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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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The 1851 Census for England and Wales

Sussex - A to G


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Some of these entries may be incomplete but they may help as a starting base. They need re-checking.

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1851 Census Returns for GANDER & GANDAR - Sussex: Places A to G
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation
Information mostly gleaned from various sources including external link.
Albourne, Coldharbour - HO107/1642/383
William GANDER Hd Mar 38 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Lab
Harriet GANDER Wf - 36 Cowfold, Ssx  
James GANDER sn - 10 Albourne, Ssx Scholar Nat'l School
William GANDER sn - 8 Albourne, Ssx Scholar Nat'l School
Alfred GANDER sn - 6 Albourne, Ssx  
Ann GANDER da - 3 Albourne, Ssx  
William HUTSON lodg Unm 51 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Labourer
Albourne, Tree Castle Cottage - HO107/1642/386
Ned GANDER Hd Wdw 56 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Lab
George GANDER Bro Unm 50 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Lab
Henry BURTENSHAW Visit - 9 Albourne, Ssx Scholar
Albourne, Reeds Cottage - HO 107/1642/386b
Mark GANDER Hd Mar 33 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Lab
Lucy GANDER Wf Mar 37 Wiston, Ssx  
Ellen GANDER da   8 Woodmancote, Ssx Scholar Nat'l School
Lucy GANDER da   6 Woodmancote, Ssx Scholar Nat'l School
Matthew GANDER sn   4 Albourne, Ssx  
Emily GANDER da   2 Albourne, Ssx  
Mark GANDER sn   6mths Albourne, Ssx  
William PITT lodg Unm 24 N.K. Bricklayer Labourer
James PITT lodg Unm 18 N.K. Bricklayer Labourer
James STEER lodg Unm 26 N.K. Bricklayer Labourer
Arlington, Willbees Farm House - HO107/1638/7
Mercy GANDER serv Unm 15 Wilmington, Ssx General Servant of All Work
  [Head of House: BARBER]
Ashdown Forest - HO107/1641/304
John HEASMAN Hd Mar 23 East Grinstead, Ssx Ag.Lab
Mary HEASMAN Wf Mar 22 East Grinstead, Ssx  
Sophia GANDER Mthr Wdw 57 East Grinstead, Ssx  
Battle, Town - HO107/1636/309
Clara GANDER Unm At Nurse 1 Battle, Ssx  
  [Relationship to Hd. of House. (Stephen SMITH) was not given]
Bexhill, Bell Hill - HO107/1636/25
Walter GANDER Hd Mar 28 Bexhill, Ssx Carrier
Emma GANDER Wf Mar 27 Bexhill, Ssx  
George T. GANDER sn - 4 Bexhill, Ssx  
Louis H. GANDER sn - 1 Bexhill, Ssx  
Peter N. GANDER sn - 2mths Bexhill, Ssx  
Bexhill, (no other address given) - HO107/1636/94
Elizabeth GANDER Hd Wdw 55 Hawkhurst, Ken Carrier
Mary Anne GANDER da Unm 35 Bexhill, Ssx  
Anne Maria GANDER gda   5 Bexhill, Ssx Scholar
Bexhill, (no other address given) - HO107/1636/102
John GANDER Hd Mar 78 Hooe, Ssx Pauper Ag.Lab
Hannah GANDER Wf Mar 68 Bexhill, Ssx  
Bolney, Old Mill Farm - HO107/1642/328
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 64 Woodmancote, Ssx Farmer (70 acres, emply. 4 Labs)
Jane GANDER Wf Mar 55 Cowfold, Ssx  
James GANDER sn Unm 24 Bolney, Ssx Ag Lab
Josephus GANDER sn Mar 30 Bolney, Ssx Ag Lab
Amelia GANDER da-in-l Mar 29 Cuckfield, Ssx  
Mary GANDER gda   4 Bolney, Ssx  
Amelia GANDER gda   3 Bolney, Ssx  
William GANDER gsn   6mths Bolney, Ssx  
Richard HARMES sn-in-l Mar 25 Bolney, Ssx Ag.Lab.
Mary HARMES gda Mar 21 Bolney, Ssx  
Martha BURTENSHAW lodg? Wdw 61 Brighton, Ssx  
Emma ETHERIDGE gda   4 Woodmncote, Ssx  
John HOLDEN serv - 50 Guildford, Sry Ag.Lab.
Brighton, 37 Marine Parade - HO107/1644/367
Eliza GANDER serv Unm 26 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx House Servant
  [Hd: William J. CAMPION (Mar, 80, Land Proprietor) & family]
Brighton, 14 Sussex Street - HO107/1645/308
James GANDER Hd Mar 30 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Hair Dresser
Ann GANDER Wf Mar 31 Brighton, Ssx  
Mary A. GANDER da Unm 7 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
James GANDER sn Unm 5 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Emma GANDER da Unm 2 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
William GANDER sn Unm 1 Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 26 Cambridge Road - HO107/1645/335
Thomas GANDER Hd Mar 53 Worth, Ssx Labourer
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 43 West Hoathly, Ssx  
Mary GANDER da Unm 17 West Hoathly, Ssx At Home
Thomas GANDER sn - 12 East Grinstead, Ssx  
Frederick GANDER sn - 9 East Grinstead, Ssx  
Jane GANDER da - 6 East Grinstead, Ssx  
Susannah GANDER da - 4 East Grinstead, Ssx  
John GANDER sn - 6mths Brighton, Ssx  
Brighton, 32 Albion Street - HO107/1645/368
William SANDLES Hd Mar 28 Chailey, Ssx Gardener
Martha SANDLES Wf Mar 22 Ewhurst, Ssx  
Alfred SANDLES sn Unm 6mths Brighton, Ssx  
Richard GANDER sn by former wife Unm 3 East Grinstead, Ssx  
Brighton, 49 Bread Street - HO107/1645/584
James GANDER Hd Mar 26 Brighton, Ssx Carrier
Mary Ann GANDER Wf Mar 25 Graffham, Ssx Upholstress
James DICKS bro-in-l Unm 21 Graffham, Ssx Plasterer Journeyman
John EMERY   Wdr 55 Brighton, Ssx Seafaring
Brighton, 1 Regent Street - HO107/1645/630
James GANDER Hd Mar 54 Henfield, Ssx Carrier Employ(?er)
Penelope GANDER Wf Mar 51 Suffolk  
Gertrude GANDER da   12 Brighton, Ssx  
John GANDER sn   9 Brighton, Ssx  
Harriett FENNELL serv Unm 22 Laughton, Ssx -
Brighton, 29 Sidney Street - HO107/1645/860
Eliza GANDER serv Unm 16 Cuckfield, Ssx Servant
  [Hd: George EARP (Mar, 32, Artist ) & family]
Brighton, 12 Trafalgar Road - HO107/1645/896
Eliza GANDER serv Unm 15 Ditchling, Ssx General Servant
  [Hd: Thomas STURDY ( Mar, 41, Linen Draper) & family]
Brighton, 24 Clifton Road North - HO107/1645/1036
Elizabeth GANDER serv Unm 16 Lewes, Ssx House Servant
  [Hd: John Junr DAVEY (Mar, 34, Plasterer) & family]
Brighton, 7 Brighton Place Cottages - HO107/1646/38
John GEERE Hd Mar 33 Lewes, Ssx Coachman
Jemima GEERE Wf Mar 35 Fletching, Ssx  
William Thomas GEERE sn Unm 9 Lewes, Ssx Scholar
Sarah Jane GEERE da Unm 7 Lewes, Ssx Scholar
Elizabeth GEERE da Unm 11mths Brighton, Ssx  
Elizabeth COX neice Unm 23 Marylebone, Mdx Milliner
William GANDER neph Unm 19 Fletching, Ssx Draper's Porter
Brighton, 2 Bunkers Hill - HO107/1646/140
James WINCHESTER Hd Mar 33 Brighton, Ssx Fisherman
Mary WINCHESTER Wf Mar 35 Brighton, Ssx  
Elizabeth WINCHESTER da Unm 11 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Mary WINCHESTER da Unm 7 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Thomas GANDER Fa Wdr 71 Fareham, Ham Brushmaker
Brighton, 53a Preston Street - HO107/1646/293
Richard CLARY Hd Mar 50 Chelsea, Mdx Stage Coach Man
Mary A. CLARY Wf Mar 40 Brighton, Ssx Dressmaker
Emma GANDER serv Unm 19 Chiddingly, Ssx House Servant
Brighton, 4 Western Street - HO107/1646/373
Elizabeth GANDER serv Unm 20 Maresfield, Ssx General Servant
  [Hd: Sarah GORDALE (Wdw, 46, Baker) & dau, visitor & 2 other servants]
Brighton, 70 Montpelier Road - HO107/1646/452
Charity GANDER serv Unm 23 Ditchling, Ssx General Servant
  [Hd: Robert LEE (Mar, 27, Schoolmaster) & family]
Brighton, 9 Clifton Terrace - HO107/1646/560
Sarah GANDER serv Unm 15 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx House Servant
  [Hd: William ACTON (Mar, 32, Butcher Retired) & family]
Brighton (Old Town), 12 Portland Street - HO107/1646/599
Benjamin GANDER serv Unm 16 East Grinstead, Ssx Pot Boy
  [Hd: William R. THOMAS (Mar, 47, Brass Finisher) & family]
Brighton, 71 North Street - HO107/1646/637
Sarah GANDER serv Unm 23 Ripe, Ssx House Servant
  [Hd: George BULL (Wdr, 39, Grocer emp.5) & other servants]
Brighton, 15 West Street - HO107/1646/125
Francis GANDER Hd Mar 39 Brighton, Ssx Potato Merchant
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 34 Brighton, Ssx  
Ellen GANDER da Unm 13 Brighton, Ssx At Home
Mary GANDER da Unm 11 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Francis GANDER sn Unm 7 Brighton, Ssx Scholar
Incomplete transcription shows:          
Francis GANDER     35    
Elizabeth GANDER          
Chiddingly, Gun Hill - HO107/1638/271
Grace GANDER lodge Unm 17 Chiddingly, Ssx  
Henry DALLOWAY lodge Unm 24 Chiddingly, Ssx Ag.Lab
  [Hd of House: FRENCH (& family)]
Chiddingly, Gun Lane - HO107/1638/272
Alfred GANDER   Unm 18 Chiddingly, Ssx Cordwainer Apprentice
  [Hd of Household: HOLMAN, (Cordwainer) & family]
Chiddingly, Hale Green - HO107/1638/274
George GANDER Hd Mar 36 Chiddingly, Ssx Ag.Lab
Miriam GANDER Wf Mar 35? Wilmington, Ssx  
Ruth GANDER da   15 Chiddingly, Ssx Scholar
Rhoda GANDER da   10 Chiddingly, Ssx Scholar
David GANDER sn   6 Chiddingly, Ssx Scholar
Julius GANDER sn   4 Chiddingly, Ssx  
Infant GANDER sn   1mth Chiddingly, Ssx  
Chiddingly, Hale Hill - HO107/1638/274
William GANDER Hd Mar 64 Hellingly, Ssx Pauper (Ag.Lab)
Rachel GANDER Wf Mar 65 (or 63?) Donnington, Ssx  
Rezin GANDER gsn Unm 15 Chiddingly, Ssx  
Edwin GANDER gsn Unm 13 Chiddingly, Ssx Ag.Lab
Julia A. PARK gda   4 Chiddingly, Ssx  
Chiddingly, The Hut - HO107/1638/294
Richard GANDER Hd Mar 49 Hellingly, Ssx Dealer
Mercy GANDER Wf Mar 49 Chalvington, Ssx Dealer's Wife
Mark GANDER sn   12 Chiddingly, Ssx Scholar
Orpha GANDER gda   4 Chiddingly, Ssx Scholar
Clayton, St.John's Common - HO107/1642/519
George GANDER Hd Mar 38 Keymer, Ssx Ag.Lab
Hannah GANDER Wf Mar 33 Keymer, Ssx  
George GANDER sn Unm 13 Keymer, Ssx Ag.Lab
Maria GANDER da Unm 11 Keymer, Ssx Scholar
Harriet GANDER niece Unm 11 Keymer, Ssx Scholar
Sarah GANDER da   9 Keymer, Ssx Scholar
Ann GANDER da   4 Keymer, Ssx Scholar
Ellen GANDER da   2 Keymer, Ssx  
Clayton, Clayton Wickham - HO107/1642/524
Henry GANDER serv Unm 27 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Ag.Lab
  [Hd: Thomas WICKHAM (30, Farmer) & family & other servants]
Clayton, Stone Pound Gate - HO107/1642/525
Isaac WICKINGS Hd Mar 41 Keymer, Ssx Carpenter
Sarah WICKINGS Wf Mar 35 Keymer, Ssx  
Jane GANDER sis Unm(?) 18 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx serv
Jane WICKINGS Mo Mar 69 Pyecombe, Ssx Ag.Lab wife
Cowfold, Cratemans - HO107/1642/357]
Henry GANDER lodger Unm 21 Albourne, Ssx Ag.Lab
  [Hd: James BACHELOR (Mar, 55, Ag.Lab) & family]
Cowfold, Wooldringfold - HO107/1642/366
Sarah GANDER serv Unm 18 Clayton, Ssx Dairymaid
  [Hd: Sarah WHITE (Wdw, 74, Landed Proprietor) & other servants]
Crawley (no other address shown) - HO107/1641/434
William DINNAGE? Hd Mar 56 Beeding, Ssx Farm Labourer
Mary DINNAGE? Wf Mar 61 Ifield, Ssx  
Ann GANDER gda Unm 9 Brighton, Ssx  
Cuckfield, Fowlers Farm - HO107/1642/162
William NICHOLAS Hd Mar 57 Bolney, Ssx Farmer (57 acres, employ. 1 lab & 1 boy)
Sarah NICHOLAS Wf Mar 57 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx  
Sarah NICHOLAS da Unm 18 Bolney, Ssx Farmer's daughter
James NICHOLAS sn - 15 Bolney, Ssx Farmer's son
Frances LELLIOTT visit Wdw 63 Henfield, Ssx Bargewoman
Frances GANDER gda - 5 Bolney, Ssx  
Cuckfield Union Workhouse - HO107/1642/215
Ann GANDER Pauper Inmate   6 Clayton, Ssx Pauper
Dallington, Hazelden Farm - HO107/1643/53
James GANDER serv Unm 17 Wartling, Ssx Carter
Ditchling, North America (no other address shown) - HO107/1643/52
Henry GANDER Hd Mar 34 Keymer, Ssx Beer Retailer & Ag.Lab
Sarah GANDER Wf Mar 33 Chiltington, Ssx  
Jane GANDER da Unm 13 Ditchling, Ssx At Home
Mary GANDER da Unm 9 Westmeston, Ssx Scholar
Thomas GANDER sn Unm 6 Ditchling, Ssx  
Eliza GANDER da Unm 4 Ditchling, Ssx  
Emer GANDER (sic) da Unm 2 Ditchling, Ssx  
Ditchling (no other address shown) - HO107/1643/53
John GANDER Hd Mar 76 Clayton, Ssx Ag.Lab
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 73 Ditchling, Ssx  
Lucy BOTTING dau Wdw 29 Ditchling, Ssx Pauper (former Pedlar's Wife)
David BOTTING gsn - 8 Ditchling, Ssx Scholar
Lucy BOTTING gda - 7 Keymer, Ssx  
Ellen BOTTING gda - 5 Keymer, Ssx  
Ditchling, Ditchling Common - (no other address shown) - HO107/1643/56]
Henry GANDER serv Unm 12 Ditchling. Ssx Gen.Servant
  [Hd: William LENEY (Mar, 59, Grocer & Huckster General Dealer) & family]
Eastbourne, Old Town - HO107/1637/109
Sarah GANDER Hd Wdw 54 Ripe, Ssx Watchmaker's Widow
James GANDER sn Unm 24 Firle, Ssx Labourer
Phebe GANDER da Unm 20 Eastbourne, Ssx  
John GANDER sn Unm 18 Eastbourne, Ssx  
Eastbourne, South Street - HO107/1637/155
Sarah GANDER nurse Unm? 53? Hellingly, Ssx Nurse
  [Hd: Mary STEPHENS (86, Lodging House Keeper)]
Framfield, Starrs Farm - HO107/1639//49
Sarah GANDER serv Unm 17 Chiddingly, Ssx General House Servant
  [Head of House: BRADFORD]