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The GANDER (& GANDAR) One-Name Study


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The 1841 Census for England and Wales

GANDERs and GANDARs at non-Sussex Addresses

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Note: Some of these entries may be incomplete but they may help as a starting base. They need re-checking.

1841 Census Returns for GANDER and GANDAR - Counties other than Sussex
Name Age Whether born in same County or Not Occupation
Information mostly gleaned from external link.
Canford Magna - HO107/287/5
John GANDER 50 NOT born Dorset Ag.Lab
Ann GANDER 45 born Dorset  
Fanny GANDER 20 born Dorset  
Jane GANDER 12 born Dorset  
Elizabeth GANDER 8 born Dorset  
Canford Magna - HO107/287/5
Richard GANDER 10 born Dorset  
  (Richard shown on same page as above family but in different household - with William RAEL (35, born Dorset, Ag.Lab)
Canford Magna - HO107/287/4
George GANDER 50 born Dorset Ag.Lab
Elizabeth GANDER 50 born Dorset  
Jobe GANDER 20 born Dorset Ag.Lab
Oborne - HO107/292/6
George GANDER 55 NOT born Dorset Ag.Lab
Ann GANDER 55 born Dorset  
James GANDER 20 NOT born Dorset  
Poole St.James, High Street - HO107/294/11
Mary GANDER 25 born Dorset F.S.
Poole St.James, High Str, Stanmore's Yard - HO107/294/10
Sarah GANDER 23 born Dorset Charwoman
Sherborne, Coombe Str - HO107/295/6
Job GANDER 35 born Dorset Ag.Lab
Mary GANDER 14 born Dorset  
Caroline GANDER 12 born Dorset  
Sarah GANDER 9 born Dorset  
Elizabeth GANDER 7 born Dorset  
Charlotte GANDER 5 born Dorset  
Sherborne, Cheap Street - HO107/295/5
George GANDER 15 born Dorset M.S.
Sherborne, Sherborne Union Workhouse - HO107/295/7
George GANDER 2 born Dorset  
Barking, White's Yard - HO107/323/2
Charles GANDER 14 NOT born Essex Fisherman's App.
Portsea Island, Wish ?Place - HO107/414/2
George GANDER 50 born Ham Bricklayer
Mary GANDER 45 born Ham  
Caroline GANDER 15 born Ham Milliner
Sarah GREEN 55 NOT born Ham Ind.
Portsea Island, Portsea Town, LEVIATHIAN Convict Hulk - HO107/415/6
George GANDER 45 NOT born Ham Ag.Lab
Bromley, Hollow Bottom - HO107/480/7
Thomas GANDER 30 NOT born Kent Mealman
Elizabeth GANDER 30 born Kent  
John GANDER 13 NOT born Kent  
Elizabeth GANDER 1 born Kent  
Lewisham, Southend - HO107/484/9
Harriet GANDER 20 NOT born Kent F.S.
Benjamin GANDER 18 NOT born Kent M.S.
Catherine GANDER 9 NOT born Kent  
Rochester, Workhouse (Medway Union) - RG107/487/11
Jemima GANDER 67 NOT born Kent Pauper
Tunbridge Wells, 2 Clarence Terrace - HO107/463/10
Ann GANDER 15 born Kent F.S.
Tunbridge Wells, Frog Lane - HO107/463/9
William GANDER 55 born Kent Bricklayer Journeyman
Mary GANDER 50 born Kent  
James GANDER 10 born Kent  
Mary GANDER 2 born Kent  
Tunbridge Wells, 5 Berkeley Cottages - HO107/463/9
Mary GANDER 45 born Ken Charwoman
Mary GANDER 20 born Ken  
Harriott GANDER 15 born Ken  
Susan GANDER 12 born Ken  
Maria GANDER 10 born Ken  
William GANDER 7 born Ken  
Tunbridge Wells, Diggens Lane - HO107/463/8
Henry GANDER 34 born Kent Labourer
Tunbridge Wells, Windmill Fields - HO107/463/7
William GANDER 30 NOT born Kent Labourer
Mary GANDER 30 born Kent  
Ellen GANDER 8 born Kent  
Alfred GANDER 6 born Kent  
Joseph GANDER 3 born Kent  
Edward GANDER 1 born Kent  
Bloomsbury St.George, Bloomsbury Market - HO107/672/2
Josh GANDER 37 born Mdx Coach Smith
Mary Ann GANDER 30 NOT born Mdx  
Richard GANDER 2 born Mdx  
Elizabeth GANDER 9mths born Mdx  
Chelsea St.Luke, Blenheim Terrace - HO107/688/7
James GANDER 35 NOT born Mdx Greengrocer
Elizth GANDER 40 NOT born Mdx  
George GANDER 11 born Mdx  
Mary GANDER 10 born Mdx  
Thomas GANDER 4 born Mdx  
Joseph GANDER 2 born Mdx  
Charles GANDER 11mths born Mdx  
Fulham, Ivy Cottage, Kings Road, - HO107/689/10
Marianne GANDER 20 NOT born Mdx F.S.
  [Head appears to be Henry PAUL, 35, Banker, & family]
Chelsea St.Luke, Cross Str - HO107/687/4
Sabina GANDER 20 born Mdx Lace Maker
Henry GANDER 1 born Mdx  
Eliza GANDER 30 born Mdx F.S.
Hackney St.John, Holly Street - HO107/698/2
Thomas GANDER 65 born Mdx -
Mary Anne GANDER 45 born Mdx  
Selina GANDER 12 born Mdx  
Holborn, Saffron Hill - HO107/671/7
John GANDAR 35 born Mdx Bookbinder
Jane GANDAR 35 born Mdx  
Jane GANDAR 15 born Mdx  
John GANDAR 14 born Mdx  
Sarah GANDAR 12 born Mdx  
Jas. GANDAR 10 born Mdx  
Sophia GANDAR 8 born Mdx  
Ellen GANDAR 6 born Mdx  
Chas GANDAR 4 born Mdx  
Wm GANDAR 2 born Mdx  
Emma GANDAR 11mths born Mdx  
Islington St.Mary, Barnsbury Park - HO107/665/4
Bridgett GANDER 20 NOT born Mdx F.S.
Mile End Old Town, Upper, Philpott Street - HO107/712/6
Jane GANDER 50 born Mdx F.S.
Mile End Old Town, Upper, Wellington Place - HO107/712/11
Charles GANDER 25 NOT born Mdx ?Sohi ch? (Shoe Maker?)
Francis (sic) GANDER 25 NOT born Mdx ?Sohi ch?
Charles GANDER 1 born Mdx  
St.Bartholomew the Great, Lnd, Bartholomew Close - HO107/724/6
Rebecca GANDER 12 born Mdx  
  (appears to be with Caroline CROWLEY & family)
St.Georges East, Martha Street - HO107/697/3
Frederick GANDER 30 born Mdx Shoemaker
Elizabeth GANDER 35 NOT born Mdx  
Jane GANDER 7mths born Mdx  
St.Georges East, Walburgh Street - HO107/697/7
30 born Mdx Shoe m.
Lucy GANDER 30 born Mdx  
St.Georges East, Sun Tavern Fields - HO107/697/1
Richd GANDER 30 born Mdx Tradesman
Mary GANDER 25 born Mdx  
Sarah GANDER 6 born Mdx  
Sophia GANDER 1 born Mdx  
St.George Hanover Square, Mount Str - HO107/733/16
Ann GANDER 15 born Mdx Dressmaker
St.Marylebone, George Street - HO107/675/6
Charles GANDER
35 NOT born Mdx M.S.
Eliza GANDER 30 NOT born Mdx  
Charles GANDER 7 NOT born Mdx  
Eliza GANDER 5mths born Mdx  
St.Marylebone, 23 Seymour Place - HO107/679/6
Chas GANDER 25 born Mdx Publican
Frances GANDER 25 born Mdx  
Chas GANDER 4 born Mdx  
St.Pancras, Sidmouth Street - HO107/682/16
Caroline GANDER 20 born Scotland -
St.Pancras, Phoenix Str, - HO107/685/17/10
William GANDAR
45 born Mdx Plasterer
Mary GANDER 35 NOT born Mdx  
Thomas TURNER 3 born Mdx  
Covent Garden St.Paul, Brydges Street - HO107/741/5
J.D. GANDAR (male) 45 born Mdx Publican
Mary GANDAR 45 NOT born Mdx  
Mary GANDAR 19 born Mdx  
S. GANDAR (female) 15 born Mdx  
H. GANDAR (female) 19 born Mdx  
M.A. GANDAR (female) 6 born Mdx  
Shoreditch St Leonard, 9 Middlesex Buildings - HO107/709/3
James HOOPER 60 born Mdx Comb Maker
Sarah HOOPER 60 born Mdx  
John HOOPER 25 born Mdx Comb Maker
Mary HOOPER 20 born Mdx Hook Maker
John GANDER 10 born Mdx  
Shoreditch St Leonard, Boston Street Public House - HO107/704/2
Jno GANDER 14 born Mdx M.S.
  [Appears to be with Samuel STANDFAST (35, Rope Manuf.) & family]
Shoreditch St Leonard, Axe Place - HO107/709/3
John GANDER 50 NOT born Mdx Type Founder
Mary GANDER 15 born Mdx  
James GANDER 13 born Mdx Type Found (sic)
Emma GANDER 11 born Mdx  
Frederick GANDER 15 born Mdx Type Founder
William GANDER 25 born Mdx Type Founder
Susan GANDER 25 born Mdx  
William GANDER 5 born Mdx  
Susan GANDER 3 born Mdx  
Eliza GANDER 7mths born Mdx  
Shoreditch St.Leonard, St.Luke's Workhouse - HO107/707/9
James GANDER 10 born Mdx  
Sarah GANDER 7 born Mdx  
Jane GANDER 4.5 born Mdx  
Wm. GANDER 2.5 born Mdx  
Sarah GANDER 30 born Mdx  
Mary Ann GANDER 9mths born Mdx  
  (Sarah & Mary Ann were shown on following lines, the others were shown quite separately one from another)
Whitechapel St.Mary, Great Alie Str - HO107/716/9
Harrit GANDER 25 born Mdx F.S.
  [Appears to be with Judah ALOOF (Merchant, F(oreign Parts)]
Willesdon, Kilburn Lane - HO107/690/17
William GANDER 45 NOT born Mdx Stone Sawyer
Charlotte GANDER 45 NOT born Mdx  
Charlotte GANDER 20 NOT born Mdx  
William GANDER 20 NOT born Mdx Stone Sawyer
Mary GANDER 10 NOT born Mdx  
Robert GANDER 7 NOT born Mdx  
City of London:  
All Hallows the Great, Little Bush Lane - HO107/719/4
70 born Mdx School Mistress
Emma DOUGLAS 34 born Mdx School Mistress
Ann COLE ? NOT born Mdx Servant
William JOHNSON 64 born Mdx Cooper
Sarah JOHNSON 63 born Mdx Independ.
James GANDER 31 NOT born Mdx Hoopbender
Lucy GANDER 35 NOT born Mdx Independ.
Thomas GANDER 6 born Mdx Independ.
Lucy GANDER 2 born Mdx Independ.
Louisa FIDGET ? born Mdx Independ.
Corton Denham, Borough Street - HO107/945/4
George GANDER 50 born Somerset Ag.Labourer
Elizabeth GANDER 45 born Somerset  
Ann GANDER 20 born Somerset  
Mary GANDER 20 born Somerset  
Elizabeth GANDER 15 born Somerset  
Charles GANDER 14 born Somerset  
Milborne Port, Brook Str - HO107/945/11
Joseph GANDER 45 born Somerset Lineman?
Esther GANDER 45 born Somerset  
Jane GANDER 15 born Somerset  
John GANDER 11 born Somerset  
Josiah GANDER 10 born Somerset  
George GANDER 8 born Somerset  
Job GANDER 6 born Somerset  
William GANDER 3 born Somerset  
Sandford Orcas - HO107/946/13
William GANDER 50 born Somerset Ag.Lab
Mary GANDER 50 born Somerset  
Flora GANDER 26 born Somerset  
Ann GANDER 12 born Somerset  
Sandford Orcas - HO107/945/13
William UPSALL 84 NOT born Somerset In.
Edith GANDER 34 born Somerset F.S.
South Brent, Wick - HO107/933/3 *
40 born Somerset Ag.Lab
Ann GANDER 35 born Somerset  
South Brent, Wick - HO107/933/3 *
30 born Somerset  
  (* listed on same page but in a separate household)
Otley, School House - HO107/1020/13
Joseph GANDER 25 NOT born Suffolk Schoolmaster
Sarah GANDER 25 NOT born Suffolk  
Joseph GANDER 2 born Sfk  
Benjamin GANDER 7mths born Sfk  
Bermondsey St.Mary Magdalen, Long Lane - HO107/1047/3
25 NOT born Sry Porter
Esther GANDER 25 NOT born Sry  
John GANDER 3 born Sry  
Sarah GANDER 6mths born Sry  
Camberwell, Addington Place - HO107/685/17/10
Joseph GANDAR 50 NOT born Sry -
Thomas GANDAR 25 NOT born Sry -
Eliza GANDAR 20 NOT born Sry  
Eliza LLOYD 20 NOT born Sry  
Sarah LENEY 15 born Sry  
Lambeth, Devon Str - HO107/1065/11
Ben GANDER 40 born Sry Coachman
Jane GANDER 35 born Sry  
Martha STRATTON 70 born Sry  
Martha STRATTON ? NOT born Sry  
Henry STRATTON 11 born Sry Errand Boy
Matilda GANDER 10 born Sry  
Geo. GANDER 8 born Sry  
Mary Ann GANDER 5 born Sry  
Harriet GANDER 1 born Sry  
Lambeth St.Mary, Grove House - HO107/1088/1
Elizth GANDER 8 NOT born Surrey Pauper
Newington, Bulls Head Court - HO107/1065/5
Francis GANDER  35   NOT born Sry Coachman
Ann GANDER 37 NOT born Sry  
John GANDER 7 NOT born Sry  
Richmond, Hill Street - HO107/1075/10
Benjmn GANDER 35 NOT born Sry Drawing Master
Martha GANDER 40 NOT born Sry  
Emma GANDER 15 NOT born Sry  
Alfred GANDER 14 born Sry  
Fanny GANDER 12 born Sry  
Rosa GANDER 8 born Sry  
Agnes GANDER 7 born Sry  
Anna GANDER 10 born Sry  
Charlotte GANDER 5 born Sry  
  [Entry of Surname may be 'GANDEE'?]
Rotherhithe, Rotherhithe Street - HO107/1067/5
Henry GANDER 50 born Surrey Carman
Southwark St. Saviours, White Hart Yard - HO107/1088/1
Henry GANDER 35 NOT born Sry Carrier
Ann GANDER 35 NOT born Sry  
David GANDER 15 born Sry Asst. Carrier
Ann GANDER 15 born Sry  
Jane GANDER 15 born Sry  
Sarah GANDER 12 born Sry  
Alfred GANDER 7 born Sry  
Priscilla GANDER 4 born Sry  
William GANDER 2 born Sry  
Southwark St. Saviours, White Hart Yard - HO107/1088/1
William GANDER 35 NOT born Sry Carman
Rebecca GANDER 35 NOT born Sry  
Ann GANDER 11 NOT born Sry  
Elizabeth GANDER 9 NOT born Sry  
John GANDER 4 NOT born Sry  
West Horsley, Church? Street - HO107/1080/12
Hanah GANDER 70 born Sry Ind.
Harriott GANDER 8 born Sry  
James BRUNDELL 25 born Sry Ag.Lab