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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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The 1871 Census for England and Wales

GANDERs and GANDARs - Surrey

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Note: Some of these entries may be incomplete but they may help as a starting base. They need re-checking.

1871 Census Returns for GANDER & GANDAR - Surrey
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation
Information gleaned from various sources and checked with images on
Abinger, Abinger Hammer - RG10/827/75
James GANDER Head Mar 38 Keymer, Ssx Proprietor of Thrashing Machine & Ag Lab
Ellen GANDER Wife Mar 36 Westmeston, Ssx  
James GANDER Son - 11 Ditchling, Ssx Scholar
Geo Albert GANDER Son - 10 Ditchling, Ssx Scholar
Alice Mary GANDER Dau - 8 Findon, Ssx Scholar
Ellen GANDER Dau - 5 Henfield, Ssx Scholar
Arthur GANDER Son - 3 Henfield, Ssx  
Wm Ernest GANDER Son - 1 Abinger, Sry  
Mary BANFIELD visitor Wdw 38 Shermanbury, Ssx  
Battersea, 102 Lavender Road - RG10/702/157
Stephen GANDER* Head Mar 27 Westminster, Mdx Wine Cooper
Caroline GANDER* Wife   28 Lambeth, Sry  
  *an examination of the Enumerator's Return reveals that the surname was really 'GANDEE' - I've left this in as there was a later a baptism of a son who is also shown on the IGI as 'GANDER'
Bermondsey, 21 Alderminster Road - RG10/639/89
Tom W. GANDER Hd Mar 36 Cty of Lnd, Mdx Carman
Emma J. GANDER wf Mar 35 Whitechapel, Mdx  
Henry R. GANDER sn   15 Whitechapel, Mdx  
Lucy H. GANDER da   11 Bermondsey, Sry  
Amy GANDER da   6 Bermondsey, Sry  
George GANDER sn   4 Bermondsey, Sry  
Sophia GANDER da   1 Bermondsey, Sry  
Samuel DAWSON Hd Wdw 51 Lincoln Clerk
Mary Ann DAWSON da unm 27 Bermondsey, Sry Skin Ironer
Lucy A.DAWSON da unm 20 Bermondsey, Sry  
Thomas T. DAWSON sn   14 Bermodnsey, Sry Carman
Samuel DAWSON sn   7 Bermondsey,Sry  
Bermondsey, St Olaves Union Workhouse, Russell Street - RG10/632/134
Caroline GANDER Servant Unm 23 Peckham, Sry Inmate
Bermondsey St Mary Magdalen, 4 ?Baalzephen Street  - RG10/628/131
Jane GANDER Visitor Mar 26    
  [Hd. Mary MILLARD age 29]
Bermondsey St Mary Magdalen, 11 Wrights Buildings - RG10/640/122
Mary GANDER Lodger Mar 59 Ireland Laundress
  [Hd. Elizabeth ADDISON age 59 born Ireland, worker in Glue Factory]
Bermondsey St Mary Magdalen, 212 Grange Road - RG10/630/111
George GANDER Head Mar 26 Brighton, Ssx Upholsterer
Jane GANDER Wife Mar 25 Brighton, Ssx  
George GANDER Son   3 Peckham, Sry  
Lilley GANDER Dau   1mth Bermondsey, Sry  
Clapham, 1 Pensbury Street - RG10/696/66
William GANDER Head Unm 36 St Luke, Mdx General Dealer
  [William DIBBLE, Plasterer, & wife Elizabeth (plus 2 sons and a da) at same address as boarders]
Croydon, Wells Road - RG10/845/74
James GANDER Visitor Unm 32 Woodmancote, Ssx Labourer
  [Hd.George BRAYNE & family]
Lambeth, 119 East Street - RG10/665/113
Harriett GANDER Head Unm? 30 Lambeth Ironer
Lucy GANDER Dau Unm 10 Lambeth  
Thomas GANDER Son Unm 4 Lambeth  
also at same address:  
Lucy GADER (sic) Head Wdw 70 Lambeth  
George GADER (sic) son Unm 29 Lambeth  
Lambeth, 19 ?Ronpell Street - RG10/649/7
John GANDERS Lodger Unm 22 St Pancras, Mdx Warehouseman
  [Hd: Edward LIGHT, 53, Cooper]
Mitcham, Windmill House - RG10/853/13
Lillie GANDER Visitor Unm 17 Boro' Green, KEN  
  [Hd: Joseph WATSON Yeast Merchant]
Newington St Mary, St.Pauls Lambeth, 5 Henry Street - RG10/615/56
Alfred GANDER Head Mar 37 Southwark, Sry Licensed Victualler (out of business)
Maria GANDER Wife Mar 37 Limehouse, Mdx  
Kate Watson GANDER Dau - 13 Southwark, Sry Scholar
Newington St Mary, 3 Swan Place - RG10/611/15
Ester GANDER Head Wdw 53 Brighton, Ssx Laundress
James GANDER Son Unm 17 Lnd, Mdx Harness Maker
  plus 3 HALLOWS lodgers
Newington St Mary, 5 Thurlow Street - RG10/617/101
William GANDER Visitor Unm 35 Newington, Sry Clerk
  [Hd: James S. ROSSE, Builder, & family]
Reigate Foreign, Holmesdale Road - RG10/830/87
Thomas GANDER Lodger Unm 23 Horsham, Ssx Police Constable
Richmond, 3 Castle Terrace - RG10/867/49
Agnes Jane GANDEE* Head Unm 36 Richmond, Sry Fancy Business
Rosa Houghton GANDEE* Sister Unm 38 Richmond, Sry Fancy Business
Anna Maria GANDEE* Sister Unm 39 Richmond, Sry Fancy Business
Emma Sealey GANDEE* Sister Unm 46 London, Mdx Governess
Jane Eliza EDSEN Serv Unm 22 West Horley, Sry Genl.Servant Domestic
  *Having seen the image of the Enumerator's Return the surname looked to be 'GANDEE' but I have left this listed as this family are down as 'GANDER' in other Censuses.
Shere, High H(?)onor Farm - RG10/810/42
Jesse GANDER Head Mar 32 Lower Beeding, Ssx Farmer of 400 acres employ. 8 men & 2 boys
Marianne GANDER Wife Mar 32 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Marianne GANDER Dau - 8 West Grinstead, Ssx  
Jesse J GANDER Son - 6 West Grinstead, Ssx  
Andrew GANDER Son - 4 West Grinstead, Ssx  
Sarah Norris GANDER Dau - 3 Shere, Sry  
Minnie A GANDER Dau - 2 Shere, Sry  
Alexander GRIFFIN Appren. Unm 20 Dorking, Sry Farmer's Apprentice
  plus 3 servants
Southwark, St George the Martyr, 6 John Street - RG10/602/111
John GANDER Head Mar 33 Southwark, Sry Undertaker's Coachman
Mather GANDER Wife Mar 28 Southwark, Sry  
Mary GANDER Dau - 7 Southwark, Sry  
Jane GANDER Dau - 5 Southwark, Sry  
Sarah GANDER Dau - 3 Southwark, Sry  
Eliza GANDER Dau - 1 Southwark, Sry  
Southwark St Saviour, 21 Southwark Square - RG10/596/71
Harriet GANDER Head Wdw 45 Bury St Edmunds  
John GANDER Son - 15 Southwark, Sry Printer's Boy
Peter GANDER Son - 10 Southwark, Sry Scholar
Mary GANDER Dau - 5 Southwark, Sry  
Henry GANDER Son - 3 Southwark, Sry  
Walworth, 35 South Street - RG10/617/112
Stephen GANDER Hd Mar 35 Stepney, Mdx Mill Band Maker
Emily GANDER wf Mar 29 St.George, Sry  
Harriett GANDER da   2 Newington, Sry  
Walton On Thames, Burhill Lodge - RG10/803/19
John EDWARDS Head Mar 61 Langford, Bdf Ag.Lab
Martha EDWARDS Wf Mar 55 Swanage, Dor  
William J GANDER Son Unm 17 Kensal Green, Mdx (no occup)
James Styles STEVENS nursechild - 3 Hornsey, Mdx Scholar
Walworth, 5 Thurlow Street - RG10/617/101
William GANDER Visitor Unm 35 Newington, Sry Clerk
  [Hd: James S. ROWE (Mar, 37, born Penzance, Con, Builder) & family]
Walworth, 35 South Street - RG10/617/112
GANDER Hd Mar 35 Stepney, Mdx Mill Band Maker
GANDER wf Mar 29 St.George, Sry  
GANDER da   2 Newington, Sry