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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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The 1861 Census for England and Wales

GANDERs and GANDARs - Sussex - Places A - D

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I believe the following to be a comprehensive coverage - though can't guarantee this.

1861 Census Returns for GANDER & GANDAR - Sussex: Places A to D
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation
Information mostly gleaned from various sources including external link.
Albourne, Tree Castle - RG9/583/167
Hd Wdwr 65 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Ag.Lab
George GANDER bro Unm 56 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Lab
Daniel BURTENSHAW Lodger Mar 47 Albourne, Ssx  
Mary BURTENSHAW Wf Mar 40 Albourne, Ssx  
Henry BURTENSHAW sn Unm 19 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Lab
William BURTENSHAW sn Unm 13 Albourne, Ssx Carter Boy
Albourne, Bot? Watts? Farm - RG9/583/169
William HOLDER Hd Mar 62 Woodmancote, Ssx Ag.Lab
Mary HOLDER Wf Mar 61 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Edwin GANDER boarder Unm 15 Woodmancote, Ssx Carter Boy
Arlington, Polhills Farm - RG9/568/13
Thomas GANDER Carter Unm 31 Wartling, Ssx Carter
Arlington, Farm House - RG9/568/15
Richard GANDER
Hd Mar 59 Hellingly, Ssx, Farmer of 6 acres
Mercy GANDER wf   59 Chalvington, Ssx Wife
Orpha GANDER gda Unm 14 Hellingly, Ssx Visitor
Bexhill, West End - RG9/563/6
Walter GANDER Hd Mar 38 Bexhill, Ssx Grocer & Carrier
Emma GANDER wf Mar 37 Bexhill, Ssx  
Anne M. GANDER da Unm 15 Bexhill, Ssx  
George T. GANDER sn   14 Bexhill, Ssx Donkey Chair (?Maker)
Louis H. GANDER sn   11 Bexhill, Ssx  
Peter N. GANDER sn   10 Bexhill, Ssx  
Walter GANDER sn   11mths Bexhill, Ssx  
Bexhill Ssx , Bell Hotel - RG9/563/50
Agnes GANDER servant Unm 30 Bexhill, Ssx Domestic Servant
Bexhill, Bellehill - RG9/563/53
Elizabeth GANDER Hd Wdw 66 Hawkhurst, Ken Carrier
Mary Ann GANDER da Unm 46 Bexhill, Ssx  
Bolney, Murrells Farm - RG9/582/123
Henry GANDER Hd   74 Woodmancote, Ssx Farmer of 70 acres employing 3 men
Jane GANDER Wf       'Gone on a visit'
Josephus GANDER sn   44 Bolney, Ssx Farm Servant
Amelia GANDER sn's wife   40 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Mary GANDER sn's da   15 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Amelia GANDER sn's da   14 Bolney, Ssx  
William GANDER sn's sn   10 Bolney, Ssx  
Henry GANDER sn's sn   3 Bolney, Ssx  
Emma ETHERIDGE serv Unm 14 Bolney, Ssx  
John HOLDEN serv Unm 60 Guildford, Sry Ag.Lab
Bolney, Bolney Place - RG9/582/138
Ann GANDER serv   13 Albourne, Ssx Nursemaid
  [with William MARSHALL (Farmer of 800 acres) & family]
Brighton, 14 Marshalls Row - RG9/582/82
James GANDER Hd Mar 48 Keymer, Ssx Labourer
Eliza GANDER Wf Mar 43 Keymer, Ssx  
Mary Jane GANDER da - 23 Keymer, Ssx Milkman
George NICHOLSON visitor   2 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 33 Old Steine - RG9/591/8
Mary Ann GANDER Servant Unm 18 Brighton, Ssx General Servant
  [Hd: Elizabeth BARTLETT (Wdw, age49, Lodging House Keeper) & family]
Brighton, 173 Eastern Road - RG9/591/17
Anna GANDER Servant Unm 18 Clayton, Ssx Domestic Servant
  [Hd: William PACHAM (65, Horse Dealer) & family]  
Brighton, 139 Edward Street - RG9/591/23
Mark GANDER Hd Mar 22 Chidingly(sic), Ssx Pork Butcher
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 30 East Grinstead, Ssx  
Mary BUDGEN Visitor Mar 62 Canterbury, Ken  
Brighton, 5 Clarendon Terrace - RG9/591/105
Mary GANDER Servant Unm 20 Woodmancote, Ssx House Servant
Brighton, 28 Lewes Crescent - RG9/591/119
Eliza GANDER Servant Unm 30 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Cook
  [Hd: John MUGGERIDGE (Proprietor) & family]
Brighton, 20 High Street - RG9/592/111
Sarah GANDER Hd Mar 51 Brighton, Ssx Main Needlewoman
Emily (n.k.) Visitor   1 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 6 Edward Street - RG9/593/4
James GANDER Hd Mar 40 Hurst, Ssx Hair Dresser
Ann GANDER wf Mar 41 Brighton, Ssx  
James GANDER sn Unm 15 Brighton, Ssx Printer Compositor
William GANDER sn   11 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Frederic GANDER sn   9 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Sarah GANDER da   7 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Eliza GANDER da   5 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Edward GANDER sn   3 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Brighton, 43 Sloan Street - RG9/593/51
Susannah GANDER Hd Wdw 55 West Hoathly, Ssx Dressmaker
Martha GANDER da Unm 24 Maresfield, Ssx Servant
Jane GANDER da Unm 20 Maresfield, Ssx Dressmaker
Brighton, 15 Derby Pl. - RG9/593/111
Mary A. GANDER Lodger Mar 35 Graffham, Ssx Upholstress
Brighton, 5 Richmond Terrace (Lansdown Lodge) - RG9/594/7
Eliza GANDER Servant Unm 18 Lindfield, Ssx House Servant
  [Hd: George ATTREE (age43, Alderman of Borough of Brighton) & family]
Brighton, 21 Lennox Street - RG9/594/88
James GANDER Hd Mar 34 Ripe, Ssx Labourer
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 25 Brighton, Ssx  
Sarah GANDER da   5 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Mary A GANDER da   8mths Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 19 Albion Street - RG9/595/6
John GANDER Hd Mar 25 Eastbourne, Ssx Labourer
Miriam GANDER Wf Mar 23 Westham, Ssx  
Sarah GANDER da   4 Eastbourne, Ssx  
John GANDER sn   1 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 30 Park Crescent - RG9/595/134
Jane GANDER serv Unm 27 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Servant
Brighton, 10 Elder Row - RG9/596/76
Mark GANDER Hd Mar 43 Albourne, Ssx Railway Labourer
Lucy GANDER Wf Mar 48 Wiston, Ssx  
Matthew GANDER sn   14 Albourne, Ssx Railway Labourer
Emily GANDER da   12 Albourne, Ssx  
Mark GANDER sn   10 Albourne, Ssx  
Walter COOMBS neph Unm 19 Ashington, Ssx Railway Labourer
Brighton, 44 London Street - RG9/596/99
James GANDER Boarder Mar 33 Brighton, Ssx Raily.Guard
  [Hd: John HILL(age31 Raily.Guard) & family]
Brighton, 15 Flat Street - RG9/596/150
William GANDER Lodger Unm 23 Woodmancote, Ssx Laborer (sic)
  [with Thomas DAWES (Blacksmith) & wife]
Brighton, 37 Red (?Cross) Square - RG9/597/25
Seaman BENNETT Hd Mar 33 [ - ? -], Ken Journeyman Tailor
Orpha BENNETT wf Mar 23 Chiddingly, Ssx  
Francis BLUNDEN b-in-law Unm 46 Brighton, Ssx Tailor
Grace PULLEN gda   7 Brighton, Ssx  
George GANDER nursechild   2 Burgess Hill, Ssx  
Brighton, 25 White (Cross?) Street - RG9/597/30
Harry GANDER Hd Mar 22 Brighton, Ssx Journeyman Carpen(er?)
Mary Ann GANDER Wf Mar 18 Brighton, Ssx  
Elizabeth M A GANDER da   1 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 6 Derby Place - RG9/597/93
Sarah GANDER Lodger Unm 20 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Dressmaker
  [Hd: Henry GARDENER, Wdwr, age42, born Brighton, Bricklayer's Labourer]
Brighton, 2 & 4 Buckingham Place - RG9/597/93
Sarah A. GANDER Servant Unm 20 St Johns, Ssx Dom.Cook
Brighton, 4 Princes Buildings - RG9/598/162
James GANDER visitor Unm 22 Woodmancote, Ssx Ag.Lab
Brighton, 20 Black Lion Street - RG9/599/42
Elizabeth GANDER Servant Unm 20 Hockley (sic-Ockley?), Ssx House Servant
  [Hd: William H. HOLDEN (China & Glass Dealer) & family]
Brighton, 11 Ship Street - RG9/599/58
William GANDER Hd Mar 28 Ditchling, Ssx Draper's Porter
Hannah GANDER Wf Mar 28 Brighton, Ssx  
Hannah E GANDER da   3 Brighton, Ssx  
William J GANDER sn   2 Brighton, Ssx  
Richard CARGILE Lodger Unm 23 London Bachelor of Arts Oxon
Andrew SHARMAN Lodger Unm 21 Earls Barton, Nth Shoe Manufacturer employ.1 man 2 boys
Brighton, 17 North Street - RG9/599/70
serv Unm 25 Brighton,Ssx House Servant
  [Hd: John DAGG (36, Haberdasher) & wife & Assistants]
Brighton, 65 Kings Road - RG9/599/89
Mary GANDER Hd Mar 44 Crawley, Ssx Lodging House Keeper
Sarah NATION Cousin Unm 28 Isfield, Ssx Servant
Brighton, 2 Jews Str - RG9/599/155
Mary ELLIS Hd Wdw 27 West Hoathly, Ssx Ironer
John ELLIS sn   5 Brighton, Ssx  
Thomas GANDER Fa Mar 64 Wivelsfield, Ssx Coal Labourer
Benjamin GANDER sn Unm 25 Wivelsfield, Ssx Waiter
Brighton, 6 West Street - RG9/600/4
Francis GANDER Hd Mar 49 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Fruiterer etc
Helen GANDER da unm 23 Brighton, Ssx Dressmaker
Mary GANDER da Unm 21 Brighton, Ssx Fruiters Assistant
Ann GANDER da Unm 19 Brighton, Ssx Fruiters Assistant
Anne HOWARD? lodger Unm 24 Sevenoaks, Ken Servant
Brighton, 1 Russell Square - RG9/600/68
Henry PULLEN Hd Mar 56 Brighton, Ssx Labourer
Mary Ann PULLEN wf Mar 58 Canterbury,Ken Laundress
Agnes Mary BENNETT da   4 Brighton, Ssx Tailor
Clara Kate BENNETT da   1 Brighton, Ssx  
George GANDER neph   14 Herstmonceux, Ssx Tailor's Apprentice
Brighton, 46 Regency Street - RG9/602/15
Harriett GANDER Servant Unm 20 Brighton, Ssx Housemaid
Brighton, 64 Western Road - RG9/602/27B
Caroline GANDER Servant Unm 17 Woodmancote, Ssx Housemaid
Brighton, Temple House - RG9/602/107
Herbert GANDER Servant - 14 Westmeston, Ssx Servant
[Temple House appears to be a school]
Brighton, 26 Trafalgar Street - RG9/597/ 
William L. TROWER Hd Mar 25 Henfield, Ssx Fruiterer & Greengrocer
Jane TROWER Wf Mar 22 Henfield, Ssx  
Harry GANDER Servant Unm 13 Henfield, Ssx Errand Boy
Chiddingly, Holdens - RG9/569/51
Edwin GANDER Lodger Unm 22 Chiddingly, Ssx Agricultural Labourer
Chiddingly, Stream Farm - RG9/569/51
David GANDER serv Unm 16 Chiddingly, Ssx Groom
  [Hd: Robert REEVES (Miller & Farmer) & family]  
Chiddingly, Gunn Street - RG9/569/54
Henry GANDER Hd Unm 46 Chiddingly, Ssx Agricultural Labourer
Chiddingly, Hale - RG9/569/55
George GANDER Hd Mar 46 Chiddingly, Ssx Agricultural Labourer
Miriam GANDER wf Mar 44 Wilmington, Ssx  
Julius GANDER sn   14 Chiddingly, Ssx Plough Boy
George GANDER sn   10 Chiddingly, Ssx Scholar
Albert GANDER sn   7 Chiddingly, Ssx Scholar
Orpah GANDER da   3 Chiddingly, Ssx  
Chiddingly, Gunn Hill - RG9/569/55
William GANDER Hd Mar 72 Hellingly, Ssx Agricultural Labourer
Charlotte GANDER Wf Mar 71 Misson, Ssx  
Clayton, St.John's Common - RG9/583/121
Henry HUMPHREY Hd Mar 29 Reigate, Sry Draper & Grocer
Eunice HUMPHREY Wf Mar 26 Cuckfield, Ssx Laundress
Frank? HUMPHREY sn   1 Clayton, Ssx Scholar
Stephen GANDER Boarder Unm 20 Westmeston, Ssx Draper & Grocer
Clayton, Pear Tree Cott. - RG9/583/124
William GANDER Hd Mar 58 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Ag.Lab
Ann GANDER Wf Mar 54 Brighton, Ssx  
Clayton, West Street - RG9/583/129
George WICKHAM Hd Mar 34 Hurst(pierpoint?), Ssx Tailor
Mary Ann WICKHAM Wf Mar 30 Bolney,Ssx Laundress
Emma WICKHAM da   9 Hurst(pierpoint?), Ssx Scholar
George WICKHAM sn   7 Hurst(pierpoint?), Ssx Scholar
Anetta WICKHAM da   4 Hurst(pierpoint?), Ssx Scholar
Alice WICKHAM da   1 Clayton, Ssx  
Eliza GANDER sis Unm 25 Beeding, Ssx Dressmaker
John KNABB(EN?) Lodger Unm 21 Woodmancote Wheelwright
Henry HEDGES Lodger Unm 35 Wivelsfield, Ssx Ag.Lab
Clayton, Fair Place - RG9/583/130
George GANDER Hd Mar 47 Clayton, Ssx Bricklayers Labr
Hannah GANDER Wf Mar 44 Clayton, Ssx Laundress
Ann GANDER da - 13 Clayton, Ssx Scholar
Ellen GANDER da   10 Clayton, Ssx Scholar
Henry GANDER sn   8 Clayton, Ssx Scholar
William GANDER sn   5 Clayton, Ssx Scholar
Alfred GANDER gsn   1 Clayton, Ssx  
Cuckfield, Pilstie - RG9/582/35
Amos LONGHURST Hd Mar 47 Slaugham, Ssx Farmer
Mary A. LONGHURST Wf Mar 47 Bolney, Ssx  
Mary GANDER Visitor Wdw 75 Laughton, Ssx Farmers Widow
Cuckfield, Hanley Farm - RG9/582/53
John GANDER Hd Mar 52 Ringmer, Ssx Farmer 250 acres empl.2mn & 1 boy
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 54 Slaugham, Ssx  
Sarah GANDER da Unm 28 Hurst, Ssx  
Jesse GANDER sn Unm 22 Beeding, Ssx Farmer's Son
Hester GANDER da Unm 21 Beeding, Ssx  
Ann GANDER da Unm 17 Bolney, Ssx  
Clement GANDER sn   10 West Grinstead, Ssx Scholar
Charles HAYTOR   Unm 27   Carter
Charles ASCOMBE     15   Ploughboy

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Cuckfield, Whitemans Green - RG9/582/82
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 24 Clayton, Ssx Ag.Engine Driver
Sarah GANDER Wf Mar 25 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Ditchling, Eastend Lane - RG9/584/21
Edwin GANDER Servant Unm 16 Westmeston, Ssx Painter
[Hd of House: James EDWARDS (36, Plumber) & family]  
Ditchling, Ditchling Common - RG9/584/24
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 45 Keymer, Ssx Brickmaker
Sarah GANDER Wf Mar 43 Chiltington, Ssx  
Eliza GANDER da Unm 14 Ditchling, Ssx House Servant
Emma GANDER da   12 Ditchling, Ssx Scholar
Ellen GANDER da   7 Ditchling, Ssx Scholar
Henry GANDER sn   4 Ditchling, Ssx Scholar
Elizabeth GANDER da   1 Ditchling, Ssx  
Ditchling, Ditchling Common - RG9/584/26
John CARD Hd Mar 50 Wivelsfield, Ssx Ag.Lab
Sarah CARD Wf Mar 48 Ditchling, Ssx  
William CARD sn Unm 25 Ditchling, Ssx Ag.Lab
Patience CARD da Unm 21 Ditchling, Ssx Needle Woman
Elizabeth GANDER Lodger Wdw 83 Ditchling, Ssx formerly Farmer's Wife '15 Acres'

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