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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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The 1851 Census for England and Wales

(other than Sussex) - GANDERs and GANDARs

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Note: I think with only a few exceptions that I have almost all relevant entries below. However, although they may help as a starting base, they should all be re-checked.

1851 Census Returns for GANDER & GANDAR - Kent
Name Relation
Marital Status Age Place of Birth Occupation
Information mostly gleaned from various sources including external link.
Bromley, Plaistow - HO107//1606/67
Thomas GANDER Hd Mar 40 Hove#, Ssx Brown Crab Dealer
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 43 Bromley, Ken  
Jane* GANDER da* Unm 9 Bromley, Ken  
Mary GANDER da Unm 4 Bromley, Ken  
John GANDER bro Unm 23 Hove#, Ssx Labourer
  [*sic - this should have read 'James' & 'son'
# - this should have read 'Hooe']
Edenbridge, Edenbridge Street - HO107/1613/555
William GANDER scholar - 12 Southwark, Sry Scholar
Frant, 4 Beal Cottages - HO107/1639/514
lodge Unm 35 Speldhurst, Ken Ag.Lab
  [with Robert GILBERT (46, Ag.Lab Chelsea Pensioner) & wife & da]
Frant, Spratts Brook Farm - HO107/1639/567
Richard GANDER Hd Mar 58 Wartling, Ssx Farmer (134 acres emply. 4 Labs.)
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 56 Warbleton, Ssx  
Mary Anne GANDER da


21 Frant, Ssx Dressmaker
James GANDER sn Unm 19 Frant, Ssx Farmer's son employed at home
Richard GANDER sn Unm 17 Frant, Ssx Farmer's son employed at home
also - at same address:
George GANDER Hd Mar 27 Tonbridge, Ken Carter Ag
Margaret GANDER Wf Mar 27 Tonbridge, Ken  
George GANDER sn - 4 Frant, Ssx  
Jonathon GANDER sn - 4mths Frant, Ssx  
Frant, Frant Street - HO107/1639/578
Thomas UPTON Hd Wdr 41 Frant, Ssx Ag.Lab
Mary A. UPTON da 7 Frant, Ssx Scholar
Hannah GANDER serv Mar 27 Frant, Ssx Housekeeper
Caleb GANDER sn of (Hannah) 9mths Frant, Ssx
Frant, Frant Road - HO107/1639/599
Maria GANDER serv Unm 50 Speldhurst, Ken House Servant
  [Hd: Virgil EASTLAND (Wdw, 84, Retired Publican)]
Frant, Frant Road - HO107/1639/601
Charles GANDER Appr Unm 14 Frant, Ssx Grocer's Apprentice
  [Hd: Joseph GOWER (35, Grocer) & family]
Minster in Sheppey, Highlander Inn, High Street - HO107/1628/330
John GANDER lodge Unm 40 Cowfold, Ssx Ag.Lab
Rye, Undercliffe - HO107/1634/308
Elizh GANDER Wf Mar 38 Kingsnorth, Ken Mariners Wife
Hannah GANDER da Unm 15 Rye, Ssx At home
Elizh GANDER da Unm 13 Rye, Ssx At home
Mary Jane GANDER da Unm 11 Rye, Ssx Scholar
Sarah GANDER da Unm 9 Rye, Ssx Scholar
Maria GANDER da Unm 6 Rye, Ssx Scholar
Emily GANDER da Unm 5 Rye, Ssx Scholar
Speldhurst, Mt.Ephraim - HO107/1614/30
Harriett GANDER serv
Unm 26 Speldhurst, Ken House Servant
  [Hd: Lydia PENNING (68, Gentlewoman) + niece, visitor & other servants]
Speldhurst - HO107/1614/102
Susan GANDER serv
Unm 22 Speldhurst, Ken House Servant
  [Hd: Susan PARNELL (52, House Proprietor) & 2 visitors & 1 other serv]
Tunbridge Wells, Lion Crescent - HO107/1614/196
William GANDER Hd Mar 67 Speldhurst, Ken Labourer
Wf Mar 63 Rotherfield, Ssx  
gda Unm 16 Tonbridge, Ken Scholar
Mary GANDER gda Unm 12 Tonbridge, Ken Scholar
Tunbridge Wells, 2 Bonham's House - HO107/1614/196
James GANDER Hd Mar 21 Speldhurst, Ken Fly Driver
Elizabeth GANDER Wf Mar 19 Speldhurst, Ken Fly Driver's Wife
Tunbridge Wells, Hervey Town - HO107/1614/233
Frederick GANDER Hd Mar 24 Frant, Ssx Farmer's Son
Eliz GANDER Wf Mar 22 Frant, Ssx Dress Maker
Tunbridge Wells, 36 Park Street - HO107/1614/248
William BROOKER Hd Mar 37 Frant, Ssx Labourer in General
Mary BROOKER Wf Mar 33 Frant, Ssx  
Mary BROOKER da - 6 Frant, Ssx  
Alfred BROOKER sn - 5 Tunbridge, Ken  
Maria GANDER Wf's sis Unm 19 Speldhurst, Ken Visitor
Tonbridge, 4 Grove Terrace - HO107/1614/253
Unm 17 Tunbridge Wells, Ken House Servant
  [Hd: Edward M. HUNTER (40, Manager of Branch Joint Stock Co.)]
Tunbridge Wells, 79 North Street - HO107/1614/253
William GANDER Hd Mar 39 Uckfield, Ssx Porter to Cabinet Maker
Harriet GANDER Wf Mar 39 Speldhurst, Ken Laundress
Alfred GANDER sn Unm 16 Tunbridge, Ken Errand Boy to Cabinet Maker
Joseph GANDER sn Unm 14 Tunbridge, Ken Scholar
Edward GANDER sn - 12 Tunbridge, Ken Scholar
Jane GANDER da - 8 Tunbridge, Ken Scholar
Tonbridge, Seelio Square - HO107/1615/81
William GANDER
Unm 17 Tunb Wells, Ken General Servant
  [Visiting EARB family]
Tonbridge, Union Workhouse - HO107/1615/219
Henry GANDER Inmate Wdw 40 Speldhurst, Ken Labourer