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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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The 1871 Census for England and Wales

Sussex - by places I to Z

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Some of these entries may be incomplete but they may help as a starting base. They need re-checking.

1871 Census Returns for GANDER & GANDAR - Sussex: Places I to Z
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation
Information gleaned from various sources and checked with images on
Lewes St.Michael, 86 High Str - RG10/1067/39
Amelia GANDER Servant Unm 23 Bolney, Ssx Domestic Servant
Lewes, St.John under Castle, Brook Street - RG10/1067/111
William GANDER Hd Mar 55 Brighton, Ssx Town Carrier
Charity GANDER Wf Mar 51 Maresfield, Ssx  
Henry GANDER sn Unm 17 Lewes, Ssx Carrier's Lab.
Edith GANDER da Unm 15 Lewes, Ssx Gen.Servant
William GANDER sn Unm 12 Lewes, Ssx Scholar
Lewes, (St.John under Castle), Brook Street - RG10/1067/111
Thomas GANDER Hd Mar 45 Lewes, Ssx Lime Burner
Jane GANDER Wf Mar 38 Chailey, Ssx  
Thomas GANDER sn Unm 20 Lewes, Ssx chalk pits (Unemploy.)
John GANDER sn Unm 17 Lewes, Ssx Ag.Lab
Edward GANDER sn Unm 14 Lewes, Ssx Scholar
Charles GANDER sn Unm 13 Lewes, Ssx Scholar
Fanny GANDER da Unm 12 Lewes, Ssx Scholar
Henry GANDER sn Unm 8 Lewes, Ssx Scholar
Richard GANDER sn Unm 5 Lewes, Ssx Scholar
Benjamin GANDER sn Unm 4 Lewes, Ssx  
James GANDER sn Unm 2mths Lewes, Ssx  
Lewes, St.John under the Castle, White House Cottage,St.John Str - RG10/1067/92
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 60 Lindfield, Ssx Drayman
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 52 Beddingham, Ssx  
Edward FUNNELL Boarder Unm 37 Ranscombe, Ssx Wheeler (Master)
Lewes, St.Johns - RG10/1067/70
Edward PARKER Hd Mar 28 Kingston, Canada Iron Moulder
Esther PARKER Wf Mar 27 Lewes, Ssx  
Minnie H. PARKER da Unm 11 Chichester, Ssx  
Clara F. PARKER da Unm 5 Brighton, Ssx  
Willie J. PARKER sn Unm 1 Lewes, Ssx  
Harry W. PARKER sn Unm 1 Lewes, Ssx  
George GANDER bro Unm 10 Lewes, Ssx Scholar
Lewes, Flint Row, St.John Str - RG10/1067/93
Harry GANDER Hd Mar 27 Lewes, Ssx Labourer in Brewery
Fanny GANDER Wf Mar 28 Glynde, Ssx  
Ann GANDER da   8 Lewes, Ssx  
Harriett GANDER da   6 Lewes, Ssx  
Harry GANDER sn   4 Lewes, Ssx  
Edward WILSON Lodger Unm 30 Glynde, Ssx Bricklayers Labourer
Lindfield, Nether Halstead Farm - RG10/1060/44
William GANDER Hd Mar 64 Old Malling, Ssx Farmer 190 acres
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 59 Cowfold, Ssx  
Lindfield, Nether Halstead Farm - RG10/1060/44
Newman E.GANDER Hd Mar 24 Lower Beeding, Ssx Asst Farmer
Emma GANDER Wf Mar 24 Lower Beeding, Ssx  
Charles GANDER sn   5 Lower Beeding, Ssx  
Lindfield, Halstead,  Thatch Cott.age - RG10/1060/44
Peter G. GANDER Hd Mar 27 Lower Beeding, Ssx Asst Farmer
Sarah A. GANDER Wf Mar 28 Mitchton, Oxford  
Eliza A. GANDER da   5 Lower Beeding, Ssx  
Sarah GANDER da   3 Lower Beeding, Ssx  
Esther GANDER da   1 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Lindfield, Sunt? Farm - RG10/1060/31
John GANDER Hd Mar 49 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Lab
Louisa GANDER Wf Mar 49 Woodmancote, Ssx  
Jane GANDER da Unm 17 Lindfield, Ssx Domestic Servant
William GANDER sn Unm 15 Lindfield, Ssx Farm Servant
John GANDER sn Unm 12 Lindfield, Ssx Carter Boy
Clara GANDER da Unm 9 Lindfield, Ssx  
Lower Beeding, Gaouse (or Grouse?) - RG10/1099/8
John GANDER Hd   32 Lower Beeding, Ssx Farmer Of 11 Acres
Louisa GANDER Wf   33 Lower Beeding, Ssx  
John W. GANDER sn   5 Lower Beeding, Ssx  
Maresfield, Bell Yard - RG10/1055/9
John GANDER Hd   37 Maresfield, Ssx Ag.Lab
Caroline GANDER Wf   31 Maresfield, Ssx  
William GANDER sn   10 Maresfield, Ssx Scholar
Mary Ann GANDER da   4 Maresfield, Ssx  
Albert GANDER sn   1 Maresfield, Ssx  
Nuthurst, Micklepage
George GANDER Hd Mar 57 Keymer, Ssx Farmer of 133 acres employ.3 men & 1 boy
Ann GANDER Wf Mar 60 Slaugham, Ssx  
Betsey GANDER da Unm 22 Nuthurst, Ssx Farmer's Daughter
Nuthurst, New House - RG10/1096/90
George H. GANDER Hd Unm 25 Nuthurst, Ssx Farmer of 80 acres
Esther GANDER Sis Unm 30 Nuthurst, Ssx Housekeeper
Lucy COOMBES Serv Unm 15    
William COOK   Unm 18   Farm Servant
Ore, Church Str - RG10/1027/76
James GANDER Lodger Mar 42 Ninfield, Ssx Blacksmith
Ore, Heisenberg Terrace - RG10/1027/79
William GANDER boarder Unm 68 Sedlescombe, Ssx Blacksmith
Portslade-by-Sea, Shoreham Rd, Bun Cottage - RG10/1092/34
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 39 Portslade, Ssx Labourer
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 37 Brighton, Ssx  
Catherine GANDER da - 12 Cliftonville, Ssx Scholar
Henry GANDER sn - 10 Cliftonville, Ssx Scholar
George GANDER sn - 8 Cliftonville, Ssx Scholar
Louisa GANDER da - 6 Cliftonville, Ssx Scholar
John GANDER sn - 3 Cliftonville, Ssx Scholar
Elizabeth GANDER da - 2 Cliftonville, Ssx Scholar
Poynings, Common Cottages - RG10/1095/10
James GANDER Hd Mar 30 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Lab
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 26 Woodmancote, Ssx  
John GANDER sn   6 Albourne, Ssx  
James GANDER sn   4 Albourne, Ssx  
Emily GANDER da   1 Poynings, Ssx  
Pyecombe, Piecombe Street - RG10/1064/81
Peter WICKENS Hd Mar 64 Keymer, Ssx  Ag.Lab
Jane WICKENS Wf Mar 79 Pyecombe, Ssx  
Jane GANDER da-in-l Unm(!) 38 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Dressmaker
James Godding Lodger   38 bn Rottingdean,Ssx  
Rye, Winchelsea Road - RG10/1023/10
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 64 New Romney, Ken Master of the Tug
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 61 Kingsnorth, Ken Mariners Wife
Maria HUNTLEY da Mar 26 Rye, Ssx  
Annie HUNTLEY gda - 4mths Rye, Ssx  
Shermanbury, Morley Farm - RG10/1095/76
John PEACOCK Hd Mar 56 Cowfold, Ssx Farmer
Selina PEACOCK Wf Mar 57 Bolney, Ssx  
Stephen PEACOCK sn Unm 21 Shermanbury, Ssx Ag.Lab
Martha PEACOCK da Unm 14 Shermanbury, Ssx  
George K. PEACOCK gsn - 3 Shermanbury, Ssx  
Henry GLAZEBROOK Serv Unm 17 Shermanbury, Ssx Ag.Lab
Alfred PESTERFIELD Serv - 14 Horsham, Ssx Ag.Lab
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 84 Woodmancote, Ssx Retired Farmer
Jane GANDER Wf Mar 79 Cowfold, Ssx  
Shoreham, 27 Osborne Str - RG10/1092/24
John GANDER Hd Mar 30 Henfield, Ssx Gardener
Sarah A. GANDER Wf Mar 32 Shoreham, Ssx  
Harry GANDER sn   3 Hove, Ssx Deaf & Dumb from Scarlet Fever
Richard J GANDER sn   2 Hove, Ssx  
South Malling, South Str - RG10/1068/75
Rezin GANDER Hd Mar 36 Chiddingly, Ssx Chalk Digger
Susana GANDER Wf Mar 30 Firle, Ssx  
Charles T. (or S.?) GANDER sn   10 Firle, Ssx  
Mary A. GANDER da   8 Laughton,Ssx  
George R. GANDER sn   7 Firle, Ssx  
Edwin A. GANDER sn   2 Lewes, Ssx  
Slinfold, Ashland Farm - RG10/1100/5
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 52 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Farmer of 180 acres employ. 2 men
Harriett GANDER Wf Mar 50 Slaugham, Ssx  
William GANDER sn Unm 20 Bolney, Ssx -
Charles GANDER sn   15 Bolney, Ssx  
Henry GANDER sn   11 Horsham, Ssx  
Annie GANDER da   9 Horsham, Ssx  
Southwick, Marine Terrace - RG10/1090/38
William GANDER Hd Mar 33 Woodmancote, Ssx Engine Driver
Susanna GANDER Wf Unm 35 Henfield, Ssx  
Mary GANDER da   9 Sidlesham, Ssx Scholar
Charles GANDER sn   3 Woodmancote, Ssx  
Jessie GANDER da   7mths Southwick, Ssx  
Twineham, Hickstead Cottages
Albert GANDER Hd Mar 23 Keymer, Ssx Ag.Lab
Ann GANDER Wf Mar 22 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Albert GANDER sn   2 Twineham, Ssx  
William GANDER sn   1 Twineham, Ssx  
Twineham, Toll Gate - RG10/1080/140
James GANDER Hd Mar 63 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Toll Gate Keeper
Harriett GANDER Wf Mar 62 Lewes, Ssx  
Waldron, White House - RG10/1052/70
James GANDER Hd Mar 37 Wartling, Ssx Ag.Lab
Charlotte GANDER wf Mar 39 Brightling, Ssx  
James GANDER sn   13 Dallington,Ssx Apprentice to Shoe Maker
William GANDER sn   12 Dallington, Ssx  
Thomas GANDER sn   10 Hailsham, Ssx Scholar
Charlotte GANDER da   6 St.Leonards, Ssx  
Annie GANDER da   3 St.Leonards, Ssx  
Bruce GANDER sn   1 Ticehurst, Ssx  
Warbleton, Cottage, Beestons Farm - RG10/1045/11
Peter GANDER Hd Mar 51 Chiddingly, Ssx Labourer
Charlotte GANDER da Unm 24 Hellingly,Ssx  
Peter GANDER sn   21 Heathfield,Ssx Labourer
John E. GANDER sn   9 Warbleton,Ssx  
Warbleton, Hill Mill
Ellen Elizabeth GANDER         Servant
  [no other details known to DG]
Wartling, Millses - RG10/1043/20
Mary GANDER Servant Unm 18 Herstmonceux, Ssx General Servant
Wartling, The Vicarage - RG10/1043/22
Thomas GANDER servant Unm 41 Wartling, Ssx Gardener
Wartling, Stunts Green - RG10/1043/36
George GANDER Hd Mar 67 Wartling, Ssx Ag.Lab
Mary Ann GANDER Wf Mar 65 Ashburnham, Ssx  
Horace J. GANDER gsn   11 Hailsham, Ssx  
West Grinstead, Lands (or Sands?) - RG10/1096/40
Jesse GANDER Hd Mar 45 Bolney, Ssx Farmer of 151 acres
Jane GANDER Wf Mar 41 Bolney, Ssx  
Mary A. GANDER da   16 Bolney, Ssx Farmer's Daughter
Warden GANDER sn   14 Bolney, Ssx Farmer's Son
Rhoda J. GANDER da   13 Bolney, Ssx Scholar
Lois GANDER da   10 Bolney, Ssx Scholar
Henry GANDER sn   6 Falmer, Ssx Scholar
Edward GANDER sn   5 Falmer, Ssx  
Mercy GANDER da   2 West Grinstead, Ssx  
Henry LAKER Serv Unm 15 West Grinstead Farm Servant
Westmeston, America - RG10/1065/40
George GANDER Hd Mar 36 Ditchling, Ssx Ag.Lab
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 35 London, Mdx  
Elizabeth GANDER da - 8 Isfield, Ssx  
Herbert GANDER sn - 6 Westmeston, Ssx  
Amy GANDER da - 4 Westmeston, Ssx  
Ann GANDER da - 2 Westmeston, Ssx  
Eliza GANDER da - 7mths Westmeston, Ssx  
Willingdon, Mewets Cottage - RG10/1038/32
Alfred GANDER Hd Mar 30? Chiddingly, Ssx Cordwainer
Lois GANDER Wf Mar 36 Mayfield, Ssx  
Frederick B GANDER sn   14 East Hoathley, Ssx Labourer
Albert GANDER sn   11 Westham, Ssx Scholar
Andrew GANDER sn   8 Westham, Ssx Scholar
Emily GANDER da   6 Willingdon, Ssx  
Fanny GANDER da   3 Willingdon, Ssx  
Ernest GANDER sn   1 Willingdon, Ssx  
Woodmancote, 4 North Cottages - RG10/1095/17
Henry GANDER Hd Wdr 63 Lancing, Ssx Ag.Lab
Edwin GANDER sn Unm 25 Woodmancote, Ssx Ag.Lab
William COOPER Hd Mar 25 Henfield, Ssx Builder's Lab.
Maria COOPER Wf Mar 22 Woodmancote, Ssx  
William H. COOPER sn - 3mths Woodmancote, Ssx  
Woodmancote, 5 North Cottages - RG10/1095/17
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 25 Marylebone, Mdx* Bricklayer
Emily GANDER Wf Mar 31 Woodmancote, Ssx*  
Henry GANDER sn   3mths Woodmancote, Ssx  
  [*birthplaces as given to DG but they appear to have been switched: Henry was born Woodmancote & Emily born Marylebone?]
Worth, Woolborough Farm - RG10/1059/50
John GANDER Hd Mar 62 Malling, Ssx Farmer (260 acres employing 4 men & 2 boys)
Mary A. GANDER Wf Mar 63 Slaugham, Ssx  
Sarah GANDER da   38 Hurst, Ssx  
Annie GANDER da   26 Bolney, Ssx  
Clement GANDER sn   20 Nuthurst, Ssx Farmer's Son