hannah GANDER Wf   32 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Annie GANDER da   8 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Bessie GANDER da   4 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Olive GANDER da   3 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Tunbridge, 6 Moncktons Row - RG12/678/58
Charles E GANDER Hd   32 Tunbridge Wells, Ken Fly Driver
Caroline GANDER Wf   31 Rotherfield, Ssx Charwoman
Clara A GANDER da   12 Rotherfield, Ssx  
Charles E GANDER sn   11 Rotherfield, Ssx  
Tunbridge, 39 Cromwell Rd - RG12/678/77
James GANDER Hd   27 Tunbridge Wells, Ken Town Postman
Annie GANDER Wf   32 Groombridge, Ssx  
Tunbridge, 117 Queens Rd - RG12/679/15
John GANDER Hd Mar 30 Tunbridge Wells, Ken Coachman
Annie GANDER Wf Mar 29 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Arthur GANDER bro Mar 26 Tunbridge Wells, Ken Gardener
Elizabeth GANDER sis-in-l Mar 30 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Tunbridge, 8 Richardson Rd - RG12/679/9
Frederick GANDER Hd   35 Tunbridge Wells, Ken Tailor
Ada Jane GANDER Wf   28 Southborough, Ken  
Frederick C GANDER sn   6 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Albert J GANDER sn   5 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Arthur E GANDER sn   1 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Tunbridge, 14 Stratford Str - RG12/680/10
Alfred GANDER Hd   55 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Alice GANDER Wf   63 Wadhurst, Ssx  
Alfred GANDER sn   30 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Ellen GANDER da   24 Tunbridge Wells, Ken  
Ince in Makerfield, 3 Church Str - RG12/3061/77
Frederick GAUDER Hd Mar 22 Birmingham, War Timber Clerk
Sarah E GAUDER Wf Mar 20 Ince in Makerfield, Lan  
Sidney GAUDER sn - 1mth Ince in Makerfield, Lan  
Liverpool, 133 Parliament Str - RG12/2916/122
Emily M GANDER visitor S 16 Manchester, Lan  
  [Visiting William & Freda ROSS]
Battersea, 1 Harvard Terrace - RG12/421/84
Joseph GANDER Hd Wdw 60 n Gen.Labourer
Frederick GANDER sn S 25 n Newsagents Boy 
Battersea, 31 The Dwellings - RG12/430/83
William Jas. PAGE Hd Wdw 70 Reading, Brk Retired Licensed Victualler
Rose Esther GANDER Housekeeper S 38 Hastings, Ssx Dressmaker
Bermondsey, 19 Kinross Str - RG12/0373/008b
David GANDER Hd Mar 26 Bermondsey, Lnd Carman
Kate GANDER Wf Mar 24 Bermondsey, Lnd Bookbinder
David GANDER sn   2 Bermondsey, Lnd  
Edward GANDER sn   6mths Bermondsey, Lnd  
  also in same house:
George GANDER Hd Mar 24 Bermondsey, Lnd Carman
Sarah GANDER Wf Mar 23 Bermondsey, Lnd  
Grace GANDER da   2 Bermondsey, Lnd  
George GANDER sn   4mths Bermondsey, Lnd  
Bermondsey, 3 Surrey Place - RG12/370/140
Frank VINEY     60   General Labourer
Elizabeth VINEY          
Henry G GANDER lodg S 20 Woodmancote, Ssx General Labourer
George HATTER lodg        
Bermondsey, 137 Spa Rd
Eliza M. GANDERS Hd Wdw ?27 Hounslow, Mdx Gents Collar Shirts Maker
Sarah A. HARRIS Sis S ?18 Bermondsey Gents Collar Shirts Maker
Bermondsey, 52 Ernest Str - RG12/380/55
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 35 Bermondsey, Lnd Carman
Alice GANDER Wf Mar 30 Kennington  
Bow, 39 Vernon Rd - RG12/315/34
Selina GANDER - S 62 Clerkenwell, Lnd -
Bromley St Leonard, 7 Archibald Str - RG12/321/55
Amelia R GANDER Hd Wdw 43 City, Lnd -
Amelia F GANDER da S 19

Barnsbury?, Lnd

Pupil Teacher School
Herbert H GANDER sn S 18 Victoria Park, Lnd Engine Makers Apprentice
Sydney J GANDER sn S 16 Stoke Newington, Lnd Engine Makers Apprentice
Ernest M GANDER sn   14 Kentish Town, Lnd Scholar
Camberwell, 4 Kelmore Grove - RG12/469/122
Eliza GANDER serv S 20 Westmeston, Ssx  
Camberwell, 164 Barry Rd - RG12/471/78
Louisa GANDER serv S 19 n.k., Ssx General Servant (Domestic)
Camberwell, 36 Hanover Park - RG12/474/80
Annie L GANDER serv S 15 Tunbridge Wells, Ken General Servant (Domestic)
Camberwell, 69 Furley Str - RG12/480/17
William H GANDER Hd Mar 52 Bow, Lnd Agent
Jane GANDER Wf Mar 46 Hoxton, Lnd  
Lillie GANDER da S 17 St Pancras, Lnd Dressmaker
Thomas GANDER sn   15 Lewisham, Lnd Stationer's Boy
Florence GANDER da   13 Lewisham, Lnd  
William GANDER sn   11 Lewisham, Lnd  
Camberwell, 9 Ruby Str - RG12/483/32
Joseph E GANDER Hd Mar 19 Brighton Gas Stoker
Mabel K GANDER Wf Mar 18 Isle of Wight, Cowes  
Camberwell, 2 Egan Str - RG12/492/62
Stephen J GANDER Hd Mar 54 Stepney, Lnd Mill Band Maker
Emily T GANDER Wf Mar 45 New Cross, Lnd Collar Machinist
Harriett GANDER da S 22 Borough, Lnd Collar Machinist
Alice GANDER da S 19 Walworth, Lnd Collar Machinist
Florence GANDER da   17 Walworth, Lnd Bib Machinist
Ethel GANDER da S 14 Rotherhithe, Lnd  
Adre GANDER da   12 Rotherhithe, Lnd Scholar
Stephen GANDER sn   9 Camberwell, Lnd Scholar
Chelsea, 30 Galton Str - RG12/56/53
William GANDER Hd Mar 46 Paddington, Lnd Insurance Agent
Sarah GANDER Wf Mar 47 Paddington, Lnd  
Elizabeth GANDER da S 20 Paddington, Lnd Dress Maker
Alice M GANDER da S 18 Battersea, Lnd Clerk Insurance Office
Jessie E GANDER da S 16 Chelsea, Lnd Dress Maker
Henry E GANDER sn   14 Chelsea, Lnd Glass Cutter
Richard GANDER sn   11 Chelsea, Lnd Scholar
Walter J GANDER sn   9 Chelsea, Lnd Scholar
Chelsea, 48 Lennox Gardens - RG12/61/94
Helen GANDAR serv S 17 Harrow Rd, Lnd Housemaid
Chelsea, 13 Little Cadogan Place - RG12/62/38
Annie GANDER serv - 13 Cirencester, Gls General Servant Domestic
Clapham, 2 Pensbury Str ('a Beer House') - RG12/441/43
William DIBBLE Hd Mar 64 Mdx Mosiac Layer
Elizabeth DIBBLE Wf Mar 53 Ssx  
William GANDER bro-in-l S 57 Mdx Grocer
Hackney, 3 Conrad Str - RG12/195/81
Susannah GANDER lodg Wdw 80 Aldermanbury, Lnd -
  [Lodging with George James PIERCE (Hd, Wdwr, 63, Gas Lamp Lighter) & family]
Hackney, 13 Arthur Str - RG12/201/111
Annie GANDER Hd Wdw 66 Cambridge, Cam Charwoman
Hackney, Hackney Union Infirmary, High Str, Homerton - RG12/203/143
Mary GANDER patient S 64 Hackney, Lnd Nurse, retired
Hackney St John, 43 Novcott Rd - RG12/184/89
Edwin GANDAR Hd S 33 Brinton, Sry Chemical Merchant
Mary Harriet GANDAR visitor S 46 Lambeth, Sry  
Frederick GANDAR bro S 28 Pimlico, Lnd  
Hampstead, 6 Church Row - RG12/107/56
Charles J GANDER Hd Mar 27 Hampstead Coachman
Beatrice M GANDER Wf Mar 26 Frimley, Sry  
Beatrice A GANDER da   6 Hampstead  
Charles E GANDER sn   4 Hampstead  
Ernest W GANDER sn   2 Hampstead  
Alice H GANDER da   10mths Hampstead  
Hampstead, Abernathy House, Mount Vernon - RG12/107/59
William GANDER Hd Mar 57 Tunbridge Wells, Ken Inn Waiter
Ann L GANDER Wf Mar 57 Hampstead, Mdx  
Alice M GANDER da S 33 Islington, Mdx  
Ernest E GANDER sn S 23 Hampstead, Mdx Carpenter
Islington, 28 Hartham Rd - RG12/162/50
Julia GANDER serv S 20 Bavaria, Germany Cook, Domestic
  Hd: Frederick W. HESSLER (32, Spanish Merchant Shipping Clerk, bn Bavaria) & family]
Islington, 32 Greenman Str - RG12/166/15
Athur GANDER Hd Mar 24 Hoxton Newsagent
Theresa GANDER Wf Mar 24 Stoke Newington  
Lambeth, Distillery House, Lambeth Rd - RG12/392/30
Charles GANDER serv S 24 (Erreppichan?), Germany Butler
  [Head of House: (?Grimble) VALLENTINE, a Wine Distiller]
Lambeth, 30 Princes Square - RG12/398/56
Harriett GANDER Hd Wdw 50 Lambeth, Lnd Laundress
Harriett GANDER da - 12 Lambeth, Lnd Scholar
  and (separate household):
Thomas GANDER Hd Mar 24 Lambeth, Lnd Brush Finisher
Alice K GANDER Wf Mar 22 Lambeth, Lnd  
Wilfred T GANDER sn   2mths Lambeth, Lnd  
Ethel A GANDER da   1 Lambeth, Lnd  
Lambeth - RG12/415/73
Elizabeth WALTER
Hd Wdw 68 La Rochelle, France Mantle Manufacturer
Charles GANDER sn-in-l Mar
33or38 Clearwell, Gls Railway Station Inspector
Elizabeth GANDER da Mar
37 Dorking, Sry none
Charles W.E. GANDER
gsn - 5mths Herne Hill S.E.  
Alice (S?) BARRON
serv S 26 Berwick on Tweed, Scotland General Servant Domestic
Newington, 43 Devonshire Str - RG12/0352/072b
Horace GANDER Hd Mar 45 (or 47?) Sry Flusher, ?Drain
Mary J GANDER Wf Mar 42 Sry  
Horace E (or L.?) GANDER sn S 16(?) Newington  
Newington, 2 Cole Str - RG12/351/127
Martha GANDER Hd Wdw 48 Southwark, Lnd Charwoman
Jennie AXTON da Mar 25 Lambeth, Lnd Charwoman
William AXTON sn-i-l Mar 25 Westminster, Lnd Carman
Newington, 7 Edinburgh Buildings - RG12/352/9
Harriet GANDER Hd Wdw 64 Bury St Edmunds, Sfk Charwoman
Henry S GANDER sn S 23 Southwark, Lnd Traveller's Driver
Mary A GANDER da S 25 Southwark, Lnd Tie(?) Maker
Newington St Mary - RG12/355/43
George GANDER Hd Mar 46 Brighton, Ssx  
Jane GANDER Wf Mar 44 Brighton, Ssx  
Lilly GANDER da   20 Bermondsey, Sry  
Charles GANDER sn   13 Walworth, Sry  
Paddington - RG12/1/53
Thomas H  GANDAR Hd Mar 66 St Giles, Lnd Smith's Assistant Railway Locomotive
Caroline  GANDAR Wf Mar 57 Camden Town, Lnd  
Plumstead, 104 Eglinton Rd - RG12/536/104
Ellen GANDER serv   17 Birmingham, War General Servant
  [Head: ?LONERGAN age 35 Builder & Contractor plus wife and child]
Plumstead - RG12/536/150
John GANDER Hd   60 Brighton, Sry  
Hannah GANDER Wf   51 Great Ormsby, Nfk  
Arthur GANDER sn   19 Gravesend, Ken  
Ethel GANDER da   9 Shesker Hill, Ken  
Plumstead, 3 Lion Terrace - RG12/536/151
Elizabeth A GANDER visitor S 30 Corfu (Brit.Subject)  
   [Head: ?ROUTALL?]
Plumstead - RG12/541/69
Walter George GANDER Hd   27 Eastbourne, Ssx  
Frances Elizabeth GANDER Wf   28 Walworth, Lnd  
Poplar, 3 Harrap Str - RG12/334/18
Thomas GRAY Hd Mar 74 Stratford, Ess Steam Tug Agent
Anna GRAY Wf Mar 71 Barking, Ess  
Emily GRAY da S 30 Gravesend, Ken  
Ada GANDER gnchd   7 Bow, Mdx  
Rotherhithe, 16 Osprey Str - RG12/382/51
John GANDER Hd Mar 40 Homerton, Lnd Dock Corn Porter
Alice GANDER Wf Mar 41 (or 40?) Bath  
Shoreditch, 66 Provost Str - RG12/246/101
Frederick GANDER Hd Mar 70 Shoreditch, Lnd News Agent
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 60 Clerkenwell, Lnd  
Elizabeth GANDER da S 21 Hoxton, Lnd  
Shoreditch - RG12/250/53
Frederick GANDER Hd   28 Hoxton  
Elizabeth GANDER Wf   28 Hoxton  
Frederick GANDER sn   10 Hoxton  
Albert J GANDER sn   8 Hoxton  
Ernest GANDER sn   6 Hoxton  
Phillip GANDER sn   4 Hoxton  
Alfred GANDER sn   2 Hoxton  
Shoreditch, Kingsland, 26 Appleby Str - RG12/252/124
James GANDER Hd Mar 48 Lnd Carman
Louisa GANDER Wf Mar 51 Birmingham  
Louisa GANDER da S 27 Shoreditch, Lnd Book Folder
Shoreditch, Haggerston, 50 Stean Str - RG12/253/125
John D. DIBBLE Hd Wdw 66 Marylebone,Lnd Plasterer
William F. DIBBLE sn S 35 Hoxton,Lnd
Printers Pressman
Charles DIBBLE sn S 26 Shoreditch,Lnd
Foreman in ?Brass Foundry
Rebecca HARPER da Wdw 40 Hoxton,Lnd
Stationers Black Borderer ___?
Jessee HARPER gda   4 Shoreditch,Lnd
Elizabeth GANDER sis-in-l S 58 City, Lnd Living on own means
Shoreditch, Haggerston, 101, Whiston Str - RG12/254/58
William GANDER Hd Mar 53 Hackney, Lnd House Painter
Jane GANDER Wf Mar 51 Hackney, Lnd  
St Anne - RG12/88/12
Georges GANDER Hd   21 FRA  
St Botolph Aldgate, 10 Little George Str - RG12/235/109
Elizabeth GANDER Hd Wdw 61 Lnd City Lodge House Keeper
  [plus 7 Lodgers]
St George Hanover Square, 85 Cambridge Str- RG12/74/151
Charlotte GANDER serv S 26 St Leonards, Ssx Housemaid
  [Hd: Charlotte K. ONSLOW]
St George Hanover Square, 13 Peabody Buildings - RG12/74/26
Mark GANDER Hd Mar 40 Woodmancote, Ssx Bookbinder & Finisher
Frances GANDER Wf Mar 40 Brighton, Ssx  
Edgar A GANDER sn   16 Chelsea, Lnd Bookbinders Apprentice
Ellen GANDER da   14 Chelsea, Lnd Scholar
Mark GANDER sn   13 Chelsea, Lnd Scholar
Frances GANDER da   10 Clapham, Sry Scholar
Sydney GANDER sn   8 Clapham, Sry Scholar
Jessie E GANDER da   5 Clapham, Sry Scholar
Arthur E GANDER sn   2 Pimlico, Lnd  
May D GANDER da   4mths Pimlico, Lnd  
St George in the East, 13, Spencer Str - RG12/285/190
Rich GANDER Hd Mar 34 St Georges, Lnd General Labourer
Emily GANDER Wf Mar 30 St Luke, Lnd  
Rich GANDER sn   7 St Luke, Lnd  
Emily GANDER da   5 St Luke, Lnd  
Wm GANDER sn   2 St Luke, Lnd  
Fredk GANDER sn   2mths St Luke, Lnd  
St George in the East, 15 Martha Str - RG12/287/101
James GANDER Hd Mar 37 St George in the East, Lnd Coal Porter
Margaret GANDER Wf Mar 37 St George in the East, Lnd  
James GANDER sn S 14 St George in the East, Lnd Office Boy
Elizabeth GANDER da   11 St George in the East, Lnd Domestic Servant
Frederick GANDER sn   13 St George in the East, Lnd  
Emily GANDER da   11 St George in the East, Lnd  
Margaret GANDER da   8 St George in the East, Lnd  
Richard GANDER sn   3 St George in the East, Lnd  
St George in the East, 8 Joseph Str - RG12/287/162
John GANDER Hd Mar 41 Lnd City Carman?
Lydia GANDER Wf Mar 37 Finsbury, Lnd  
John GANDER sn   15 Wapping, Lnd  
Lydia GANDER da   12 St George in the East, Lnd  
Alice GANDER da   11 St George in the East, Lnd  
Florence GANDER da   8 St George in the East, Lnd  
Walter James GANDER sn   4 St George in the East, Lnd  
Thomas W GANDER sn   3 St George in the East, Lnd  
Emma GANDER da   1 St George in the East, Lnd  
Southwark, St George the Martyr, 40 Trinity Buildings - RG12/344/48
David GANDER Hd Wdw 51 Brighton, Ssx Horse Keeper?
James GANDER sn   17 Southwark, Lnd Labourer
Alice GANDER da S 15 Southwark, Lnd Painter?
William GANDER sn   13 Southwark, Lnd Carman
Grace E GANDER da   10 Southwark, Lnd Scholar
Sarah SELFE serv S 52? Clerkenwell,Lnd Housekeeper Domestic
Southwark, St George the Martyr, 21 Montague Str - RG12/346/129
William J GANDER visitor S 18 Blackstone, Ssx (no occupation given)
  [Visiting Harry BENNET? - a Painter - and Harriet BENNET?)
St Martin in the Fields, The Strand, 5 Panton Str - RG12/214/73
Elisa GANDER Hd Wdw 34 Camden Town, Lnd Ironer
William L GANDER sn S 15 Walworth, Lnd Bakers Boy
Allfred GANDER sn   13 Kenish Town, Lnd Van Boy
Sarah J GANDER da   10 Islington, Lnd Scholar
St Marylebone - RG12/96/89
Lucy GANDER serv   15 Hove, Ssx  
St Pancras, 157 Camden Rd - RG12/132/170
Thomas F GANDER Hd Wdw 78 St Giles, Lnd Retired Watchmaker
Catherine E GANDER da S 44 Islington, Lnd  
  [plus 3 serv]
St Pancras, 21 Ashdown Str - RG12/136/14
Lucy Ann GANDER Hd Wdw 68 Cuckfield, Ssx Dressmaker 
Jesse Hy GANDER sn S 34 Marylebone, Lnd Surgical Instrument Maker
St Paul Deptford, 5 Elm Terrace - RG12/497/93a
William GANDER Hd   48 Chelsea, Mdx General Labourer
Caroline GANDER Wf   50 Balcombe, Ssx  
Willie GANDER sn   10 Deptford, Ken  
St Paul Deptford, 22 Woodpecker Rd - RG12/499/9
George GANDER board S 27 Ssx Labourer
St Paul Deptford, 145 Lewisham High Str - RG12/500/13
Ellen R GANDER   S 21 Southwick, Ssx Bookkeeper
  [Head: James ?QUILTER - a Fishmonger & Poulterer - & family]
Stoke Newington, 56 Green Lane - RG12/181/194
William KEMP Hd Mar 81 Maidstone, Ken Retired Engine Driver
Charlotte KEMP Wf Mar 71 Maidstone, Ken  
Janet KEMP da S 30 Bexley, Ken Shop Keeper Dyers
Alice GANDER Adopted S 16 Hackney, Lnd Dyer Assistant
Stratford Le Bow St Mary, 2 Lawrence Rd - RG12/314/47
Richard GANDER Hd Mar 46 St Georges East, Lnd Leather Seller
Lucy E GANDER Wf Mar 37 Blackwell, Lnd  
Lydia L GANDER da S 16 Poplar, Lnd  
Florence E GANDER da S 14 Limehouse, Lnd  
Richard T GANDER sn S 12 Limehouse, Lnd  
Bertha A GANDER da S 9 Bow, Lnd  
Winifred L GANDER da S 3 Bow, Lnd  
Jane ?HICKMAN serv S 14 Poplar, Lnd General Domestic Servant
Stratford Le Bow St Mary, Sutherland Row, Linton Cottage - RG12/315/7
Edward Geo GANDER board   24 Mile End, Lnd Clerk
Trinity Newington, 17 Arnott Str - RG12/353/53
Thomas J GANDER Hd Mar 30 Southwark, Lnd Commercial Traveller
Lydia L GANDER Wf Mar 35 St Luke, Lnd  
Lydia A GANDER da   3 Southwark, Lnd  
Wandsworth, Workhouse - RG12/451/103
Ann GANDER pauper S 76 Wandsworth, Lnd serv
Walworth, 18, Thurlow Str - RG12/359/80
Harry GANDAR Hd Mar 36 Holborn Oilman Colour
Emily GANDAR Wf Mar 35 Islington?  
Emily GANDAR da S 15 Newington Dressmaker's Apprentice
Harry GANDAR sn S 13 Newington Reading? Boy Print
William GANDAR sn S 12 Newington  
Frank GANDAR sn   8 Newington  
Ethel GANDAR da   7 Newington  
Stanley GANDAR serv   14 Newington General Domestic Servant
Westminster, William the Fourth, 132 Vauxhall Bridge Rd - RG12/79/134
J H  GANDAR Hd S 29 Paddington, Lnd Publican
J E MARSHALL Uncle Mar 54 Deal,Ken Cellarman
J M MARSHALL Aunt Mar 50 Camden Town,Lnd Housekeeper
Woolwich, 6 Lower Pellipar? Rd - RG12/530/51a
Edward GANDER Hd Mar 52 Tunbridge Wells, Ken Hawker
Ann GANDER Wf Mar 42 Ire  
Ealing, 7 Kerrison Cottage - RG12/1031/13
Maria GANDER Hd Wdw 6.12(?) CHE (?) Retired Dressmaker
Marguerite GANDER da   6 CHE(?) Scholar
  [Entry needs re-checking!]
Hendon - RG12/1050/120
Arthur E GANDER Hd   30 Hampstead, Lnd  
Annie GANDER Wf   28 Hampstead, Lnd  
Arthur GANDER sn   5 Childs Hill, Mdx  
Annie GANDER da   4 Childs Hill, Mdx  
Frederick GANDER sn   1 Childs Hill, Mdx  
Tottenham - RG12/1068/4
John GANDER Hd   42 Stepney, Lnd  
Amy GANDER Wf   39 Little Buckhill, Bkm  
John GANDER sn   17 Clerkenwell clores, Lnd  
Charles G GANDER sn   14 Bermondsey, Lnd  
William GANDER sn   12 Tottenham, Mdx  
Raymond GANDER sn   10 Tottenham, Mdx  
Frank GANDER sn   9 Tottenham, Mdx  
Herbert J GANDER sn   7 Tottenham, Mdx  
Amy B GANDER da   5 Tottenham, Mdx  
Mabel A GANDER da   3 Tottenham, Mdx  
Ernly H GANDER da   1 Tottenham, Mdx  
Tottenham - RG12/1074/12
John W GANDER Hd   34 Bishopsgate, Mdx  
Clara A GANDER Wf   34 St Luke, Mdx  
Clara GANDER da   8 Holloway, Mdx  
Florence M GANDER da   5 Tottenham, Mdx  
White House Inn, High Str, Great Hautbois, Ingworth - RG12/1515/44
Henry GANDAR Hd Mar 34 London,Mdx Licensed Victualler
Helen GANDAR Wf Mar 28 Barton Turf,Nor  
Emma MAYES serv S 18 Camberwell,Lnd  
St Giles, 66 Wellington Rd - RG12/1194/139
Benjamin GANDER Hd Wdw 68 Hooe, Ssx Medical Practioner
Abinger, Abinger Hammer - RG12/574/68
Ellen GANDER Hd Wdw 56 Westmeston, Ssx Steam Threshing
George A GANDER sn S 30 Ditchling, Ssx Engine Driver Threshing
Arthur GANDER sn S 23 Henfield, Ssx Ag.Lab
William E GANDER sn S 21 Abinger, Sry Gardener
Charles GANDER sn S 17 Abinger, Sry Art Leather Worker
Frederick GANDER sn S 15 Abinger, Sry House Boy (Farm House)
Chertsey, 1 Franklyn Villas - RG12/552/90
Elizabeth TAYLOR Hd Mar 54 Ormesby, Nfk Living on own means
Edith M GANDER niece   14 Woolwich, Ken  
Croydon, Coffee Tavern, 5 Lower Church Str - RG12/588/63
Charles GANDER visitor S 19 Maresfield, Ssx Grocers Porter 
  [Hd: Edmund & Ellen LOCKYER]
Croydon, 106 Gloucester Rd - RG12/592/118
James GANDER Hd Mar 70 Woodman Court (sic) Bricklayer
Emily GANDER Wf Mar 68 Ssx  
Elizabeth GANDER da(!)   11 Croydon Scholar
Eliza PONTING sis-i-l Wdw 65 Sussex  
Croydon - RG12/595/121
William H GANDER board   23 Brighton, Ssx no occup.given
Dorking, Westcott Str - RG12/575/56
James GANDER Hd Mar 29 Ditchling, Ssx Engine Driver Road Locomotive
Jane GANDER Wf Mar 25 Horley, Sry  
Ellen GANDER da   2 Abinger, Sry  
Daisy GANDER da   10mth Abinger, Sry  
Horsell, Wheatsheaf - RG12/554/22
Esther GANDER serv S 21 Armcross, Ssx  
Richmond, 39 Mt Ararat Rd - RG12/619/61
Orpah GANDER serv S 28 Chiddingly, Ssx Cook
Walton - RG12/550/38
Annie GANDER serv   19 Ssx  
Alcester, 62 Stratford Rd - RG12/2481/27
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 50 Chelsea, Lnd Surveyor & Sanitory Inspector
Hannah GANDER Wf Mar 50 Cirencester, Gls  
Edwin R GANDER sn S 18 Chelsea, Lnd Whitesmith, 
Charles J GANDER sn S 16 Alcester, War Carpenters Apprentice
Birmingham, 1 Lodge Rd - RG12/2399/46
Harry GANDER lodg S 21 Birmingham Polisher
Birmingham, 1 Lodge Rd
Edward ISHAM Hd Mar 30 Neither, Leamington,War Furniture Remover
Annie ISHAM Wf Mar 30 Birmingham,War  
Phoebe ISHAM da   8 Birmingham,War Scholar
Harry ISHAM sn   7 Birmingham,War Scholar
Florrie ISHAM da   5 Birmingham,War  
Edwd ISHAM sn   3 Birmingham,War  
Thomas ISHAM sn   1 Birmingham,War  
Harry GANDER Lodger S 21 Birmingham,War Polisher
Shipston-on-Stour, 152 London Rd - RG12/2485/125
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 26 Chelsea, Lnd Sanitary Inspector & School Attendance Officer 
Harriet GANDER Wf Mar 26 Shipston-on-Stour, Wor Carpenters Apprentice
Kings Norton, 6 Lyttleton Place - RG12/2353/25
William GANDER Hd Mar 29 Newbridge, Ire Stone Mason (GAUDER?)
Phoebe GANDER Wf Mar 28 Leythorpe, Yks  
Alice GANDER da   8 Birmingham  
William GANDER sn   6 Birmingham  
Frederick GANDER sn   3 Birmingham  
Florrie GANDER da   1m Kings Norton, Wor  
Handsworth - RG12/3842/36
Mary GANDER Hd Wdw 49 Yeovil, Som  
Albert GANDER sn   19 Iroze, Dby Colliery Labourer