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This page is but a shortened version of my GANDER line.

If you would like to see a full narrative, follow this link to read A Gaggle of GANDERs - a History of a GANDER family of Surrey, City of London, Stepney and Bermondsey, since the Eighteenth Century.

Be warned - it's over 100 pages ...

I can trace my GANDER line back to one William GANDER who was born (not known where) c.1773. He was a Cooper and Hoop Bender who died and was buried in the City of London parish of All Hallows the Great, Upper Thames Street, in 1825, aged 52. His last two children were also baptized and buried there.

William married in 1812 to Ann Susan PARR at St.Mary's, Newington, then in Surrey but now in South London. They had 7 children and we know 3 of these died young - 2 as 'infants' and 1 aged 2. I descend from their only surviving son, James GANDER who was baptised at All Saints, Wandsworth, Surrey in 1812.

James in turn also became a Hoop Bender - as did his eldest son in turn - and later a Carman, (the first of 4 generations of GANDER Carmen).

James' eldest son was Thomas William GANDER (1835-1912), my great-great-grandfather.

Most of this research was actually done by my distant cousin Frank GANDER (third cousin, once removed!) who descends from James GANDER's youngest son, John Edward GANDER (1850-1898) - another Carman. Frank had just finished writing up his GANDER family history in the early 1980's when I popped up, having just made the link. With Franks' permission I re-wrote this in 1987 to reflect my descent as well and this is now on line: A Gaggle of GANDERs external link..

Three GANDER Cousins


Here's Frank GANDER (left) with my other distant cousin Terry GANDER (right), myself, Des GANDER, in the middle. Terry and Frank are 2nd cousins to each other and 3rd cousins, once removed, to me. [Taken about 1984.]

Thomas William GANDER married Emma Jane BEAUMONT at St.Paul's, Bermondsey (then in Surrey) in 1854. They had 9 children, the eldest son Henry Robert GANDER (1856-1918), being my great-grandfather. At least I think he's my great-grandfather! I've never been able to actually trace the birth certificate - despite many searches - for my grandfather Harry GANDER (1886-1932) although family stories clearly link Harry to Henry Robert GANDER & Alice Louisa (nee TILL), his mother. Until I do I won't be completely satisfied as part of me suspects that Harry, born 18 months before his parents marriage, just might not be a GANDER by birth... I recently traced Henry & Alice GANDER in the 1891 Census to 52, Ernest Street in Bermondsey, by then in 'London' - and they had no children listed with them at all - not unknown of course and Harry, then aged 7, might have been staying with other relatives, but .....

Des Gander's Arms of Coat

I'm still checking, on and off in the 1891 Census for the Bermondsey area in the hope of finding Harry listed as a GANDER. I have found him in the 1901 Census, in Camberwell, with parents, Henry Robert & Alice Louisa, aged 14, listed as "Engineer, Brass Finisher". Strangely, he was down as 'Henry' too. Until recently I had had hopes I might yet learn something from his Army file at the National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office). The files of 'soldiers discharged to pension' after the 1914-18 Great War have recently been restored - many were damaged by bombing in the Second World War. Harry was a regular soldier in the Royal Fusiliers, though when he was discharged in 1919 he was then in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. Sadly, I now know Harry's record wasn't amongst those to survive.

There's also a breakdown of my GANDER line here or you can view the family trees in A Gaggle of GANDERs - go to Appendix VII.