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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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The 1851 Census for England and Wales

(other than Sussex) - GANDERs and GANDARs

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Note: I think with only a few exceptions that I have almost all relevant entries below. However, although they may help as a starting base, they should all be re-checked.

1851 Census Returns for GANDER & GANDAR - Middlesex
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation
Information mostly gleaned from various sources including external link.
Bethnal Green, Suffolk Place - H0107/1539/654
Thos.ARCHBALD Hd Mar 42 Leicester Greengrocer
Hariet ARCHBALD Wf Mar 35 London  
Thos ARCHBALD sn Unm 12 London Schoolboy
Joseph ARCHBALD sn Unm 9 London Schoolboy
Samuel ARCHBALD sn Unm 6 London Schoolboy
George ARCHBALD sn Unm 4 Walworth, Ken Schoolboy
Catherine THOMSON sis Unm 22 London Dressmaker
Sarah LODEGE(?) cous Unm 16 London Cane Worker
Jane GANDER   Wdw 79 London Tayloress
James THOMSON Hd Mar 23 London Chairmaker
Eliz.THOMSON Wf Mar 23 London Taylor.s (sic)
Eliz(?) THOMSON da Unm 1 (blank)  
Chelsea, 12 Bruton Street (Prince of Wales) - HO107/1473/204
Mark GANDER lodger Unm 20 Ssx Labourer
  [Hd of House was the Publican]
Chelsea - 33 Queens Rd West - HO107/1472/269
James H. GANDER - Unm 20 Holborn, Mdx Pawnbroker Assistant Shop
  [Hd: Major JAMES? (46, Pawnbroker) + family]
Chelsea St.Luke, 14 Marlborough Street - HO107/1472/269
James GANDER Hd Mar 46 Hooe, Ssx Carman
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 50 Mitchum, Sry Laundress
Mary GANDER da Unm 20 Chelsea, Mdx Dressmaker
Catherine GANDER da Unm 18 Chelsea, Mdx Dressmaker
Thomas GANDER sn   14 Chelsea, Mdx Plasterer's Apprentice
Joseph GANDER sn   12 Chelsea, Mdx Scholar
Charles GANDER sn   10 Chelsea, Mdx Scholar
William GANDER sn   8 Chelsea, Mdx Scholar
John GANDER sn   6 Chelsea, Mdx Scholar
Charles PEVENSEY visitor   12 Camden Town, Mdx Scholar
Catherine PEVENSEY visitor   10 Camden Town, Mdx Scholar
City of London, All Hallows the Great, 6 Chequer Yard - HO107/1530/360
James GANDER Hd Mar 39 Walworth, Sry Hoopbender
Louisa* GANDER Wf Mar 45 Micklem, Sry  
Thomas GANDER sn   16 London, Mdx Servant
James GANDER sn   9 London, Mdx At School
Caroline GANDER da   4 London, Mdx  
John GANDER sn   1 London, Mdx  
  [*should have been 'Lucy'!]
City of London, St.Mildred, 1 Little Friday Street
James DUNCAN Hd Unm 51 Scotland Wholesale Draper
Letitia ANDREWS serv Wdw 49 Northampton Housekeeper
Letitia ANDREWS visit Unm 16 (  ?  ) Mdx Milliner
Emma BEAUMONT serv Unm 14 Whitechapel, Mdx House Servant
Hackney, 4(?) Hope Cottages - HO107/1504/376
John GANDAR Hd Mar 47 Whitechapel, Mdx Repairer of Old Books
Jane GANDAR Wf Mar 47 St.Sepulchre, Mdx  
Jane GANDAR da Unm 25 Clerkenwell, Mdx Dress Maker
Sarah GANDAR da Unm 22 St.Pancras, Mdx Dress Maker
Emma GANDAR da Unm 10 St.Andrews Holborn, Mdx  
Mary GANDAR da Unm 6 West Hackney, Mdx  
Hackney St.John, 7 Holly Street - HO107/1505/523
Thomas GANDAR Hd Mar 78 Shoreditch, Mdx Post Office Superannuation
Mary Ann GANDAR Wf Mar 54 Cripplegate, Lnd  
Selina GANDAR - Unm 22 Clerkenwell, Lnd  
Hackney, Well Street - HO107/1506/201
James GANDER Hd Unm 20 Hackney, Mdx Shoe Maker
  [Only person in household]
Islington, Lower Road - HO107/1501/662
Martha GANDAR serv Unm 26 St.Pancras, Mdx  
  [Hd: Henry HALFORD, mar age36 bn Scotland Butcher]
Kensington St.Mary Abbot, 14 Campden Hill Villas - HO107/1468/338
Hannah GANDER visitor Unm 48 (  ?  ), Mdx Annuitant
  [Visiting a Geo. YATES (Hd Mar age 46 born Hackney, Mdx, Wine Merchant) & Martha YATES (Wf Mar age 58 born (?))]
Shoreditch St.Leonards, 6 Bath Street - HO107/1534/368
Sarah HOOPER Hd Wdw 73 Shoreditch, Mdx  
John HOOPER sn Unm 37 Shoreditch, Mdx Fancy Comb Maker
John GANDER gsn Unm 23 Shoreditch, Mdx Fancy Comb Maker
Eliza HOOPER gda Unm 17 Shoreditch, Mdx Scholar
Merena TUCKEY visitor Unm 25 Surrey Dressmaker
Shoreditch St.Leonards, 16 Pearson Street, Haggerston West - HO107/1537/270
William BRYANT Hd Mar 40 St.Pancras, Mdx Cabinet Maker
  [+ wife, son & 2 dau]
Mary Ann GANDER serv Unm 26 Shoreditch House Servant
Shoreditch, 28 Great Cambridge Street - HO107/1538/56
Ann MORRIS Hd Wdw 59 Annuitant Hawes, Yks
Margaret GANDERS visit Unm 38 Bethnal Green, Mdx  
St.Georges East, 3 Martha Street - HO107/1548/141
Frederick GANDER Hd Mar 39, Mdx Cordwainer
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 30, Mdx  
Jane GANDER da Unm 10, Mdx  
Frederick GANDER sn Unm 5, Mdx  
William GANDER sn Unm 4mths St.Geo-in-the-East, Mdx  
Elizabeth BINGHAM lodger Wdw 75 Limehouse Annuitant
St.Georges East, 6 Sun Tavern Fields, St.Mary - HO107/1548/54
Richard GANDER Hd Mar 44 St.Geo.East, Mdx Leather Hose & Bucket Maker
Mary A. GANDER Wf Mar 37 Wapping, Mdx  
Sarah GANDER da - 17 St.Geo.East  
Sophia GANDER da - 11 St.Geo.East Scholar
Richard GANDER sn - 8 St.Geo.East Scholar
Henry GANDER sn - 5 St.Geo.East Scholar
Edward GANDER sn - 3 St.Geo.East  
James GANDER sn - 8mths St.Geo.East  
Samuel DARBY visit Unm 30 St.Geo.East Dk Lab
John DANFORTH visit Unm 26 Shadwell, Mdx Mariner
St.Georges Hanover Square, 1? Eaton Square - HO107/1477/140
Stephen GANDER serv Unm 18 Hurstpierpoint, Ssx Footman
  [Hd: W.J. CAMPION (46, Magistrate, bn Hurstpierpoint,Ssx) +family & other
St.Giles Cripplegate - HO107/1525/270
Robert BURGESS Hd Mar 27 Cripplegate, Mdx Chimney Sweep
Elizabeth BURGESS Wf   23 Cripplegate, Mdx  
Elizabeth BURGESS da   3 Cripplegate, Mdx  
Robert BURGESS sn   2 Cripplegate, Mdx  
Susan BURGESS da   2m Cripplegate, Mdx  
George GANDER bro-i-l   9 St.Lukes, Mdx  
  [although quite clearly 'GANDER' in Census return - I have doubts - DG]
St.Lukes Old Street, 27 Seward Street - HO107/1520/95
Frederick GANDER Hd Mar 29 Hackney, Mdx Topographical Printer
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 22 Shad? Thames, Sry Book Folder
Frederick GANDER sn   1 St.Luke, Mdx  
St.Lukes Old Street, 11 Windsor Terrace - HO107/1521/16
John WOODBURN Hd Wdw 57 Drawlsnott, Lec Commercial Traveller
Charlotte GANDERS serv Unm 32 Cottesbrook, Nth Housekeeper
Sarah MORPEE serv Unm 21 Chelsea, Mdx General Servant
St.Lukes Old Street, 28 Nelson Street - HO107/1521/138
John GANDER Hd Mar 58 Wiltshire Type Founder
James GANDER sn Unm 24 Shoreditch Type Founder
Emma GANDER da Unm 20 Shoreditch Milliner
St.Marylebone, 43 Little York Mews - HO107/1488/283
Geo. GANDER Hd Mar 33 Keymer,Ssx Hackney Cab Proprietor
Har. GANDER Wf Mar 38 Somersetshire  
Geo. GANDER sn - 3 Marylebone,Mdx  
Richd. GANDER sn - 1 Marylebone,Mdx  
St Pancras, 1 Fitzroy Road - HO107/1493/858
Joseph GANDER Hd Mar 68 Shadwell, Mdx Retired Confectioner
Eliza GANDER Wf Mar 74 Foulsham, Nfk  
Elizabeth HUGHES serv Unm 26 Aberystwth, Cgn House Serv.
Elizabeth ROWLEDGE serv Unm 16 Rickmansworth, Hrt House Serv.
St Pancras, 3 Little Drummond Street - HO107/1496/448
Mary GANDER Hd Wdw 45 Norwich, Nor Laundress
  [Sole household]
St Pancras, 12 Upper Edmund Street - HO107/1497/450
Martha GANDAR Hd Wdw 56 Buckingham Monthly Nurse
Harriett GANDAR da Unm 28 Somers Town, Mdx Milliner
Sophia GANDAR da Unm 24 Somers Town, Mdx Dress Maker
Caroline GANDAR da Unm 21 Somers Town, Mdx Domestic Servant
Mary Ann GANDAR da - 15 Somers Town, Mdx Book Folder
St Pancras, Kentish Town, 26, North Side, Hawley Rd - HO107/1498/453
Thomas F GANDAR Hd Mar 38 St Giles in the Fields,Mdx Watch & Clock Maker Shop Keeper Master emply 2mn & 2 boys
Catherine GANDAR Wf Mar 38 St Sepulchres,Mdx  
Catherine E GANDAR da   4 St Mary Islington, Mdx  
Joseph W GANDAR sn   2 St Pancras Mdx  
Catherine WILSON Mo-in-l Wdw 72 Wapping Annuitant
Elizabeth I HOWS Cou Unm 15 Deptford,Ken Nursery Governess
Mary Ann WINCHESTER servant Unm 28 Rickmansworth,Hrt House Servant
Maria DOWELL visitor Unm 38 Barnstaple,Dev House Servant
Stepney, 13 Bere Street - HO107/1551/343
Sophia GANDER visit Unm 18 Hackney, Mdx Bookbinder's Daughter
  [Visiting Stephen J. SWINEY (46, Clk) & family]
Stepney, 52 Charles Street - HO107/1552/544
Charles GANDER Hd Mar 34 St.Georges, Mdx Leather Hose Maker
Frances GANDER Wf Mar 35 Ilford,Ess  
C. (sic) GANDER sn - 11 Stepney, Mdx  
G. (sic) GANDER sn - 8 Stepney, Mdx  
J. (sic) GANDER sn - 7 Stepney, Mdx  
Fa. (sic) GANDER da - 5 Stepney, Mdx  
J. (sic) GANDER sn - 1 Stepney, Mdx  
Stratford le Bow, Mill Street, 2 Victoria Cottages - HO107/1555/124
John GANDAR Hd Mar 47 Whitechapel, Mdx Bookbinder
Eliza GANDAR da Unm 16 Hackney, Mdx Stay Maker
Charles GANDAR sn   14 Holborn, Mdx  
Henry GANDAR sn   8 Holborn, Mdx  
Westminster St John the Evangelist, 5 Cottage Place - HO107/1479/731
Thos GANDER  Hd Mar 36 Lambeth Wheelwright
Mary GANDER Wf Mar 35 Lambeth  
Sarah GANDER da Unm 14 Lambeth Scholar
Stephen GANDER sn - 8 Westmr Scholar
Hannah GANDER da - 5 Westmr  
John GANDER sn - 2 Westmr  
Susan GANDER da - 1mth Westmr  
Mary HAND lodg Wdw 50 Clophill, Bdf Day Work
Westminster St Margaret, 41 Charles Street - HO107/1480/136
Thomas GANDER Hd Mar 27 St Giles West, Mdx Coal Porter
Ellen GANDER Wf Mar 28 Walthamstow, Mdx  
George GANDER sn   3mths St Margaret West, Mdx  
Whitechapel, 17 Gt.Alie Street - HO107/1546/134
Judah ALOOF Hd Mar 55 Gibraltar BS Fund Holder
Grace ALOOF Wf Mar 45 St.Kitts BS  
Esther ALOOF da Unm 22 Lnd  
Rodah ALOOF da Unm 21 Lnd  
Sarah ALOOF da Unm 16 Lnd  
Mare(Inn? )ALOOF da m(?sic ) 18 Lnd  
Abraham ALOOF sn Unm 18 Lnd  
?Wortley HARRIS serv Unm 46 Lnd Servant
Harriett GANDER serv Unm 35 Lnd Servant
Esther JONES serv Unm 25 Lnd Servant
Willesden, 2 Thomas's Row - HO107/1700/341
William C GANDER Hd Mar 32 Isle of Wight, Ham Stone Sawyer
Martha GANDER Wf Mar 35 Swanage, Dor  
Mary E GANDER da Unm 5 Willesden, Mdx Scholar
Martha A GANDER da   3 Willesden, Mdx Scholar
Matilda GANDER da   1 Willesden, Mdx  
James KEATS stepsn - 13 Swanage, Dor Scholar
Willesden, 16 Gloucester Gardens - HO107/1700/349
Charlotte GANDER Hd Unm 34 Isle of Wight, Ham Dressmaker
Caroline GANDER sis Unm 30 Isle of Wight, Ham Dressmaker
Mary GANDER sis Unm 22 Southwark, Sry Dressmaker
Willesden, Kilburn Lane - HO107/1700/350
William GANDER Hd Mar 59 Ryde Isle of Wight, Ham Bricklayer
Charlotte GANDER Wf Mar 58 Swanage, Dor  
Robert C GANDER sn Unm 16 Southwark, St Saviour